JEANNAISMS, by Jeanna Ellsworth

JEANNAISMS, by Jeanna Ellsworth


Over the years, I have learned that people cope differently. Some with escapism. Ya, they run and hide. Some with sarcasm. Ya think? Others with up in your face defensism. WHATEVER! But . . . is there a right way to cope?

For me? YES. It isn’t escapism, or sarcasm, or defensism­­­­––they are JEANNAISMs! I know, stupid name, but all my life, and through my writing, I find that certain thoughts or memes can be daily reminders of how I should think. So about two months ago, I started writing Jeannaisms and posting them on Facebook. I’m sure many have seen them a time or two.

What does it take to become a Jeannaism? Well, it has to be my original thought, but could be inspired by another’s words or an event. It also has to be a bit metaphoric. But for sure, a Jeannaism has to be kind of witty, perhaps a bit sassy, and therefore, impertinent. For me personally, it often reminds me to rely on God. It also has to provide insight, inspire thoughts to wonder, and hopefully remind you of your own personal strength. But most importantly, it has to EMPOWER.

In short, a Jeannaism has to remind you to be the best Elizabeth Bennet (original, witty, impertinent, and empowering) you can be. Not necessarily to be different than you are, but rather, to find your personal “strong female lead” in your individual novel on your life. Maybe you are not much of an Elizabeth, but you have a huge propensity to be an Ann, or a Marianne, or maybe even a Margaret Hale. Either way, we each have an inner strength that my Jeannaisms are aimed at drawing out.

So here are a few of my favorite Jeannaisms over the last few weeks.


March 12th

Jeannaism of the day:

“Easier” often makes you miss out on the great purpose in life, like having fun or having an opportunity to laugh. Don’t believe me? Think fork vs. chopsticks. #bewillingtodohardthings


March 14th

Jeannaism of the day:

Be prepared. Ok, I borrowed that from the Boy Scouts, but, I’ll add this: be prepared because just when you think the dust has settled, you realize, it is because you failed to kick your heels up! Start kicking! #dontjustwatchtheshow


March 15th

Jeannaism of the day:

Sometimes progress is our worst enemy. Like how I’ve always failed at making pumpkin pie until I’m on a diet and my pie turns out to be the best thing I ever tasted! #cravingsaregreatmotivators


March 16th

Jeannism for the day:

Delegation is underrated. Got problems?  Turn to Him. Problem solved. #turfit


March 17th

Jeannaism of the day:

When trying to learn a new game, either, find out the rules before you start, or make up some great ones as you go along! One is far more exciting than the other. #makethemupandenjoythegame


March 17th (this day for some reason needed two Jeannaisms! Ha ha)

Jeannaism for yesterday:

When the need arises, watch Pride and Prejudice. #feedtheneed


March 18th

Jeannaism of the day:

It is always a good time to prune the weeds from your life. #nurturetheinnergrowth


March 19th

Jeannaism of the day:

As a Regency fiction author, when someone verbally cuts someone, the language they choose, or the manner in which they deliver it, is far more powerful when done with pizazz! But in real life, the real pizazz comes from the restraint of hurtful words. #biteyourtongue


March 22nd

Jeannaism of the day:

Sometimes our hardest fights, have the greatest reward. Last night I fought really hard to resist the peanut butter and chocolate drizzled ice cream from Leatherbeys. It was a real struggle! I rewarded myself with it this afternoon!!! Yummy! What a sweet reward!


March 31st

Jeannaism of the day:

Believe in something bigger than yourself and watch yourself grow into something big. #growup



Jeannaism of the day:

Even when you win, you lose, if the other person feels smaller than you. The only person who wins in life is one who lifts others. #bethestrongoneanddoheavylifting


April 15th

Jeannaism of the day:

I’m kinda stubborn. Kinda proud. Kinda independent. That makes me stubbornly proud of my independence. Those are some awesome power tools. Unless I don’t wear safety goggles. Then I just get poked in the eye. #safetyfirst



Jeannaism of the day

The HARD truth is never delivered more effectively than when given SOFTLY. #softwordsarenotfluff


And . . . todays Jeannaism?


May 17th

Jeannaism of the day:

When storms come, button down the hatches and pull out your basket of “cope”. Ya, that means reading. #anyexcusetoread

So today, I would like to remind you that if all you can do today is nothing more than find your inner “Elizabeth”, might I suggest a great book? It was released about 2 ½ weeks ago and so far it still has a full 5 star review rating. It tends to be original, witty, impertinent, and empowering. Yes, it is full of Jeannaisms, well, because I wrote it!


Hope for Mr. Darcy

can be found here:


Kindle version

Paperback version

And always feel free to SHARE these Jeannaisms . . . especially today’s! 🙂

Jeanna Ellsworth Lake
Hey Lady Publications


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