So Odd a Mixture of Quick Parts and Humor

So Odd a Mixture of Quick Parts and Humor

If ever there’s a way to distract me from the business of writing, I will indeed discover it. My latest diversion is TikTok. Since it launched in 2016 and it reportedly had more than 689 million monthly active users worldwide by early 2021, yet again, I am rather late to the game.

In truth, I was never going to join the platform, but I read a Facebook post that pointed out more and more authors are getting on board. No doubt, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) kicked in. That, and a message I received from Facebook, a few days prior, offering to show my latest Page post to up to forty people for only ten dollars.

My page, which I worked so diligently over the past decade or so to gain more than 1200 followers! Instead of typically showing my Page post to less than one percent of them, Facebook offered to show it to about four percent of my followers for ten dollars. No, thank you.

For now, TikTok, primarily driven by keywords, exposes my posts to hundreds and hundreds of viewers, and I’m just getting started. Considering how much time and effort goes into content creation, there is some satisfaction in knowing my efforts are not entirely in vain.

Here’s some of the content I have shared. (Don’t forget to press the PLAY button for each clip.)




So far, this is about as nonsensical as I can be. But as Lady Catherine might have espoused:

“I often tell young ladies that no excellence in music TikTok is to be acquired without constant practice.”

Sage advice, indeed.

Not that I mean to encourage anyone in such whimsical pursuits, but just in case you’re on TikTok, I hope you’ll follow me. Click here for more.

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11 Responses to So Odd a Mixture of Quick Parts and Humor

  1. I spend enough time on Facebook and Instagram that I don’t need to add another social media site. Takes too much out of my reading time.

    • Creating TikTok content can be especially time-consuming. Fortunately, I can share the TikTok content on other social media platforms too. Thanks for letting me know you like the posts. 🙂

  2. I’m not on any of the social media platforms [talk about being late to the party] but these were so cute. I wish you well in your new ventures. Blessings.

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