The Means of Uniting Them

The Means of Uniting Them

We have all thought about and no doubt read about the number of coincidences in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The twist of fate that fascinates me the most is when Miss Elizabeth Bennet meets Mr. Darcy at Pemberley.

In As Good as a Lord, Elizabeth is even more concerned about being there than she is in canon and not for the usual reasons. Indeed, Elizabeth and the Gardiners are not alone on the trip to the North. Mrs. Bennet contrives to join them. Here is a glimpse of Mrs. Bennet’s intentions in tagging along on the trip.

Mrs. Bennet sat quietly observing the passing landscapes, but her mind was all aflutter. For the thousandth time, she silently congratulated herself. She was in possession of the most fantastic news that anyone could possibly imagine, and she had managed to hold her tongue. It was a wonder she had not bitten it off in light of the firm grip she had held on it.

What an extraordinary actress she had been in convincing everyone of her general malaise while keeping to herself what she knew. No one would be more surprised than the lady herself would. Aside from getting her five daughters married off to respectable men, gossiping with her friends and neighbors was what she lived for.

She smiled inside knowingly. My second eldest daughter is not the only Bennet capable of keeping a secret.

The thought did occur to her more than a time or two that persuading her brother Gardiner and his wife to allow her to join them on their long-awaited trip to the North was the easy part. The bulk of her scheme relied purely upon circumstances. How was she to be sure that they would go to Pemberley? Were she successful in prevailing upon them to apply for a tour of the renowned Derbyshire estate, what was the likelihood that Mr. Darcy would be there? Mrs. Bennet knew enough about the great men of Mr. Darcy’s ilk to know they were rarely at home.

I shall not worry about all that just now. One step at a time is all I can manage. It will be enough that Lizzy gets a chance to see all that she thumbed her nose at, and then she will be sorry for what she has done.

Foolish, headstrong girl that she is—no doubt she will be lamenting her decision the moment she first lays eyes on the place. It will be more important than ever that I keep my part in the scheme to myself, for if Lizzy is to be amenable to gaining a second proposal from Mr. Darcy, she must think her falling for the gentleman is her own doing.

The presence of Darcy’s noble guests adds to Elizabeth’s discomfort in being at Pemberley. Their party includes more than one eager would-be bride. I find it nearly impossible to resist a Pride and Prejudice ‘what-if’ story in which Darcy entertains the idea of marrying someone other than Elizabeth, so long as it all works out in the end. As Good as a Lord explores that premise. I don’t think I’m giving away anything by saying that everything works out for our dear couple, Darcy and Elizabeth, in this story. However, Elizabeth’s concern over how her being at Pemberley came about causes her to question Darcy’s intentions. Here is a snippet of what Darcy had to say in response:

“One can never know with certainty what might have happened. Perchance what you surmise is possible, but this much I know with absolute certainty to be the truth.” He halted his footsteps, prompting Elizabeth to do the same. They turned and faced each other. “I had not been with you at Pemberley for a second before realizing that no one takes the place of you.”



With such a declaration, can a happily ever after ending be in doubt?

Have your share in the conversation by telling everyone your favorite Pride and Prejudice coincidence.





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35 Responses to The Means of Uniting Them

  1. Hi Pam
    I’m buying the book. I just live your stories they always keep me in a “my Prince Charming” kinda mood

  2. Darcy being interested in someone besides Elizabeth or Elizabeth being proposed to by someone other than Darcy and seriously considering it make wonderful stories. As long ass it works out in the end, I am happy. I love the twists and turns JAFF authors cause.

  3. “I had not been with you at Pemberley for a second before realizing that no one takes the place of you.”

    Wow, I’m melting into a puddle of goo at that one, Pam!

  4. Thanks for the delicious snippets, Pam! I love your Mrs Bennet 😀 “…she must think her falling for the gentleman is her own doing.” Clever Mrs B!! This promises to be a wonderful story, can’t wait to read it. I do feel sorry for poor Lizzy though… But then we’ve been torturing Darcy for so long, now it’s her turn.

  5. Darcy interested in someone else besides Elizabeth???? Un heard of….and Mrs Bennet along for the ride….so many twist and turns to this new book. Hope to get a chance at winning this exciting new What if….Good luck to all.

  6. I have to say that Mr. Darcy showing up a day early and just happening upon the Gardiner party is my favorite coincidence BUT how about the fact that Elizabeth was just reading Jane’s letters about Lydia’s eloping when he walks in upon her? That set in motion a whole lot of events which then brought her to know so much more about his characters. And then there is Lydia’s slip of the tongue about him being at their wedding. Yes, this will be a book I will read…one way or another.

  7. Who is the other lady that Darcy is interested in? Oh, his declaration to Elizabeth is swoon worthy! I just hope that Mrs. Bennet doesn’t mess things up because she cannot hold her tongue for too long. Thank you for the giveaway.

  8. Yoinks! Darcy considering others for marriage are always the most angst-filled stories for me. I just want to slap him upside the head for even contemplating it.
    I would love to win a copy of your book.

  9. I am relieved at the coincidence that Elizabeth got the letter about Lydia and Wickham while in Lambton giving Darcy the chance to solve the problem. Otherwise Wickham would never have married Lydia and the family would have been shamed. What a hero. Thanks for the giveaway ?

  10. I agree with a pp…I would have been trying to get dear Mama near the edge of a cliff. Poor Elizabeth…to have her holiday spoiled by toting around her playacting drama queen mother. I’ve read more than one story where Darcy considers others after E’s brutal refusal and it makes very practical sense. Of course it takes their reconciliation for all to become right with the world. 🙂

  11. I don’t want to even think about what Mrs. Bennet said (or did) to get invited along… scares me to even consider it! I am glad things work out in the end, but if it was me, I would probably nudge her off one of the cliffs in the Peak District before we even got to Pemberley.

    Besides the meeting at Pemberley, another coincidence is that Wickham just happens to be in Meryton and the girls just happen to be chatting with him when Darcy rides by. If that hadn’t happened, Wickham might not have told his “woe is me” story to Elizabeth, another what-if…

  12. I totally agree that Elizabeth meeting Darcy at Pemberley is the greatest coincidence in P&P. Before that Elizabeth happened to be staying in Hunsford Parsonage at about the same time as Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam visiting their aunt, Lady Catherine, in Rosings Park.

  13. Ah, Mrs. Bennet scheming again… so much fun! Can’t wait to read what her secret is and what happens in this scenario! I can just imagine the awkward Darcy & Elizabeth encounter with Mrs. Bennet there!

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