Love Overcomes Prejudice

Love Overcomes Prejudice

As Jane Austen fans, we pretty much have no excuse for not knowing that love overcomes prejudice. We are used to it being romantic love that does the overcoming, though. But there are other kinds of love. What about friendship?

Over a fortnight ago (yes, I’ve waited most of my life to use that word amongst people who would understand it), I journeyed to Kentucky with fellow Austen Author Zoe Burton. Along the way, we had a delightful lunch with Sharon Lathan and her wonderful husband. Then we hopped back on the road. Our destination? The Kentucky Speedway for my first ever NASCAR race.
You’ll recall from Zoe’s introductory post that she’s a big NASCAR fan. I, however, am not. I honestly don’t think I’ve watched a race from start to finish ever although it’s been in the background often enough. I’ve chuckled at more than my fair share of jokes about the sport as well. How difficult can turning left be?

I’ll be honest. I was a bit prejudiced. Out of affection for Zoe, I had offered to attend a race with her and knew that I would enjoy myself. But I wasn’t expecting to come away feeling differently about the sport. I grew up with brothers playing basketball, baseball, and football. My sister was in cheer. I sat on the side lines and educated myself on the community league aspects of them all. But when it came to professional sports, I found all of them lacking. It just wasn’t exciting if I didn’t know the athletes. I’ve gone to professional games with my husband to spend time with him but I never really became a fan. My NASCAR experience was different.

From the onset, I noticed a different atmosphere. I know the stereotype is that NASCAR fans all drink too much and argue, but I didn’t see a single fight or discontent soul. There was not an us vs. them mentality that I find in other sports’ stadiums. The person next to you may favor the driver you loathe, and you may very well be in the minority with no one nearby willing to assist you if your mouth gets you in trouble.

Once the race started, a hush fell over the crowd. Obviously, the cars are very noisy, and most of us wore scanners to hear the commentary or even the drivers. Again, this was different than my other experiences. There was cheering at each start line (the race had eleven cautions), but otherwise, people quietly watched. Honestly, I’m surprised my husband isn’t a big fan given how little he likes to talk. There was no cheering or cat calling, no insulting other drivers or patrons. It was astonishingly respectful.

And how sad is it that I’ve come to expect unruly behavior if more than a few hundred people get together?

The race itself was exciting. It was anything but the expected turns. They had recently repaved the track, and there were a lot of wrecks. Just when it seemed like they got good momentum, another wreck would occur. There was no predicting what would happen next.

Then, in the final laps, a coup occurred. Zoe’s favorite driver is #20, Matt Kenseth. As a loyal, if indifferent, friend, I rooted for him as well, of course. He had done well the entire race. The few times he had to go out to pit, he caught right up and stayed in the top five most of the race. Another driver who had also been in the top five the entire race was penalized for something and had to go down a lap. That put him about twenty out of forty (although several were now out entirely). I watched as over several laps he committed to regaining his pace. For several laps, he was right on Matt’s tail. Then, finally, Matt slipped into the first position. Unexpectedly, the other guy had to pit for gas and then after just one lap in the first place, Matt pitted as well. There were too few laps left for either one of them to catch up and in the end a driver I wasn’t even paying much attention to won.

I think as a reader that enjoys the unexpected, NASCAR was thrilling. I will watch the next race if I’m home for it, although I do not think it will be the same without being in the stands. And I never would have even gone if it weren’t for my friendship with Zoe.

What does this have to do with Jane Austen? Well, as I mentioned in my introduction, a true Jane Austen fan knows that love overcomes prejudice. Prejudice has also been on my mind as I’ve written a character that is a descendant of a freed slave into my “When Love Blooms” series. Jacob Truman has faced prejudice due to his skin color all his life. Even, he believes, losing his true love because of it. But, of course, love will overcome in the end, even if the rest of the world remains the same.


There is so much bad and hate in this world. Wouldn’t it be a better place if we each took responsibility to overcome, through love and friendship, the prejudice we witness and even perpetuate? My example is merely a NASCAR race, but I’m sure you can find something just as relevant in your own life. Spread the love for your fellow humanity. It’s what Jane would want.


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Karaoke Brooks
Karaoke Brooks
February 21, 2017 1:56 PM

?Fellow KentuckIan here!!!? I grew up in Slaughters, Ky a “blink and you miss it” town in Webster County. About 15 minutes North of Madisonville. Now, I live in Owensboro, KY and frequent the Louisville area for my job! So glad to know thus about some of you!!

Sheila Majczan
Sheila Majczan
October 22, 2016 10:49 PM

Mario Andretti and his family live in Nazareth PA, near us. He had a speedway but it shut down due to dwindling attendance a dozen or so years back. My niece is big into NASCAR. Glad you two enjoyed yourselves. I recently read another story, Longbourn, in which a freed slave was portrayed as working for Bingley.

Marilyn Collins
Marilyn Collins
September 3, 2016 6:38 PM

Happy to hear that you enjoyed yourself.

Sharon Lathan
August 18, 2016 1:40 PM

Well, I certainly am happy that Zoe turned you into a NASCAR semi-enthusiast, otherwise we would not have had the marvelous opportunity to visit with you both! Our hours of fellowship and lunch while overlooking the Ohio River is a memory I will cherish forever. 🙂

Indeed there is far too much discord and downright hate in this world. It is a delight to find kindred spirits who simply want to love, share in the joy of friendship, laugh and have fun, all without challenging beliefs or inserting self-superiority into the mix. Thanks for a thoughtful and amusing post, Rose. Hopefully Zoe will drag you to another race at the Kentucky Speedway, just 2 hours away from the Lathans!

Zoe Burton
August 18, 2016 1:11 PM

I had an absolute blast that day! Thank you so much for going with me!! <3 I love the observations you made, as well. (See, I can be intelligent when I want to be. 😉 ) I have attended half a dozen races and have never seen a fight, though I have seen a few falling down drunks. 😉 I know it has already been pointed out to you privately, but, um…..Matt is #20. Must have been the scanner channel that confused you. 😉 LOL

Zoe Burton
August 18, 2016 1:13 PM
Reply to  Zoe Burton

LOL Look at that… you fixed Matt’s number already! Go you!! You’d make a great driver! 😉

Leenie B
August 18, 2016 1:06 PM

Zoe has me hooked on watching the races, too…on tv…in person will not happen as I have sensitivities to lots of things like exhaust fumes but it sounds like fun! Oh and I live with a prejudice person who keeps saying “how hard is it to turn left” — not completely sure he means it or if he is just being a pain. He also gives me grief over writing fan fiction. But I love him anyway…these things happen when you are the mother of a child that is a cross between Mr. Bennet (sarcastic quick wit) and Darcy (demanding, my way is the best). 🙂

Zoe Burton
August 18, 2016 1:12 PM
Reply to  Leenie B

We need to figure out a way to get you to a race and still avoid the sensitivities. Perhaps a seat in the skybox? 😀

August 18, 2016 12:38 PM

Food for thought… Loved your post.

Jennifer Redlarczyk
August 18, 2016 8:48 AM

Beautiful post Rose! I’m happy that you and Zoe had a great time. I look forward to how you are going to work things out for Jacob Truman. Jen Red

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