Who Is Your Favorite Pride and Prejudice Character? by Gianna Thomas

Who Is Your Favorite Pride and Prejudice Character? by Gianna Thomas

I have to own up to it…unfortunately. I’ve only read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and have gotten so hooked on the P&P variations that I don’t want to read any other works including Jane Austen’s. I know, I know. I’m just a heretic, and when I say that, I’m using it as the definition of a person holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted. A Jane Austen fan is expected to have read all her books. Again, unfortunately, I’m one of the exceptions. Will I read most or all of her books one of these days? Probably. I’ve been toying with the idea of pulling out my copy of Northanger Abbey and opening it up. I may even read it, and, then again, I may not. At least, not at that moment. I may wait awhile. 🙂

Seriously, though, I love the characters in Pride and Prejudice and am just not ready to read Austen’s other books and learn about whole new sets of characters of whom I know nothing. I love reading about Elizabeth and Darcy because I’m just a silly romantic at heart. The trials and tribulations of a courtship and the efforts to gain and make a happy marriage make me very nostalgic. My first marriage gave me my wonderful daughter, Kimberly. My second one was a wonderful match with a loving, funny, spiritual man that was made more difficult with a near fatal accident before we had been married a year. Elizabeth and Darcy’s problems were not nearly as severe, but I can relate to some of them. Maybe that is why I am so drawn to them.

I do relate quite a bit to Elizabeth. To a great extent, she and I are sisters under the skin. Both of us have to watch what we say as we are more than a little outspoken. Impertinent – Exceeding the limits of propriety or good manners; improperly forward or bold. I endeavor not to be purposely rude, but I do have to watch my mouth. It’s too easy to say exactly what I think, so I do try not to do that, especially if it will hurt someone’s feelings. I think Elizabeth is the same type of individual.

Elizabeth’s sister, Jane, is another one I would like to have known. Sweet tempered, kindly individual who always tried to think the best of everyone she met. How much better the world would be if all adopted Jane Bennet’s attitude toward other people.

I do like Charlotte Lucas, Elizabeth’s best friend other than her elder sister, Jane. Charlotte is a loyal friend to the Bennets, especially Elizabeth. She’s also a very practical individual, very aware of what she will eventually need—a husband—and not necessarily looking for a love match. Just wish she hadn’t married Collins even though it might have been a tolerable choice for her.

William Collins…now there’s a pig in a poke that Elizabeth refused to accept because she did see what he was and what he had to offer her, and it was nothing that could make her happy. She would have been miserable married to that sycophant and probably have been in a perpetual war with Lady Catherine, an individual that would have had me pulling my hair out—or her hair—if I had been in Elizabeth’s place. Collins and Lady Catherine deserved each other.

And I just shake my head when I think of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. They are fortunate that three of their five children turned out half-way decent and only the two youngest were wild ones. All five girls could have become hoydens who chased redcoats the entire novel. Mr. Bennet would probably have never noticed what was happening around him, and Mrs. Bennet would have been spurring her daughters on with the chase to gain husbands, whether suitable or not. I shudder to think of how all of them could have acted.

Then there is Caroline Bingley, the not so lady we all love to hate. I feel sorry for Darcy. Having such a persistent person—blind, deaf, and dumb to Darcy’s reactions to her machinations—continually at his elbow courting him without his knowledge, had to have been tiresome as well as a little nerve wracking. He never knew if she would try to compromise him at some point. Perhaps telling Charles that he would never marry Caroline under any circumstances—not even a compromise—might have settled his nerves just a tad. Then again…maybe not. I’ve always felt sorry for him and understood his attitude and comments because of his situation. To be perfectly honest, I think I’m more than a little bit in love with Fitzwilliam Darcy. Move over Elizabeth. 🙂

Fitzwilliam Darcy. Tall, dark, and handsome. Swoon worthy looks and a good heart to boot. Sigh! That good heart is the best attribute, but the swoon worthy looks are a close second. Add some impertinence…what? Darcy is impertinent? When one sees that he feels he’s a bit above most others and is willing to say what he thinks— which is not always the best thing to do—we find he has some of the same impertinence as Elizabeth that makes it a common flaw to the two lovers and not a offsetting of flaws. In his case, he can also be downright rude. (i.e. His comment about Elizabeth at the Meryton Assembly.) Elizabeth, at least, is a bit better at knowing when to put the brakes on her tongue. Thank goodness!

So, who is my favorite? Probably, Darcy and Elizabeth as a couple. I love the interactions between the two and their rather fiery courtship. Life will never be dull in their household.

Well? Who is your favorite and why? Please let me know in your comments below.

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September 1, 2021 8:57 AM

My favourites are Mary Bennet and the Colonel, especially as a couple, there is a lot more scope with these characters for variations and sequels

September 1, 2021 8:36 AM

I totally agree in that Darcy and Elizabeth are definitely my favourites! I especially love how he does his best to improve his character with no hope of seeing Elizabeth again, then when he does he tries to secretly improve her situation, again with no thought of a reward. As for Elizabeth? after a few readings of Darcy’s letter she finally admits that her ability to read people MAY be slightly flawed!
I absolutely love stories about these two, no matter where or when they are set, as long as they are well written and no major changes to actual character!
As for Jane’s other books? I’ve read them all but they don’t inspire me like P&P.

cindie snyder
cindie snyder
August 30, 2021 8:17 AM

My favorite is Liszt Benett! She says what she thinks and puts people in their place and she knows what she wants in life and won’t be told otherwise!

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