Oh Jane, How Much Do I Love Thee?

Oh Jane, How Much Do I Love Thee?

Apparently a lot since I’m in the process of writing a new Jane Austen adaptation. However, unlike my previous novels that retold Jane Austen’s novels in an Amish setting, I am doing the reverse.

That’s right. The reverse.

A while back, a publisher contacted me regarding creating a new fan fiction “world” from my very own Plain Fame series. Anyone can submit their version of my Plain Fame book (or characters) to the world and, if approved, be published. I thought this was a great idea especially since it lets me continue writing about the characters, too!

And then it hit me: Why not put my main characters, Amanda and Alejandro, in Jane Austen’s world?

For the past few weeks, I have been fervently writing, working on my new manuscript which is to be published on December 8th. How much fun to take my own characters and rewrite them in the age of Regency!

For Amanda, my young Amish protagonist, gone are the plain dresses and prayer kapps. Now she is wearing beautiful gowns with her hair piled high atop her head. As for Alejandro, he is no longer an international superstar. Instead, he is Lord Dorset of Shire Hall, a particularly handsome young man with a dangerous reputation that he wants to change. When the two meet on the streets of London, both of their futures are changed forever.

I can only thank Jane Austen for this upcoming project. Without her wonderful classics, I never would have fallen so head-over-heels in love with the Regency period. After having adapted her six novels, I have been left with one and only one thing on my mind: how to continue writing Austen-type novels for my readers.

So what is it about Jane Austen that I (we) love?

It’s her writing style. Her character development. Her settings. Her storylines. All of those things. But it’s also her own life, so terribly short-lived and without the very romantic elements that she wrote about with such mastery, despite her limited experience. Both her books and her life leave so much to the imagination. Perhaps that is one of the very reasons that we love her so much. Not just for her written words but also for the unwritten ones.

Hopefully I can do justice as I continue writing in the style of Jane Austen.

And speaking of writing in the style of Jane Austen, my latest book, Mount Hope—an adaptation of Mansfield Park—has been doing quite well with a lot of positive feedback. I thought I would share one of the reviews from Diana Flowers from the Overcoming With God blog:

Eloquent and masterful storyteller, Sarah Price, pens a unique Amish tale superbly blended with Jane Austen’s classic, Mansfield Park, and distinctly makes it her own! In this timeless tale we perceive that the road to love is oftentimes very rocky and appearances can be very deceiving.

When her father can no longer provide for his family he sends Fanny Price to live with her aunt’s family in Mount Hope, Ohio. Never feeling a part of the Bontrager family, Fanny is basically a loner—not taking part in the young people’s activities and singings—but choosing instead to stay at home and do whatever work is needed on the large prosperous farm. Befriended only by her aunt’s stepson, Elijah, Fanny so yearns for their special friendship to turn into something deeper.

However, when two strangers visit their Amish community—the lovely, Mary Coblentz and her charming, flirtatious brother, Henry—Elijah’s attentions are swiftly diverted, much to Fanny’s dismay. What ensues are plenty of twists and turns as the roguish Henry causes plenty of jealousies to arise, Elijah becomes besotted with Mary, and the heartbroken Fanny finds herself with a suitor as well. Will he help her to forget the only man she has ever loved?

Author Sarah Price has written a fascinating tale of deceit, betrayal, and unrequited love that finely parallels Jane Austen’s classic masterpiece! I literally could not put it down except out of necessity. Fanny is truly a stick-in-the-mud, but with good reason. She tries so hard to gain acceptance from her new family by doing everything for them, that she loses herself in the process. She so seldom laughed or had fun, that when she did it brought a smile to my face as well. I so wanted her to find her mouth even if I had to shake her to bring that about! lol I honestly didn’t care who Fanny ended up with as long as she was happy and I wasn’t at all sure who that “someone” would be until almost the very end of the book. I love unpredictable and that’s why I so enjoyed this “out of the box” Amish book with its capricious characters! You don’t have to be an Amish book lover or even a Jane Austen fan to thoroughly relish this enjoyable, never boring new release!

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John Smith
John Smith
December 29, 2017 2:26 AM

What a fun and challenging project to reverse that!

Debbie Fortin
September 15, 2016 4:07 AM

This sounds interesting. Congratulations!

J. W. Garrett
J. W. Garrett
September 14, 2016 11:53 PM

How exciting for you. Congratulations and blessings on the launch of this new enterprise.

September 14, 2016 8:28 PM

Sarah, congratulations on this wonderful opportunity!

Zoe Burton
Zoe Burton (@zoeburton)
September 14, 2016 8:14 PM

What an exciting opportunity for you! I’m looking forward to reading!

Teresa Broderick
Teresa Broderick
September 14, 2016 2:43 PM

Best of luck with the project Sarah. I spent last weekend in Bath at the Jane Austen Festival so my head is full of Jane and Regency and Georgian at the moment. I’m still on cloud nine!!!!

Summer Hanford
September 14, 2016 9:43 AM

Hi Sarah – That’s great, and how interesting! Exciting too. Good luck with your new endeavor! It sounds fascinating.
For me, it’s more the story line in some, like Pride and Prejudice, but more the characters in others. Frankly, until I learned to appreciate Austen’s humor, I couldn’t get through Emma. I wanted to hit her over the head with something. It wasn’t until I read more Austen and realized the depth of what she was doing that I could relish the story.

Jennifer Redlarczyk
September 14, 2016 8:21 AM

You are so creative to change up your characters and continue on. Best Wishes with your projects. It sounds like a lot of fun for you.

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