What Do You Like about . . . by Lelia Eye

What Do You Like about . . . by Lelia Eye

As you know, this tends to be an incredibly busy time of the year. Considering you have Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, it’s a wonder anyone can do anything other than run around squawking like a chicken with its head cut off. (Or is that just how I feel at this time of year? I wish I could take the craziness in stride like Mr. Bennet!)

With a young baby taking up much of my time and energy, I decided not to decorate for Halloween this year. This year, we bought some pumpkins and carved one of them. That’s a major change from last year. No outdoor baddies like this guy:

Grrr. I am a Pumpkin Patch Prowler whose pumpkins keep getting rolled around by a toddler.

Now I have to decide whether or not to get out the turkeys, fake pumpkins, and place-card holders for Thanksgiving. And once Thanksgiving is over, I’ll have to decide how much to decorate for Christmas! (We have several totes of Christmas decorations, so if we go all-out, it takes several hours to decorate everything.)

With all that’s been going on, I thought I would just do a post that is sort of fluffy. It’s the sort of post that pretty much relies on you all!

Let’s give thanks for things that we enjoy! What are some things you are thankful for? I’ve got a prompt below to assist in talking about the things we like in this crazy world!

What do you like about…

  1. Your favorite Austen novel
    I like the conflicts in Pride and Prejudice. They are all so fun and riveting! The conflict between Elizabeth and Darcy, between Elizabeth and Collins, between Elizabeth and Lady Catherine, etc. I also like all of the characters as well as Austen’s clever humor.
  2. Your Favorite Book in General (if not the above!)
    I like a lot of books, but I think my favorite is probably The King of Attolia. I love watching how everyone goes from feeling contempt for Gen to feeling admiration. I really enjoy “thief” characters and characters like Darcy who seem like maybe they aren’t that great of human beings due to certain character flaws but then prove themselves to actually be amazing human beings.
  3. Your favorite Austen character
    My favorite characters are normally male. I’m not really sure why. But Pride and Prejudice is one of those rare instances where my favorite is the female. Elizabeth Bennet is just wonderful. She is clever and funny, and you feel sympathy for her having to deal with people like Collins and Lady Catherine. She isn’t perfect, but the flaws she has aren’t ones that annoy you.
  4. Halloween
    I like the decorations at Halloween-time. There’s just something fun about spiders, bats, black cats, pumpkins, ghouls, etc. It’s a time where everyone can be a little kooky without being judged for it.
  5. Thanksgiving
    I mean, sure, we all like seeing family at Thanksgiving, but c’mon, don’t you really look forward to the food? At my house, everybody gets to choose two things they want at Thanksgiving. (Turkey is usually a given.) This year, I chose pumpkin pie and broccoli rice casserole. Nothing like being stuffed to the brim and crawling off to have that post-Thanksgiving nap!
  6. Christmas
    There are lots of things to like about Christmas, but I’ll say that one of the parts I like the most is trying to make it a magical time for the kids. Trying to make sure they have a joyful Christmas morning is what I like to strive for.
  7. Fall
    I love how fall is cooler and usually isn’t hot. I also live in an area where the fall foliage is beautiful, and I love watching the colors of the leaves change.
  8. Winter
    There is something magical about the first snow of winter. That’s emphasized in the K-dramas I like to watch, but it’s also something I feel myself. We don’t get snow very often in the part of Arkansas where I live, so it feels extra special when we do.
  9. Children
    I like how you can appreciate something different about each stage of life that a child is in. When they’re babies, each smile feels like a triumph. When they’re a little older, their feelings about the magic of things like Santa and Christmas feel very rewarding. And when they’re even older, it’s great that you can start to share some interests, even if it’s just in little things like liking one of the same songs.
  10. Animals
    Soft fur, companionship, and unexpected reactions. There are lots of things to love about animals. Right now, my cat is sleeping in a rather small box and seems perfectly fine with it. My oldest dog just barked for me to pick him up and put him nearby. They may be needy at times, but they are also very giving!

Feel free to pick and choose categories to respond to! What are some things you like? Some things you are thankful for?

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Mirta Ines Trupp
Mirta Ines Trupp(@mirtainestrupp)
November 18, 2021 11:38 PM

I’m thankful for my love of reading and the books that transport me to different places and other periods of time. My favorite Austen novel is Persuasion, although P & P follows closely behind.

I’m thankful for my husband and for having raised three amazing children, all incredible human beings with hearts of gold. I’m thankful whenever I have them seated around my table and I am able to prepare some of their favorite foods.

I’m thankful for the change of season. We somehow came to live in the desert…I’m not a desert person by any means! My favorite season is the fall, followed closely by winter. We celebrate Chanukah, which is also known as the Festival of Lights. We place our chanukkiah (a candelabra) near a window, or in a public place. It stands as a reminder that faith and dedication to good works can transform the darkness into light.

Thank you for your lovely post. Happy holidays to all.

Riana Everly
Riana Everly(@rianaeverly)
November 18, 2021 8:52 PM

My favourite Austen novel
I love the slow rekindling of love between Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth.

My favourite Austen character
That’s hard. I love Henry Tilney’s cheerfulness, but also his ability to be serious when it’s called for.

Our Thanksgiving was over a month ago, so this one doesn’t really count. But I do love an excuse to make some fun pies.

Christmas is another holiday we don’t celebrate, but I still enjoy connecting with people at this time of year. Everyone has time off, and under normal circumstances it’s a good time to get together and catch up.

Fall and Winter
I’m not a summer person, and don’t mind the cold, so this is a good time of year for me. Colourful leaves, hot chocolate… as long as someone else shovels the snow, I’m happy.

My children aren’t babies anymore. My son is an adult and my daughter is finishing high school. But it’s wonderful to see the fantastic people they have become. I don’t take credit, but something happened right. I’m proud to be their mother.

cindie snyder
cindie snyder
November 18, 2021 10:31 AM

Favorite bookLittle Women but P+P too of course! Favorite Austen character would be Mr Darcy but I love Lizzy too.

Regina Jeffers
Regina Jeffers(@reginajeffers)
November 18, 2021 8:29 AM

Favorite Austen novel: Naturally, I love Pride and Prejudice, but there is something about Austen’s more mature voice in Persuasion which draws me in. I wonder, if she had lived longer if her writing might have taken on a “different” nuance.

Children: The delight found in a child’s eyes when he realizes he is braver or smarter or stronger than he once thought himself to be is something special to behold.

Seasons: I adored the change of the seasons (not really a winter fan) when I lived in the northern states, but here in North Carolina, winter is short, summer is long (sometimes, too long), and both spring, which starts in mid February, and autumn, which is basically mid October to the end of November, are too short.

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