Jann Rowland

Jann Rowland . . .  is a Canadian, born and bred. Other than a two-year span in which he lived in Japan, he has been a resident of the Great White North his entire life, though he professes to still hate the winters.

Though Jann did not start writing until his mid-twenties, writing has grown from a hobby to an all-consuming passion. His interests as a child were almost exclusively centered on the exotic fantasy worlds of Tolkien and Eddings, among a host of others. As an adult, his interests have grown to include historical fiction and romance, with a particular focus on the works of Jane Austen.

When Jann is not writing, he enjoys rooting for his favorite sports teams. He is also a master musician (in his own mind) who enjoys playing piano and singing as well as moonlighting as the choir director in his church’s congregation.

Jann lives in Alberta with his wife of more than twenty years, two grown sons, and one young daughter. He is convinced that whatever hair he has left will be entirely gone by the time his little girl hits her teenage years. Sadly, though he has told his daughter repeatedly that she is not allowed to grow up, she continues to ignore him.

Unintended Consequences
During Fitzwilliam Darcy’s visit to Rosings Park, Lady Catherine de Bourgh suddenly betrays her knowledge of Georgiana Darcy’s misadventure with George Wickham the previous summer, while giving Darcy a devastating demand: marry her daughter, or she will reveal the details to society.

Appalled by his aunt’s depravity, Darcy quits Rosings Park at once, returning to London. There, Darcy conceives a desperate gamble; if he was already married, Lady Catherine would have no claim on him.

After a welcome visit to her dear friend in Kent, Elizabeth Bennet returns to her home, finding everything curiously altered. Not only has Charles Bingley returned, his attentions to Jane seemingly unabated from the previous year, but her family, who had nothing good to say of Darcy, is now singing his praises.

In time, Elizabeth grows suspicious, determined to discover why this profound change has come over the gentleman she previously detested. But Darcy, as he races against time to convince Elizabeth to marry him, worries about the threat of his aunt’s jealousy and spite. For a woman willing to ruin her own niece in her all-consuming desire to have her way will surely have no scruples if he defies her.
More Agreeably Engaged
The morning of Mr. Collins’s proposal, Elizabeth leaves Longbourn for a walk, furious at the parson for proposing and her mother for pressing her to accept, eager to put some distance between herself and those who would persecute her. While walking, she meets a most unexpected acquaintance.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is dealing with frustrations of his own. Caroline Bingley, fearful that her brother means to propose to what she considers an unsuitable woman, has demanded that Darcy support her determination to prevent him from making a drastic mistake. While Darcy might have agreed with her view, what she suggests strikes him as deceitful.

Their meeting on the path proves fortuitous, for it allows them a chance to work past their first impressions. As they meet every day the following week, they understand more of each other, their regard growing, barriers between them falling. While misunderstandings drove them apart, on the paths of Longbourn estate they have the chance to set all right between them and attain happiness together that neither thought possible.
Bonds of Love (Bonds of Life Book 2)
As the ship carrying his beloved family slips into the night, Darcy watches with impotent rage, knowing the recovery will be long and arduous. But Darcy is a man of resolve, one who will stop at nothing to retrieve them. With the assistance of excellent friends of longstanding, he vows to pursue them to the ends of the earth if need be.

But the journey will be long and arduous, for those who wish to profit from them have taken them far from England. The very mention of their destination brings agony, places out of legend where men without souls barter and profit from the misery of others.

Elizabeth and Georgiana find themselves in a desperate situation, surrounded by enemies and bound for horrors beyond their imagination. In spite of all this, they keep to their wits and courage, determined to meet their fates with heads held high, and escape what their captors have planned for them.

And even should they manage the impossible, the return to England is also fraught with danger. For not only must they cross the long miles pursued by implacable foes, but an old adversary awaits them, one who has sworn to avenge himself on them.
Bonds of Friendship (Bonds of Life Book 1)
At Pemberley every year a group of men meet, bound to one another by longstanding ties of friendship, common purpose, and respect. With these men come their children, young boys and girls who forge life-long connections akin to that their fathers have built.

As the children grow to adulthood, they mature, their relationships growing ever stronger. Fitzwilliam Darcy, having been taught by an excellent father, cleaves to his friendships with Charles Bingley, Anthony Fitzwilliam, and George Wickham, knowing they will bring his family much joy and prosperity. Of especial importance to his future happiness, a lively sprite he knew as a girl has grown to become a lovely young woman as desirable as any.

In Hertfordshire, Elizabeth Bennet, having known Darcy since she was a young girl, greets him when he comes to the neighborhood, eager to discover if she can love him as a woman loves a man. As their relationship deepens and they learn what it is to love together, an enemy from the past arrives to bedevil them and threaten all they hold dear.

Life, while it brings its share of joys, also brings the inevitable sorrows, and when calamity strikes, Darcy and his brothers in all but blood must press forward to achieve the impossible. And while he knows the odds are stacked against him, Darcy possesses an indomitable will that will not allow him to fail.
Danger at the Netherfield Ball
A chance encounter in the streets of Meryton lead newly arrived George Wickham to suspect that Fitzwilliam Darcy feels an attraction for the enchanting Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Never one to allow an opportunity to pass, Wickham begins to plot how he can turn his hated foe’s admiration to his own benefit.

Elizabeth, though she originally gives credence to Mr. Wickham’s words, soon learns how mistaken she is when Mr. Darcy unexpectedly opens himself to her, informing her of the potential threat his former friend poses. Elizabeth believes Mr. Darcy’s account and resolves to avoid Mr. Wickham at all costs.

Little does Elizabeth know that Mr. Wickham has chosen the ball at Netherfield Park as the venue where he will obtain his vengeance. Summoning her courage, Elizabeth must stand firm to protect herself from his machinations, with help from Mr. Darcy and her father. For Mr. Darcy does admire her, a notion Elizabeth might not have allowed only days before, and that admiration may become her salvation. And her means of future happiness.
No Cause to Repine: A Pride and Prejudice Variation in Four Parts

After rescuing his sister from the clutches of the vile George Wickham, Fitzwilliam Darcy stays in London instead of returning to his beloved Pemberley, feeling despondent and adrift. Though he does not know it at the time, he will be forever grateful for his decision, as a chance meeting with a lovely young woman changes his perspective and sets him on the path to love and happiness.

Ordinarily, Darcy would never have considered pursuing a young woman such as Elizabeth Bennet, who is not possessed of the usual advantages of those of high society. But he learns she is a woman of rich character and ethereal beauty, and his admiration for her grows with every meeting.

Though the course of true love is not always smooth, Darcy and Elizabeth determine to meet every challenge together with courage and fortitude. In the background, unknown to the happy couple, forces move against them, threatening all they struggle to attain.

No Cause to Repine is a single volume set of the beloved tetralogy by Jann Rowland and includes the four novellas A Tacit Engagement, Scandalous Falsehoods, Upstart Pretensions, and Quitting the Sphere.
Among Intimate Acquaintances
Elizabeth Bennet does not know what to think of Fitzwilliam Darcy. Having heard her new brother, Charles Bingley praise him to the skies, Invited to accompany her brother and beloved, Jane, to stay at the man’s estate, Elizabeth wonders how he can possibly be as good as Charles claims.

At Pemberley, Elizabeth learns that Mr. Darcy is a diligent man, one sober and upright, a man engaged in the welfare of his estate. His sister, Elizabeth also learns, is a wonderful girl, a girl, unlike her own sisters who are often wild and uncouth.

Settling in at Pemberley for a visit, Elizabeth grows to love the estate, and her esteem for the master and his sister grow apace. But while Elizabeth is happy there, she cannot forget the events of the past year, which continue to plague her peace of mind.

Then an old enemy of the Darcy family arrives to wreak havoc on the Darcys, pulling Elizabeth’s own family into his schemes. The question, in Elizabeth’s mind, is whether Mr. Darcy’s newfound appreciation for her can withstand the machinations of a libertine and the silliness of a reprehensible sister.
In Default of Heirs Male
Longbourn estate in Hertfordshire, home of the Bennet family, is entailed. Armed with this unfortunate knowledge, the females of the family have long lived with the threat of eviction from their beloved home should Mr. Bennet pass away before his time.

When the unthinkable happens, the Bennet ladies prepare to leave their home as the heir arrives to take control of his inheritance. Salvation comes, however, by the most surprising of news: Mrs. Bennet is with child.

While waiting for the child to be born, Elizabeth takes control over the estate, determined to save as much as possible in the brief season she has been given. Fortunately, the Netherfield party arrives, and the attentions of the new master of the estate bring them all to hope that Jane, at least, will achieve her heart’s desire.

But little does Elizabeth know she is also the subject of a gentleman’s interest, for Mr. Darcy sees her as an excellent woman who is eager to uphold the trust with which her father favored her. Despite his feelings, Elizabeth is slow to understand the love that might be within her grasp, as she struggles with her duty under the specter of the heir, who believes the Bennets have cheated him of his inheritance and will do whatever he can to ensure he gets what he believes is his.
Prisoner of Longbourn
On a lonely path on the estate of Longbourn, Fitzwilliam Darcy suffers an accident, being thrown to the ground when a woman runs in front of his horse. When Darcy wakes, he finds himself at Longbourn, injured and confined until his body can heal.

The Bennets, he thinks, are an eclectic mix of characters, and at times he finds them difficult to endure. The unresolved question of who caused his accident festers in the back of his mind, leading him to suspect his hosts of deceit.

As his time at Longbourn lengthens, however, Darcy finds himself becoming more accustomed to them. Esteem begins to overtake him as he considers their unstinting hospitality and care for him, a man no more than a stranger to them. In particular, Darcy is intrigued by the second daughter, Miss Elizabeth, a woman unlike any other, and one for whom he quickly develops a liking.

Eventually his forced confinement wears on Darcy, and the coming of a relation he finds difficult to endure, along with the reappearance an old enemy, wreak havoc on his equilibrium. When events happen which demand his action, he cannot allow the family who succored him to suffer from the ignominious behavior of one of their number.
Quitting the Sphere (No Cause to Repine Book 4)
Elizabeth Bennet’s time in Kent has been the restful retreat from the rumors that drove her away from Meryton that she wished. When her family joins her and final preparations for her wedding to Fitzwilliam Darcy begin, she feels they have conquered every obstacle in their paths.

But fate still has a role to play, for the sight of the man who affected her removal throws them all into turmoil. Mr. Wickham, it appears, means to interfere with that happiness, his implacable enmity for her betrothed driving him to actions unthinkable.

While Mr. Darcy leads the search for Mr. Wickham, the later makes a desperate ploy, a final attempt to gain his vengeance on a man he believes denied him his due. In the end, it comes down to an unlikely source to foil his attempts before he gains his victory.
Upstart Pretensions (No Cause to Repine Book 3)
After the debacle of the Netherfield Ball, opposition grows against the union between Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. Their indomitable spirit cannot be quenched, however, and every attempt to intimidate them only makes them more determined to attain their happiness.

As a surprise, Lady Catherine de Bourgh remains supportive, offering Elizabeth a home away from the intrigues near Meryton. Though reluctant to leave her family, Elizabeth goes to Kent, and there discovers much to admire in her hostess, and in Anne de Bourgh, Lady Catherine’s daughter.

But all is not well, for the continued hostility toward her from certain members of Mr. Darcy’s family grows apace, and intrigues threaten to break them apart. And the shadow of the rumors which drove her from her home continues to grow longer, its source a surprising and implacable enemy dedicated to the destruction of their happiness together.
Scandalous Falsehoods (No Cause to Repine Book 2)
Following a happy season of courtship in London, Miss Elizabeth Bennet returns to her home in Hertfordshire, with her suitor, Fitzwilliam Darcy. But while Elizabeth is reunited with her family, Mr. Darcy must endure the machinations of Miss Caroline Bingley, his close friend’s sister. As Darcy is to stay with Mr. Bingley, he is not anticipating Miss Bingley’s presence in the slightest.

Though she has been concerned for her family’s behavior, knowing it is wanting at times, Mr. Darcy proves his love by ignoring that which he cannot change and focusing on his love. And for a time, their connection deepens, love grows ever more between them, rendering all attempts to separate them futile.

While the path to true love is never even, it turns to an uneven road filled with pitfalls and traps, for Darcy and Elizabeth discover that even those who have known and esteemed Elizabeth all her life are not above the lure of outrageous gossip. Once again their fortitude is tested by others, those who would see them broken asunder no matter what the cost.
A Tacit Engagement (No Cause to Repine Book 1)
After rescuing his sister from the clutches of the vile George Wickham, Fitzwilliam Darcy stays in London instead of returning to his beloved Pemberley, feeling despondent and adrift. Though he does not know it at the time, he will be forever grateful for his decision, as a chance meeting with a lovely young woman changes his perspective and sets him on the path to love and happiness.

Ordinarily, Darcy would never have considered pursuing a young woman such as Elizabeth Bennet, who is not possessed of the usual advantages of those of high society. But he learns she is a woman of rich character and ethereal beauty, and his admiration for her grows with every meeting.

Though the course of true love is not always smooth, Darcy and Elizabeth determine to meet every challenge together with courage and fortitude. In the background, unknown to the happy couple, forces move against them, threatening all they struggle to attain.
Love and Libertine
Who would have expected danger to be lurking in the sleepy town of Hunsford? Certainly not Elizabeth Bennet. After accepting an invitation to stay at Hunsford Parsonage, Elizabeth expects only a quiet stay in the company of her newly married friend.

As for Fitzwilliam Darcy, he finds himself reminded of the truism that there are few things more irritating than a forceful relation who will not accept refusal. When Lady Catherine adjures him to come to Rosings Park early for his annual visit, he initially intends to reject his aunt’s demand. Matters change, however, when Darcy learns that Miss Elizabeth is in Kent, and his aunt reveals that the reason she has asked for his presence is to protect her.

For Sir Lewis de Bourgh, Lady Catherine’s husband, is a man of few inhibitions with a taste for young ladies. Soon after she arrives in Kent, Elizabeth becomes the object of interest for the gentleman, a man who is accustomed to getting what he desires. It will take Elizabeth’s considerable fortitude and Mr. Darcy’s influence if Elizabeth is to hope that she might avoid falling prey to an unscrupulous man who lacks morality.
Her Indomitable Resolve
Miss Elizabeth Bennet is a young woman of character and fortitude, one undaunted by the challenges life has presented to her. As the youngest daughter of a country gentleman, she has always been secure, never concerned for the future or her place in it.

When her father suddenly passes away, Elizabeth is left adrift in a house with her mother, her eldest sister, and her father’s senseless heir. Though the situation is not comfortable, Elizabeth meets it with fortitude and good humor.

As Elizabeth becomes old enough to join society, her sister Jane marries Mr. Bingley, and Elizabeth follows them to London to partake of the season. Elizabeth soon puts her troubles behind her, enjoying herself and meeting new people, including the enigmatic Mr. Darcy and his charming sister.

Love starts to bloom between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, but not all of Elizabeth’s troubles are behind her. For there are those opposed to her connection to the gentleman, and moreover, Mr. Darcy has demons of his own to overcome before he can find happiness and pursue love.
Mrs. Bennet's Favorite Daughter
Elizabeth Bennet is her mother’s favorite daughter. She is not the prettiest or the liveliest, but she is the smartest. Mrs. Bennet, a woman not born as a gentlewoman, has always relied on Elizabeth for guidance, and Elizabeth has never failed her.

Soon after Mr. Bingley comes to Hertfordshire, Georgiana Darcy arrives for a visit along with her cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, a man who has taken command of the local militia regiment. Georgiana, a shy young woman, becomes fast friends with Elizabeth, who influences her to shed her shyness for confidence.

Mr. Darcy is drawn to Hertfordshire after learning of the recent addition of one George Wickham, his personal nemesis, to the militia regiment. Slightly mollified by his cousin’s assurances of Wickham’s good behavior, Darcy turns his attention to the local society, and his focus is soon drawn to Elizabeth and her playful charms. But with Wickham still lurking in the background, Darcy can ill afford to allow himself to be distracted, for he knows exactly what sort of mischief his childhood friend is capable of pursuing.
Flight to Gretna Green
Fitzwilliam Darcy had not expected to see Miss Elizabeth Bennet at Pemberley. Even less anticipated had been her reception at seeing him there. Whereas their last meeting at Hunsford had ended in acrimony, now she appeared to be receptive to him!

The morning after the ecstasy of her company at Pemberley, Darcy goes Lambton, hopeful his fondest dream might finally be realized. But all is thrown into chaos when Darcy receives word that Wickham was sighted in Lambton. The event takes on new meaning when Darcy arrives at the inn and learns of Miss Lydia Bennet’s elopement with his nemesis.

The protection of the woman he loves foremost in Darcy’s mind, he joins Miss Bennet as she and her relations follow their wayward relation, intent upon recovering her from the clutches of the man who has absconded with her. What they find was something none of them could have expected.
With Love's Light Wings
Amid the hills and valleys of Derbyshire live two families embroiled in an enmity spanning decades. For the Darcys of Pemberley consider the Bennets of Longbourn to be untrustworthy and proud, a sentiment their more prominent neighbors return in every particular.

Despite the distrust and suspicion two members of the family dare to see the other in a different light. Fitzwilliam Darcy, heir to the Pemberley legacy sees in Elizabeth Bennet, second daughter of the Baron of Arundel, a woman untainted by the perception his family holds dear of their rivals. Elizabeth, a young and perceptive woman, has seen in Mr. Darcy a man who is honorable and just, one she soon discovers she can love with all her heart.

As the two come to know each other better, events conspire to keep them apart, for tensions between the two families escalate. Though the two lovers have each come to see the other as their one true love and a means of healing between their families, others are unwilling or unable to see past their revulsion. As events threaten to force the lovers apart, their love is tested, forged in the fires of resistance, hardening their resolve to do whatever it takes to ensure that they are not only together, but that the hostility between their families is resolved once and for all.
Mistletoe and Mischief: A Pride and Prejudice Christmas Anthology
For those who want to curl up by the fire at Christmastime with short stories inspired by Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice, authors Jann Rowland, Lelia Eye, and Colin Rowland bring you this anthology of eleven stories. Dive right in and enjoy, among several others, the following:

When Fitzwilliam Darcy joins Mr. Bingley before Christmas with his sister in tow, he discovers they have been invited to a Christmas party at Longbourn. Though it is an amusement Darcy dreads, he discovers love through the interference of a beloved sister and a parasitic plant.

Elizabeth agrees to marry Mr. Collins out of the desire to save her family. However, visits to Mr. Collins from well-meaning spirits on Christmas Eve could very well transform her feelings of despair on Christmas morning into joy.

Elizabeth receives Mr. Darcy’s reluctant permission to decorate Pemberley manor for the Christmas holiday. It is her observance of a most cherished holiday tradition that threatens their love.
Another Proposal
“It is by no means certain that another offer of marriage may ever be made you.” Mr. Collins reiterated his words in a great bitterness of spirit, promising that no succor would be offered to any of the Bennet family when he finally obtained control of the estate of Longbourn.

However, not only was the gentleman wrong about Elizabeth’s marriage prospects, but he was also spectacularly incorrect, for another gentleman of much greater consequence was intent on paying his addresses. And while Elizabeth disliked Mr. Darcy, he was certainly not as personally repugnant as the detestable Mr. Collins.

And what of Mrs. Bennet? After having been denied her fondest dream of seeing a daughter married, could she allow this second opportunity to slip away? Mr. Collins’s unthinking and uncharitable words set off a series of events no one could expect, and Elizabeth and Mr. Collins both soon learn that words spoken in anger can have greater consequences than the speaker intended.
A Matchmaking Mother
What is a mother to do? A marriage of convenience, even when it brings the benefit of great wealth, cannot be agreeable, especially when the principals of the union are ill-suited. The mother who loves her son has no choice but to interfere, and the best way to do so is to present another option.

At the Netherfield ball, Elizabeth is introduced to the dearest ladies in Mr. Darcy’s life: his mother and sister. Though Elizabeth does not care much for the proud Mr. Darcy, the friendliness of his relations soon make them favorites. Then, when an invitation is extended for Elizabeth and her elder sister to visit in London, the sisters accept, eager to continue their acquaintances with the Darcy ladies.

Elizabeth, though eager to go to London, knows she will live in the same house as Mr. Darcy, and having already done so, she is not eager to be close to the gentleman again. The closer she grows to his family, however, the more Elizabeth begins to discover about Mr. Darcy. When love blossoms, the machinations of others threaten to interfere, but a mother set on protecting her children will not be denied.
The Challenge of Entail
New hope arrives for the Bennet family when Mr. Bennet discovers a way by which he can end the dreaded entail, leaving him free to leave Longbourn where he wishes. Mr. Bennet seizes the opportunity, ensuring his family’s support and providing for their future.

When the militia arrives in Meryton, they find a Bennet family much changed from what it had been in the past, for the youngest Bennets are better behaved and not out, and the eldest must deal with new and unwanted attention. For Jane Bennet, the difference is striking, for her position as heir to Longbourn ensures interest from quarters she has no desire to receive.

And what of the Netherfield party? Business in London delays their arrival in Hertfordshire, and when they do arrive, Mr. Darcy discovers the presence of a hated enemy and finds a woman he can admire. When enemies collide, dangerous situations erupt which have the potential to leave them all changed. Against this backdrop, Mr. Darcy must not only woo the woman he loves, but also protect her against the machinations of an unscrupulous scoundrel.
The Impulse of the Moment
An incident during Elizabeth Bennet’s first assembly at the age of sixteen leaves her wary of men—and of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy in particular. When Mr. Darcy returns four years later, he finds a young woman matured from the girl he knew, resolved to overcome the trials she has endured.

The uncertainty leads Elizabeth to a situation which once again puts her at risk. Uncertain how Mr. Darcy will act, Elizabeth is forced to question what kind of man he is. Despite all these hurdles, the course of true love cannot be diverted. Elizabeth finds herself strangely compelled by Mr. Darcy and attraction grows, a connection begins to be forged.

But while the lovers are sorting through the misunderstandings of their turbulent past, forces gather from a distance, intent upon separating them forever. Elements of Mr. Darcy’s family, those who possess the power to exert great influence over his future, do not take kindly to his potential choice of a wife. And the machinations of a detested rival threaten their happiness, one who believes he has been misused and is determined to receive his due no matter what the cost.
Mr. Bennet Takes Charge
Elizabeth Bennet’s journey to the lakes is canceled, and she expects to spend a quiet summer at home. When Mr. Bingley, along with his elusive friend Mr. Darcy, return to Netherfield, a quiet summer is turned topsy-turvy. Though Elizabeth’s opinion of the gentleman has improved, she never thought to see him again.

Then Elizabeth learns her sister, Lydia, means to elope with a rake, and the very respectability of her family is at stake. Elizabeth takes heart, however, when her father rises to the occasion, in a way she would never have predicted. With Mr. Darcy’s assistance, there may still be time to prevent calamity, and even find love, against all odds.
A Gift for Elizabeth
Sundered from her parents and sisters, a depressed Elizabeth Bennet lives with the Gardiners in London, attempting to find anything which will bring purpose to her life. When times seem most desperate, she makes a new acquaintance in Mr. Darcy, and the encounter changes her perspective entirely.

With the spirit of Christmas burning within her, Elizabeth begins to recover from the hardships which have beset her life. Through service and the love of a good man, Elizabeth finds herself walking a path leading to future happiness and contentment. Join Elizabeth in her journey to receive a special gift which will change everything.
Whispers of the Heart
A different outcome of Georgiana Darcy’s near ruin in Ramsgate leads to a different party arriving in Hertfordshire. Not only is its composition altered, but the changed circumstances have lasting effects, not only in Miss Darcy but also her brother.

The Bennet family is also changed, as a new suitor emerges for the worthiest of the Bennet sisters, one who is not beset by dissenting sisters, protesting her unsuitability. And while Mr. Darcy is still notable in his objections, there is little he can do to push back against the inevitable, as his sway is not nearly so profound.

Her sister having obtained her happiness, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself thrown into society far above any she might have otherwise expected. But as she travels to new locations, Elizabeth meets a mysterious man who strangely attracts her. But of greater consequence is Elizabeth’s growing feelings for Mr. Darcy, for the gentleman, who was disapproving of them all when she met him, has begun to show her another side of himself, one which Elizabeth feels she could come to love.
Murder at Netherfield
After the ball at Netherfield, a fault in their carriage results in the Bennet family being forced to stay at the Bingley estate, and when a blizzard blows in overnight, the Bennets find themselves stranded there. Lady Catherine de Bourgh, having heard of her nephew’s interest in the second Bennet daughter, descends upon them, demanding her nephew marry her daughter, making all who are trapped at the estate uncomfortable by her behavior.

The next day a body is found, leading to a string of murders which threaten the lives of those present. As the tension at the estate rises, Elizabeth and Darcy form an alliance to discover the identity of the murderer and save those they care about most. But the depraved actions of a killer, striking from the shadows, threatens their newly found admiration for each other. The stage is set, a race against time to find a sinister murderer before another victim is found.
A Tale of Two Courtships
When newcomers arrive in Meryton, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself first close friends with Mr. Charles Bingley, and then the object of interest to Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Her sister Jane, away in London, visiting her aunt and uncle, returns to find Longbourn changed and a gentleman caller of her own.

But there are others who do not wish for these courtships to proceed, or succeed. Two sisters, both in danger of losing their hearts. One experiences a courtship which ends quickly in an engagement, the other must struggle against the machinations of others. And one who will do anything to ensure her beloved sister achieves her heart’s desire.
The Heir's Disgrace (Courage Always Rises: The Bennet Saga Book 1)
A second son, Mr. Henry Bennet is an officer in His Majesty’s army, knowing he must fight to earn his bread. But a letter from his father changes everything, as he is summoned home due to a family crisis.

His brother, Philip Bennet, has been a gamester for years and has finally done the unthinkable—he has mortgaged Longbourn’s future for his own selfish pleasures. The sinister figure of Baron Godwin, the immoral man to whom Philip has become indebted, casts a long shadow over Longbourn, as he demands to be paid what he is owed.

As Henry and his father struggle to cope with the disaster which has fallen upon them, they make desperate plans to save what they can of their family and their very way of life. But in the process, Henry finds he has made an implacable enemy, a man who will stop at nothing to see him and all he cares for destroyed.
What Comes Between Cousins
Mr. Darcy and his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, have always been the best of friends, with little, if anything, coming between them. But when Mr. Bingley leases Netherfield, their relationship is tested, for though Mr. Darcy is still the proprietor of a large estate in Derbyshire, the colonel’s situation has changed, and he is very much Mr. Darcy’s equal.

When the two cousins are introduced to Miss Elizabeth Bennet, they each recognize her for the jewel she is. A rivalry springs up between them, in which each is determined to win the fair Miss Bennet.

As the situation between cousins deteriorates, clarity begins to come for Elizabeth, and she sees Mr. Darcy as the man who will fill all her desires in a husband. But the rivalry between cousins is not the only trouble brewing for Elizabeth. There are others who have an interest in keeping her apart from her gentleman, making her path to happiness fraught with peril.
Out of Obscurity
At a dinner party in London during the season, Fitzwilliam Darcy meets an enchanting young woman. though he recognizes her beauty and poise, he is struck by a sense of familiarity and realizes she is someone connected to him.

What follows is a whirlwind of events in which the woman’s lineage is discovered and her true identity is established. Darcy quickly realizes she is a woman estimable in her own right, and he finds himself besotted.

But amid the miraculous events of a lost soul returning home, dark forces conspire against the young woman, for her loss was not an accident. And so it is that a man is moved to action by a boon long denied, determined to avoid being cheated by Miss Elizabeth Bennet again.
The Companion
Elizabeth intended her stay with Mrs. Collins in Kent to be a pleasant and uneventful time spent with her dear friend, engaged in nothing of more import than laughing about Charlotte’s ineffectual husband and walking the woods of his patroness’s estate.

But a sudden tragedy leaves Elizabeth directly in Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s sights, and though Elizabeth is reluctant, she accedes to the lady’s demands.

It is not long, however, before the peace of the estate is shattered, for a woman long-oppressed has begun to spread her wings. What comes after is a whirlwind of events, in which Elizabeth discovers that her carefully held opinions are not infallible. Furthermore, a certain gentleman of her acquaintance might be the key to Elizabeth’s happiness.
In the Wilds of Derbyshire
Rejected by a sister who has allowed her new status as wife to Mr. Bingley to make her proud, Elizabeth Bennet goes to her uncle’s estate in Derbyshire, ostensibly to assist her cousin in her introduction to society. In reality, Elizabeth feels there is nothing left for her in the neighborhood of her birth.

Her uncle’s estate is small, and Elizabeth must work while there, and though she finds her tasks easy to bear. She quickly becomes close to her young cousin and uncle, though her aunt is a hard, demanding woman, who seems to hold a grudge against Elizabeth. But she also meets many friends, including the daughter of an earl, and the handsome friend of her sister Jane’s new husband, a Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy.

As Elizabeth is slowly pulled from her melancholy, new vistas open up to her, and she realizes that she can still have everything she has ever wished to have. But the jealousy of a woman who is no friend of her courtship with a wealthy man threatens her newfound happiness, and the coming of a sister who rejected her has the potential to once again disrupt Elizabeth’s life and destroy her future.
Chaos Comes To Kent
Unable to visit his cousins as planned, Mr. Collins invites them to stay at his parsonage the following spring. The Bennets go to Kent expecting a foolish Mr. Collins and an overbearing Lady Catherine de Bourgh. While one is as they expect, the other is surprisingly amiable.

When Mr. Darcy and his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, visit Lady Catherine at the same time, they each begin to focus on a Bennet sister, prodded by well-meaning relations, but spurred on by their own feelings.

But though Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth quickly begin to fall in love, there are other elements of both families who are determined to interfere . . . .
The Angel of Longbourn
Delayed on his way to Netherfield where his friend, Charles Bingley, awaits his arrival, Fitzwilliam Darcy decides to continue on horseback, only to be caught in a rainstorm. Later that day, Elizabeth Bennet finds him unconscious and suffering from a serious illness.

The Bennets quickly return him to their house, where they care for him like he is one of their own, and he soon forms an attachment with the young woman he comes to view as his personal angel.

But the course of true love cannot proceed smoothly, for others have an interest in Darcy for their own selfish reasons…
In this charming retelling of the classic novel Pride and Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy visits his aunt Lady Catherine de Bourgh in Kent, where he finds Miss Elizabeth Bennet staying with the newly married Mrs. Collins. As Darcy feels the pangs of buried infatuation begin to resurface, he realizes that Miss Bennet detests him.

At first, Darcy is relieved by his seeming escape, realizing that had he not discovered her true feelings, then he might have done the unthinkable and actually proposed. It is not long, however, before he is bewitched by her all over again, and he resolves to change her opinion of him and win her at all costs.

Elizabeth Bennet wishes nothing more than to spend time with her friend and determine the true state of Mrs. Collins’s happiness without the interference of any of the proud residents of Rosings Park. But she is soon made uncomfortable by the presence of Mr. Darcy, who appears before her at random times, seemingly by coincidence.

As they become better acquainted, they learn more not only about each other, but also about themselves. Unfortunately, the path to happiness is not without its trials, and they both must change if they want their ultimate happiness to come to pass.
My Brother's Keeper
When Fitzwilliam Darcy accompanies Charles Bingley to Netherfield, he is accompanied by George Wickham, a friend of many years. At first, Darcy does not see Elizabeth Bennet for the jewel she is, but his eyes are soon opened to her true worth. For her part, Elizabeth Bennet sees Darcy as a proud and haughty man, and it is not until he begins to pay her particular attentions that her heart begins to thaw.

But all is not well. For George Wickham has also formed an attachment to the young lady, and unknown to the young couple, feelings of jealousy have begun to rise up in his heart.

As Darcy and Elizabeth grow closer and love begins to blossom between them, the actions of a scoundrel threaten their happiness. All is in the balance when one who they call friend is forced to make a decision which will affect their felicity.
The Mistress of Longbourn
A change in the circumstances of the entail leaves Elizabeth Bennet as the mistress of Longbourn, beholden to no one. Despite the tragedy that took her parents and all but one of her sisters from her, Elizabeth eventually heals, and she takes up the affairs of the estate with a flair her father never possessed. But estate ownership has its own trials, for it makes Elizabeth the target of those who might have otherwise viewed her as nothing more than a pretty vivacious girl.

When the Netherfield party arrives at the area, the family they find at Longbourn is small, composed only of Elizabeth, who has been changed by the burdens of estate ownership, and her younger sister, who has grown much, but is still immature enough to be infatuated by a handsome face. They also find that Elizabeth faces her own social trials, primarily in the figures of George Wickham, who desires an easy life, and Mr. Collins, who is offended that his father did not inherit Longbourn. It takes all of Elizabeth’s fortitude to withstand the men vying for her attention, stand by her principles, and abide by her desire to marry only for the deepest love.

Yet Elizabeth must also recognize that deep and abiding love when it finds her. For in this world, nothing is perfect, and searching for perfection can lead to one letting true love pass by.
A Life from the Ashes
A sequel to Jann Rowland’s beloved first novel Acting on Faith, A Life from the Ashes chronicles Lydia’s journey toward self-discovery, knowledge, and a future she never knew she wanted.

Having achieved her fondest wish, Lydia Wickham leaves Longbourn in the company of her handsome husband for Newcastle, certain she is embarking on a grand adventure.

But not all is as it seems. Unbeknownst to Lydia, the man she thinks she has married does not exist, as he is merely a mask for a callous libertine who cares nothing for others and considers himself chained to a woman he never wished to marry.

Slowly, Lydia learns the true measure of her husband and realizes that she was hasty in insisting on marrying him. It is only through the patient tutelage of her commanding officer’s wife that she comes to understand there is more to life than frivolous pursuits and men wearing red coats.

Unfortunately for Lydia, it might be too late, for she has cast her lot with a man so reprehensible that none know of what he is capable.
Shadows Over Longbourn
The approaching death of Mr. Bennet threatens to leave his five young daughters at the mercy of the vengeful Mr. Thaddeus Collins. But Mr. Bennet plays one final desperate card before he passes, calling on his distant relatives—the Darcys—to provide his children with a home.

Removing themselves to Pemberley after their father’s death, the girls are protected by the estate’s current master, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, who looks after them as conscientiously as he does his own sister. When chance takes the Bennets and their Darcy relations to the estate leased by Mr. Bingley, little do they know that their father’s thwarting of Mr. Collins has only fanned the flames of his envy and hatred. He is determined to secure a Bennet daughter as a wife for his son, and he will stop at nothing to accomplish his goal.

Elizabeth has become consumed by love for Mr. Darcy, but since he remains oblivious to her feelings, Elizabeth’s desperation forces her to consider going into service as a governess, if only to obtain some distance from the object of her affection. But Mr. Collins has no intention of letting Elizabeth escape his grasp so easily, and everything finally comes to a head when he meets with her in an explosive showdown.
Banished from her home at the age of seventeen for refusing a marriage proposal from an odious man, Elizabeth Bennet moves to London to live with her aunt and uncle Gardiner. Though fighting feelings of hopelessness, Elizabeth attempts to be happy. The persistence of her unwanted suitor, however, upsets the balance she has achieved with her relations, leaving her fearful for her future.

An introduction to Mr. Gardiner’s new business partner allows Elizabeth to make a new acquaintance with a pleasant man and his family, bringing some much-needed variation to her colorless life. But when she is approached by a mysterious stranger who wishes to know more of her, Elizabeth can only allow herself to be caught up in the excitement of the moment and his apparent interest.

Unfortunately, her other suitor still lurks in the background, waiting for his chance to snare her. It soon becomes clear to Elizabeth that others see as interest, the reality is much more sinister, and takes all the appearance of an OBSESSION.
As a young man of five and twenty, Fitzwilliam meets a young lady who will change his life. After a whirlwind courtship, the couple marry. But after only a year of marriage, disaster strikes, and Darcy loses his wife in childbirth. Stricken with grief, Darcy is left with a young daughter to raise without his beloved wife by his side.

Darcy is ultimately convinced to return to society by his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, and almost three years later, he returns to London in the company of his sister and his daughter.

Through the assistance of old friends and new, Darcy is once again induced to take an interest in life and move past his heartbreak. And though he is convinced that lightning never strikes twice, perhaps Darcy will be able to find love again.
Bound by Love
Lost as a young child, Elizabeth is found by the Darcys and becomes a valued member of the family. In fact, she becomes so close that Lady Anne Darcy considers her to be a second daughter.

Elizabeth grows and learns with the Darcys, experiencing all that society has to offer, including the delights of the season, the benefits of fortune and society, and the love of a family. Along with those things, she experiences the sorrow of loss and the machinations of a man without scruple.

When Charles Bingley, a good friend of her adopted family, invites the Darcys to his newly leased estate, little does Elizabeth know that she soon will be confronted by her past.
An Unlikely Friendship
Elizabeth Bennet has always possessed pride in her powers of discernment. Her discovery that that her impressions of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham are wrong is made worse by the fact that she learns she was mistaken about the character of yet another person.

When her sister marries the affable Mr. Bingley, Elizabeth accepts an invitation to stay with the man’s newly married sister, Caroline Powell. In coming to know the woman better, Elizabeth realizes that Caroline is actually someone she wishes to call “friend.”

Amid the machinations of a young man not unlike Mr. Wickham, Elizabeth discovers not only true friendship, but also true love. But to ensure the longevity of any possible happiness, Elizabeth must reach out and grasp it with both hands before it slips away.
Love and Laughter: A Pride and Prejudice Short Stories Anthology
Co-Author: Lelia Eye

For those who need a little love and laughter in their lives, Jann Rowland and Lelia Eye bring you this anthology of ten stories, including:

A PROFITABLE VENTURE Young William Collins comes to live with the Bennets due to the death of his father. Suspecting him of harboring hopes for her most beautiful sister, Elizabeth decides to teach him a lesson he will not forget.

THE GOSSIP When the loose-tongued Colonel Fitzwilliam reveals to Darcy that Elizabeth Bennet’s opinion of him is less than positive, Darcy immediately realizes he must take action if he is to ever hope to draw the young woman’s eye.

THE POWER OF PEMBERLEY Caroline returns to Pemberley, ecstatic to finally be back at her home and the peace it brings her. Unfortunately, she has discovered that there are several deficiencies with the house which she must correct.

THE BROTHER’S ADMIRATION When Georgiana Darcy comes to stay at Netherfield and reveals the truth of her brother’s admiration, Elizabeth is forced to reevaluate her opinions of the gentleman . . . and to admit that perhaps he is not so terrible a man after all. … and several others.
A Bevy of Suitors
Co-Author: Lelia Eye

When a chance remark from Mr. Darcy causes Mr. Bingley to rethink which Bennet daughter he wishes to pursue, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself the focus of Mr. Bingley’s attentions. Though her dearest sister encourages her to allow herself to determine her feelings for the man, Elizabeth finds her eye caught by the more reserved Mr. Darcy.

But these are not the only suitors for Elizabeth’s hand, as Mr. Wickham and Mr. Collins also prove themselves determined to draw her attention.

Though Elizabeth would never have imagined that she would be the focus of such attention, she finds herself forced to choose from among a bevy of suitors . . . .
Implacable Resentment
The cruelty of an all-consuming grudge is enough to drive a nine-year-old Elizabeth Bennet from her family home to spend the rest of her childhood with the Gardiners.

When she is nineteen, her family calls her home, and she heeds the summons with her head held high, only to discover that the prejudice against her has not abated with time. She meets a variety of people previously unknown to her, including the pleasant Mr. Darcy and the odious Mr. Collins, and she is allowed to feel as if love is within her grasp.

But first she must defeat the machinations of her father, who has her future planned out for her . . . .
A Summer in Brighton
Co-Author: Lelia Eye

Elizabeth Bennet decides not to travel with her relations to Derbyshire, the home of her rejected suitor. Instead, she accepts an invitation to go to Brighton, home of the famous sea baths and circulating libraries.

Though Elizabeth expects a relaxing summer in which she experiences the attractions of a beautiful city in the company of a dear companion, she finds so much more, including the friendship of a mysterious widow whose motives are difficult to discern.

But Elizabeth also makes a painful discovery when she learns that gentlemanly manners can disguise immoral habits and a hatred so intense, as to drive a man to do anything to make his despised enemy suffer. The arrival of the man whose attentions she had spurned only serves to discompose Elizabeth and make the situation even more volatile. Can Elizabeth find true love amid such turmoil?
Open Your Eyes
When Elizabeth Bennet meets with Mr. Wickham in Meryton, he informs her of his past dealings with Mr. Darcy. During the course of this conversation, Elizabeth realizes that Mr. Wickham is perhaps not all he seems to be and that there may be more to the man than amiable manners and a handsome countenance.

Though she decides she does not want to be involved with either of the men, she finds that it is not easy to extricate herself from the situation. One of the men turns out to be strangely compelling, and the other is intent upon inducing her to acknowledge that his version of events is correct. The further she is drawn into their intrigues, the more Elizabeth realizes that she may have misjudged the situation . . . and that her powers of observation might not be completely faultless in all cases.

This tale of love and courtship tells the story of what might have happened had Elizabeth only opened her eyes and used some of her vaunted ability to sketch characters shortly after the beginning of her acquaintance with Mr. Wickham and Mr. Darcy.
Waiting for an Echo Volume 2: Echoes at Dawn
Co-Author: Lelia Eye

Continuing after Words in the Darkness, Echoes at Dawn follows Elizabeth Bennet as she travels to Kent to visit her sister Mary, who has recently married Mr. Collins. There, she meets with a villain who is already known to her, and she is forced to deal with the consequences of a pair of tragic events.

Despite these developments, Elizabeth finds that what troubles her more than anything else is the arrival of Mr. Darcy in Kent. She finds it difficult to reconcile her image of the man whose conversation she enjoys with that of the man she suspects almost ruined her dear sister Jane’s happiness forever. Upon being introduced to the rakish James Baker and his flighty sister Elia, Elizabeth’s equilibrium is only further disturbed . . . especially since Miss Baker appears to have captured Mr. Darcy’s interest.

In the end, Elizabeth must determine the state of her heart and affections if she is ever to find true happiness.
Waiting for an Echo Volume 1: Words in the Darkness
Co-Author: Lelia Eye

In this reimagining of Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy’s primary reason for coming to Hertfordshire is not to assist Mr. Bingley; rather, he is finding it difficult to decide between duty and happiness as he considers two women in Kent as prospective brides. But in the midst of gaining distance from his dilemma, he never once considered the possibility that his eye could be caught by someone so much lower than him in consequence as Elizabeth Bennet.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth, who lives a sheltered life in Hertfordshire, is unwilling to fully participate in society and has no desire to find a husband. She has been hurt by love in the past, and she is none too eager to expose herself in such a fashion again.

With other alterations to Austen’s novel—such as a more decisive Mr. Bingley and a surprising choice of bride by Mr. Collins—this novel provides something new for Austen enthusiasts to enjoy while still being able to relish in the familiarity of the characters we have all grown to know and love.
Acting on Faith
After leaving his friend Charles Bingley in Hertfordshire, Fitzwilliam Darcy intends to see to business in London while gaining some much-needed distance from the enchanting Elizabeth Bennet. Little does he know that his peace will soon be disturbed. To his surprise, his aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, descends upon him in a fury, demanding that he agree to marry her daughter.

She neglects to tell him, however, that she has just parted ways with Elizabeth in Hertfordshire, the “unsatisfactory” result of the meeting being Elizabeth’s refusal to promise never to marry him. Amid what he fears is a whirlwind of rumors, Darcy is forced to move forward in his quest to secure Elizabeth’s hand with no assurances of her regard. Unfortunately, neither Caroline Bingley nor Elizabeth’s childhood friend Samuel Lucas intend to make it easy for him.

Picking up after chapter 56 of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, this charming tale of love and determination explores what would have happened if Fitzwilliam Darcy had no indication other than his own observation, that Elizabeth Bennet’s opinion of him had changed. His fortitude and constancy once more put to the test in the face of blatant interference, her mother’s dislike, and her father’s ambivalence, Darcy is required to “act on faith” to secure the woman of his dreams.

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