The Time of Year

The Time of Year

We’re days away from the end of the school year here in the Dixon household. For me, that means travel time. Soon, we’ll be off to Kissimmee. I’m looking forward to visiting Sea World to see the orcas once again. It’s been far too long since I last had the pleasure. First things first, for dear daughter has to complete her final exams. What fun!

With that thought in mind, I decided to put together a quiz of my own for today’s post. The quiz consists of five questions related to my JAFF stories. You do not have to have read my books to enjoy taking this quiz. Guessing is half the fun. However, if the thought of not scoring 100% on a test (an affliction DD and I do not share) bothers you, helpful hints are at your fingertips. Just click on the appropriate book title below the quiz.

Let’s get started!

“Look Inside” Hints:

Bewitched, Body and Soul     A Lasting Love Affair    Only a Heartbeat Away    Still a Young Man    Love Will Grow

So, how did you do? Leave a comment and share your results with everyone. In addition to the certificate of achievement, bonus smiles for everybody who passed.



There’s a reason I posed questions from the books included in the quiz. All five books are contained in the Limited Edition book bundle titled, Two Become One. From now until June 15th, Two Become One is available on Kobobooks for only $4.99. That’s a $28 savings over the combined prices of the five eBooks when sold separately on Kobo.

Kobo is helping to spread the word by including Two Become One in a worldwide promotion on its site. If you’re a Kobo reader, I hope you’ll take advantage of this limited time offer by grabbing your copy today.





Answers (for iOS devices): BBAS – Elizabeth | LWG – Anne de Bourgh | OAHA – London | ALLA – Lord Andrew Holland | SaYM – Daniel Calbry 

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  1. Well, that was fun, nothing like making a 20% as I have my morning coffee. Shows I have not read all of your work, so many books, so little time.

    Enjoy your vacation and be careful.

    • Thanks so much for taking the quiz and sharing your results! Let’s see–I’m thinking you nailed the Bewitched, Body and Soul question. 🙂 I appreciate your kind wishes.

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