Lelia Eye

Lelia Eye . . .   has lived in Arkansas all her life. While she enjoys watching movies and reading, she refuses to subject herself to any books or movies with unhappy endings.

Lelia has been interested in writing since she won a short story contest in the sixth grade. Her imagination has been active far longer than that, as her childhood was filled with stories built around such villains as dog-catchers with unflappable determination and pirate ponies with hearts of gold.

Her interest in Jane Austen was sparked when she took a Jane Austen class in college. Her other writing interests include the realms of fairy tale, fantasy, and the supernatural.

She lives with her husband of more than ten years and two precious daughters as well as some geriatric fur-babies.

A Sister's Sacrifice
Elizabeth Bennet is concerned when her sister Jane seems uninclined to invite her to London to meet Jane’s fiancé despite having earlier indicating her intent to do so. Determined to remedy the situation, Elizabeth decides to stay with her aunt in London, thereby forcing the truth of Jane’s circumstances to rise to the surface.

It is in London that Elizabeth meets Fitzwilliam Darcy and his younger brother, a rake of a man who is more interested in dalliances with women than in maintaining the small estate bequeathed upon him by his father. Despite Darcy’s great efforts, his brother simply refuses to listen to reason and curb his excesses, leaving Darcy at a loss concerning how to proceed.

Because both Elizabeth and Darcy are so focused on their siblings, neither expects to catch the other’s eye. But as they spend more time together, they find themselves to be willing allies and perhaps even something more. If they work together, is it possible to ensure that all parties involved will achieve happiness? Or will the sacrifice of Elizabeth’s sister proceed, causing sorrow to enshroud the future and forever banishing any hopes for marital bliss?
Netherfield's Secret
Elizabeth is fully prepared to give her brother’s friend, Fitzwilliam Darcy, every courtesy he deserves. However, she quickly learns the man possesses an excess of pride that she finds distasteful, and she soon decides he is not worthy of her attention.

It comes as a shock when the man reveals himself to be in love with her. But even that revelation is not as surprising as the secret that Netherfield has borne witness to.

Netherfield’s secret shatters Elizabeth’s very perception of herself and the world around her, and Mr. Darcy is the only one who is capable of picking up the pieces. But will Elizabeth allow him to do so?
Mistletoe and Mischief: A Pride and Prejudice Christmas Anthology
A collection of eleven stories by Lelia Eye, Jann Rowland, and Colin Rowland. Dive right in and enjoy, among several others, the following:

When Fitzwilliam Darcy joins Mr. Bingley before Christmas with his sister in tow, he discovers they have been invited to a Christmas party at Longbourn. Though it is an amusement Darcy dreads, he discovers love through the interference of a beloved sister and a parasitic plant.

Elizabeth agrees to marry Mr. Collins out of the desire to save her family. However, visits to Mr. Collins from well-meaning spirits on Christmas Eve could very well transform her feelings of despair on Christmas morning into joy.

Elizabeth receives Mr. Darcy’s reluctant permission to decorate Pemberley manor for the Christmas holiday. It is her observance of a most cherished holiday tradition that threatens their love.
A Bevy of Suitors
Written with co-author Jann Rowland

When a chance remark from Mr. Darcy causes Mr. Bingley to rethink which Bennet daughter he wishes to pursue, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself the focus of Mr. Bingley’s attentions. Though her dearest sister encourages her to allow herself to determine her feelings for the man, Elizabeth finds her eye caught by the more reserved Mr. Darcy.

But these are not the only suitors for Elizabeth’s hand, as Mr. Wickham and Mr. Collins also prove themselves determined to draw her attention.

Though Elizabeth would never have imagined that she would be the focus of such attention, she finds herself forced to choose from among a bevy of suitors . . . .
A Summer in Brighton
Written with co-author Jann Rowland

When Elizabeth travels to Brighton with Harriet Forster in lieu of visiting Derbyshire, she does not expect to befriend a mysterious widow. Nor does she expect her cordial treatment by Mr. Wickham to be replaced by expressions of malice. And the greatest enigma of all is the sudden appearance of Mr. Darcy in Brighton. How could Elizabeth’s simple vacation have become so complicated so quickly?
Waiting for an Echo Volume 1: Words in the Darkness
Written with co-author Jann Rowland

In this reimagining of Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy’s primary reason for coming to Hertfordshire is not to assist Mr. Bingley; rather, he is finding it difficult to decide between duty and happiness as he considers two women in Kent as prospective brides. But in the midst of gaining distance from his dilemma, he never once considered the possibility that his eye could be caught by someone so much lower than him in consequence as Elizabeth Bennet.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth, who lives a sheltered life in Hertfordshire, is unwilling to fully participate in society and has no desire to find a husband. She has been hurt by love in the past, and she is none too eager to expose herself in such a fashion again.

With other alterations to Austen’s novel—such as a more decisive Mr. Bingley and a surprising choice of bride by Mr. Collins—this novel provides something new for Austen enthusiasts to enjoy while still being able to relish in the familiarity of the characters we have all grown to know and love.
Waiting for an Echo Volume 2: Echoes at Dawn
Written with co-author Jann Rowland

Continuing after Words in the Darkness, Echoes at Dawn follows Elizabeth Bennet as she travels to Kent to visit her sister Mary, who has recently married Mr. Collins. There, she meets with a villain who is already known to her, and she is forced to deal with the consequences of a pair of tragic events.

Despite these developments, Elizabeth finds that what troubles her more than anything else is the arrival of Mr. Darcy in Kent. She finds it difficult to reconcile her image of the man whose conversation she enjoys with that of the man she suspects almost ruined her dear sister Jane’s happiness forever. Upon being introduced to the rakish James Baker and his flighty sister Elia, Elizabeth’s equilibrium is only further disturbed . . . especially since Miss Baker appears to have captured Mr. Darcy’s interest.

In the end, Elizabeth must determine the state of her heart and affections if she is ever to find true happiness.
Love and Laughter: A Pride and Prejudice Short Stories Anthology
A collection of ten stories with co-author Jann Rowland, including:

Young William Collins comes to live with the Bennets due to the death of his father. Suspecting him of harboring hopes for her most beautiful sister, Elizabeth decides to teach him a lesson he will not forget.

When the loose-tongued Colonel Fitzwilliam reveals to Darcy that Elizabeth Bennet’s opinion of him is less than positive, Darcy immediately realizes he must take action if he is to ever hope to draw the young woman’s eye.

Caroline returns to Pemberley, ecstatic to finally be back at her home and the peace it brings her. Unfortunately, she has discovered that there are several deficiencies with the house which she must correct.

When Georgiana Darcy comes to stay at Netherfield and reveals the truth of her brother’s admiration, Elizabeth is forced to reevaluate her opinions of the gentleman . . . and to admit that perhaps he is not so terrible a man after all. … and several others.

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