Scene from ‘Darcy Vs Wickham’, by Gianna Thomas

Scene from ‘Darcy Vs Wickham’, by Gianna Thomas

Well, not only did I move into the house, I have added two beautiful Ragdoll cats to the mix. Friends of friends both passed away leaving two ten-year-old brother and sister cats. Family was unable to take them due to severe allergies. So, guess who got them. Yours truly. Sigh! They really are gentle giants: Ragdolls are the biggest of domesticated cats and even bigger than Maine Coons who can get to around thirty pounds. Milo, I think, may have surpassed that. 🙂  His sister, Molly, is littler than he is…thank goodness.

In the meantime, I have started serious work on ‘Darcy Vs Wickham.’ I’m aiming for around the first of February. Will keep you posted. For now, I hope you will enjoy the following excerpt.

On Board the ship Pride of England

“Williams, are ye well?”

Darcy paused his mending of a split in the sail. “As well as can be expected after a flogging. Scabs are finally forming, and I am not in as much pain.”

O’Brien just looked at him and shook his head. He didn’t understand why Williams insisted that he was some bloke called Darcy. The captain was not the easiest to accommodate, but Williams seemed to irritate the man with everything he said. Denying he was Fredrick Williams was guaranteed to inflame Captain Jamison’s temper as Jamison had been told the man looked a lot like this Darcy fella but was not that rich man from Derbyshire. Williams had been brought aboard because he had vowels amounting to 3,000 pounds that he owed Wickham. So, Mr. Wickham had Williams gang-pressed to work on the ship Pride of England. The captain paid Wickham some of the money that was owed, and Williams would work the rest off for the next couple of years. That is if he survived that long.

“Why don’t ye just admit to the captain that you are Fredrick Williams so he’ll not have ye whipped again for lying?”

“Because Fredrick Williams is the lie. I really am Fitzwilliam Darcy. And, yes, I know Wickham. He and I grew up, more or less, like brothers. He, my cousin Richard Fitzwilliam, and I got into all sorts of mischief.”

Darcy stopped talking and looked thoughtful but continued working for the next quarter hour. Finally, he sighed, and said, “My father paid for Wickham to go to Eton and even Cambridge, at the same time I attended. This would have given him an education that would have enabled him to acquire a decent living even though he was only my father’s steward’s son. When he chose a life of dissipation, gambling, overdrinking, and womanizing, my father did not believe me when I informed him of Wickham’s choices. He died without ever finding out how wicked his godson had become.”

“Does this Wickham hate ye so much?”

“Unfortunately, he does. He envies me my status as a landowner, gentleman, and having what he wants but does not deserve. He is unwilling to work for a better life that he could have if he weren’t so desirous of having it handed to him on a silver platter. He even plotted to elope with a young lady with a large dowry by making her think he loved her.” Looking at the deck, Darcy softly whispered, “She was but fifteen years of age and not even out yet.”

“She somebody ye knew, and did he ruin her?”

“Yes, I know her, but, thankfully, his plan was discovered, and she was saved.”

“Then, that was a good thing. I don’t cotton to those who hurt women or children.”

O’Brien laughed at Darcy’s puzzled expression. “Cotton to?”

“I’ve never heard that before.”

“T’ain’t surprised. I’ve traveled on three ships all over to world for nigh on ten years, and I find words most interestin’. When I was in the southern colonies, I learnt about ‘don’t cotton to.’ I guess it means to disagree with or mistrust. From what you say, I don’t cotton to your Wickham.”

Darcy snorted. “I don’t cotton to him either, but I don’t know why he did this to me or how it will end. I don’t know why he just didn’t kill me.”

O’Brien stopped and looked at Darcy sideways with a bit of pity. “You got family back there?”

“My sister, Georgiana, and my wife, Elizabeth, the light of my life.”

“You wed new?”

“Yes, not even six months.” Darcy shuddered at a pain in the region of his heart and rubbed his chest.

“She a special lady?”

“Yes, she’s more special than anyone in the world. Her smile lights up every room, her laugh makes you want to smile and laugh with her, and she cares for people in a way that draws them to her. And her eyes…they sparkle like sunshine on water on a summer day.”

O’Brien smiled at Darcy’s description and pictured the lady in his mind’s eye.

Darcy laughed. “And she can be more impertinent than anyone I have ever known.” And both men laughed.

But then Darcy became quiet, and O’Brien noted that he wiped at his eyes and sniffed quietly.

Will I ever see Elizabeth and Georgiana again?

Noting Darcy’s melancholy, O’Brien offered to get water for both of them which Darcy declined. He had thought to go to bed after speaking with his friend but thought of a question he wanted to ask Williams, uh Darcy, before doing so. When he returned he was shocked to see, that Williams was struggling with Hoskins, a giant of a man who equaled Darcy in height and outweighed him considerably. And he was losing the battle to stay aboard the ship.

Yelling and dropping his cup, O’Brien rushed toward the railing where the two men struggled. But…he was too late.


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23 Responses to Scene from ‘Darcy Vs Wickham’, by Gianna Thomas

  1. I loved the excerpt. I have always believed that Darcy will triumph over Wickham in any situation. Wickham needs food, drink and an evil desire to win over smaller individuals. Darcy has love and an angel in his pocket. Love can keep us going for along time.

    This book sounds awesome and I am looking forward to adding it to my to be read pile.

    • I’m delighted you loved the excerpt, Christa. And I hope you enjoyed reading it. This one was different from any of my others, but it is one dear to my heart because of the subject matter. Wickham gets his just deserts.

    • Thank you! Cliffhangers are fun to work with. Some are obvious, and some are more subtle, And they keep the reader’s interest up. They are the very things that make me want to read until I finish the story. Yes, I am a marathon reader. 🙂

  2. Talk about a cliffhanger! I am dying to know what happens next and for Lizzy to get her hands back on her Darcy and then for her to turn the Colonel loose on Wickham!

    • Thank you for your comment. I love cliffhangers. There will probably be several in this book as there is more than a little bit going on. But you might be surprised at the ending. 🙂

  3. That SBRB [scum-bag-rat-bastard] deserves… the worst you can devise for him. Hey… once the ruse is discovered maybe a stint on this very ship with a Captain that is unhappy with him for lying to him. HA! Take that Wickham. Or… perhaps… you have something more nefarious than that. The betrayal and treachery is beyond the pale. Oh, Wickham had better stay as far from Elizabeth’s wrath as he can. When she discovers that Darcy is still alive… Wickham will be top on her list of suspects. She will fillet him herself when she discovers what he has done. February, you say? Grrr! OK… hopefully my fingernails will have grown back by then. I’ve chewed them off reading this excerpt. LOL!! Blessings, Gianna. Stay safe and healthy.

    • I love your comments, Jeanne. Definitely my laugh for the day for your descriptions (SBRB especially). Believe it or not, the plot is even more convoluted than that. I hope your fingernails look beautiful when they grow back in. And, thank you. I am safe and healthy so far and taking many precautions. Hope you do the same. <3

  4. Oh my goodness, poor Darcy! Elizabeth and Georgiana must be desperate to find him. I hope Wickham gets his just desserts, Gianna. Thank you for the excerpt, and happy holidays!

    • Unfortunately, Elizabeth and Georgiana don’t know if he’s dead or alive. BUT…I guarantee that you will approve of the ending. Thank you for your comment and have a wonderful day as well. 🙂

  5. Why are authors so mean?? They not only leave us hanging with their excerpts, but they do some rotten things to the characters. Mean. Mean, mean, mean. 😉

    • Sorry, Linda. But that is how we get exciting stories that readers enjoy. After all, shouldn’t our stories also be a bit realistic as well? I guarantee that you will approve of the ending. Have a great day. 🙂

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