A Darker Story than Usual, With a Cover Reveal

A Darker Story than Usual, With a Cover Reveal

Usually, I write books that are sweet and light. It’s so common that I chose “sweet escapes” for my tag line. The book I am finishing now (hopefully, in the next three or four days) is a little darker than what I generally write.  

The new book is called Darcy’s Unwanted Bride. It’s set in 1809 instead of 1811, and Darcy and Elizabeth are closer in age. Darcy is a couple months shy of 21 and Elizabeth just turns 17 as the book begins.  

Darcy’s father is alive in this book, and he is not the warm, wonderful man I wrote in Promises Kept or any other book I’ve had him in. In this story, he’s mean and abusive. He has no deep-seated reason for this. He’s just mean. Some people are.  

Bingley is the same age as Darcy in the new book, but we won’t see him meeting Jane or anything. He plays a small part, and though we hear about both Caroline and Louisa, we don’t see them, either. Louisa has just gotten married and Caroline is still in school. Bingley’s parents are alive, but we don’t really see much of them, either.  

Colonel Fitzwilliam is also Darcy’s age. His commission is newly purchased and he is currently serving in London. He has seen no war, as of yet.  

Darcy’s marriage to Elizabeth is arranged.  

We see very little of the rest of the Bennets.  

While this book is darker, I retained my usual habit of having Our Dear Couple fall quickly in love. They are sent off on a wedding trip to Scotland, then spend a fortnight at Pemberley with Georgiana (who is 10 in this book). The month they are together, mostly alone and relying solely on each other, is when they fall in love. So, even though Darcy’s father is a horrible, horrible person, Darcy and Elizabeth have a strong bond and face things together, which is exactly what I like to happen. <3  

You might wonder why I wrote something like this. If you recall, I wrote my last book to please myself and no one else. I wanted to try my hand at a more serious villain, and I have been told that I have made a nasty one this time. I did tone some of the story down a bit. To write this as I truly wish it to be might mean writing it solely for my own reading pleasure without sharing it. So, I may attempt this once again but keep it private. We shall see. LOL    

The only people to have seen these words so far are my friends, Leenie and Rose. I’ve not shared it on my blog, and I’ve not posted it to my Patreon page. I did share the cover with my Patrons a couple weeks ago.  

As I write this post, the book is over 51,000 words. I anticipate it being in the 60,000-word range, at least, when it’s finished, making it one of my longer novels.  

I anticipate the book being ready to publish in late March. It really depends on how quickly I can finish writing, and then how fast I get the edits done, once it comes back to me. Oh, and how much trouble Microsoft Word gives me with formatting the print version. LOL  

And now, I will leave you with a look at the cover I created for this book. Enjoy!




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28 Responses to A Darker Story than Usual, With a Cover Reveal

  1. I love arranged marriage tropes and I have never read a story with a mean senior Mr. Darcy so I am excited to read. Congrats on the release!

  2. Congratulations on your new story! Looking forward reading about old Mr Darcy alive and the villain.
    Very nice cover.

  3. Can’t wait to read it Zoe! I always love your books because they fall in love so quickly and a fight the villains together! Love your cover.

  4. Congratulations on a beautiful cover. Yeah, I will get accustomed to the blonde. However, they look like they could take on the world and that is the point, right? Bad guys don’t bother me as long as D&E are together and have each other for comfort. An added plus, they can help Georgiana through growing up with a horrid father figure. Man, this will be tough but I’m game for reading it. Yep, this sounds different. Blessings on pulling it together and I do hope it sees the light of day. Your friends will guide you. You, Leenie, and Rose are like the three Musketeers. So, hang in there.

  5. I so enjoy when Darcy and Elizabeth are together and in love, dealing with their enemies together so this sounds like my kind of story.
    I’ll definitely be checking it out when it’s published so thanks for this information.

  6. Sounds like you’ve rearranged a lot for this book! Love that. Can’t wait to read it.

  7. Sounds interesting and the cover is nice but it’s weird to see Lizzy as blond. Brunettes rule ?

  8. That sounds like an intriguing premise. We know almost nothing about Darcy senior, and I love seeing different takes on his character. I’ve also been wrestling with a bad guy recently, and it’s both fun and disturbing to creating such seriously damaged people.
    Best of luck with the final pages and edits!

    • It is fun! LOL Leenie and Rose love to tease me about being bloodthirsty, because I don’t at all mind making my bad guys violent. LOL

  9. I love the cover. This is the book you spoke about on your Friday updates. I cannot wait to read. You gave me intrigued

  10. Nice cover, Zoe. I like how protectice Darcy is of Elizabeth, which I think will be the tone of the book. Best wishes as you move forward with this new publication.

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