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Iris Lim . . .  Iris grew up reading and rereading every novel in her small family library in Southeast Asia. Her favorite authors have always included Jane Austen, C. S. Lewis, and Agatha Christie. Now, thanks to modern technology, she gets to breathe life into her own re-imaginations and forever-love for all things romance.

When she’s not writing or reading, Iris is probably wrangling her adorable twins, chilling with her husband, or burning her latest meal. She dreams every day to save up for a trip to England and to write all she can about that. She has a love-hate relationship with plot bunnies, who are alternately her greatest enemies and most beloved friends, depending on the day of the week.


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Words Unspoken: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Born unable to speak, Elizabeth Bennet remains hidden from society, her very existence denied by her family, until she is discovered by a wandering Mr. Darcy keen to escape a stifling Netherfield Park. The pair strike up an unlikely acquaintance, and their private interactions forge a friendship that grows deeper by the day.

Her insights broaden Darcy’s perceptions; his recognition opens up her world. And when circumstances push them together towards the possibility of marriage, Darcy would have it no other way.

A sweet, short Pride and Prejudice variation of finding hope, love, and family in the most unexpected places.
The Christmas Trade: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
It looked like the perfect plan on paper. Lizzie Bennet gets her mother off her back by finally bringing home a boyfriend. William Darcy gets to show his company board that he’s ready to settle down.

It’s a simple Christmas trade, a purely professional arrangement – until it isn’t.

A sweet, modern holiday romance between Pemberley Inc.’s acting director and his assistant’s best friend.
Hearts and Consequences: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
An untimely tryst during the Bennet sisters’ Netherfield stay raises the stakes for Elizabeth and Darcy in the form of an illegitimate child. He, determined to make things right, is shocked to hear of her engagement to another. She, burdened with an unforgivable secret, blames him for his abandonment.

When their paths cross again five months later, they are forced to reexamine the paths they have taken and the affections they still harbor within them. Will they ever find a way to harvest joy alongside the consequences their choices have sown?

A mature reinterpretation of Pride and Prejudice that explores the messages of hope, redemption, honor, and love.
A Promise to Keep: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Jane Bingley, young and beloved, dies unexpectedly mere months into her marriage. Her husband Charles returns to Netherfield to fulfill his late wife’s final wish: to find a bride amongst her sisters. Miss Elizabeth Bennet is, quite naturally, the next one in line. But what does Mr. Bingley’s best friend have to say about that?

In an alternate reality where a short-lived love forces Charles Bingley to choose a Bennet bride again, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy finds himself in the odd position of confidante, advisor, and helpless spectator. Whom does Bingley remarry? And does Darcy find love as well?

A short love story that grows from somber and sad to an eventual sweet ending.
Fathers Know Best: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Life was full of hope and expectations, until it wasn’t, for George Darcy and Thomas Bennet. Left to raise their children on their own after the death of their respective wives, the two men make a few unconventional choices. And when those choices start to have consequences, it’s up to their children to figure things out.

Delve into an alternate universe where Mrs. Bennet passes after the birth of three daughters and where the two heroes’ fathers possess an unlikely friendship. Some things can be silly, and some others can be unexpectedly sweet.
Liam & Liz: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Lizzie Benet loves her job and hates her boss. William Darson finds the new intern, quite unlike the girl he’s been writing, a distraction at best.

But sometimes, your soul mate and your mortal enemy can be one and the same.

In an original modern take, chance and circumstances bring together an urban professional, a freelance artist, a cozy country room, and a beloved favorite book to build bridges between two misunderstood people each yearning for a new chapter of life. What happens when you fall in love with the same person you detest in every single way? How much of a coincidence is behind their encounters – and how much is fate?A contemporary variation, with a hint of old-fashioned love letters, and a heavy dose of modern-day travel.
That's What Makes It Love: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Beauty lies, more often than not, in the eye of the beholder. But what happens when a certain Derbyshire gentleman sees things in a completely different way?

A childhood illness leaves Fitzwilliam Darcy with physical limitations that keep him from seeing the world as it is. When his trust is challenged again and again by those dearest to him, will he ever recover enough to discover his own path to true love?

Explore an alternate reality where Elizabeth Bennet strikes up an unlikely friendship with a blind Mr. Darcy – only to find herself armed with unique perspectives that will challenge both him and her in how they view themselves, their loved ones, and the world at large.
Armed Robbery: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a new family of great fortune must be in want of some robbing. Unfortunately for this family, their salvation lies in the hands of two disgruntled partners. Will they ever manage to find deliverance, much less a happy ending?

In an alternate interruption of Jane and Lizzy’s Netherfield stay, our favorite hero and heroine find their courage landing them in two sudden, unconventional roles they must play to perfection to have any chance at saving themselves and their friends. Old and new feelings – heightened by the urgency of very present danger – turn some friends into enemies, some enemies into allies, and certain acquaintances into so much more.
Oh Brother: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Some men go to great lengths to win their bets. Can true love convince them to lose instead? Explore a world where Elizabeth has a brother, who happens to have just the right friends.

Oh Brother is a fresh take on the lives and loves of four Cambridge friends: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Charles Bingley, Richard Fitzwilliam, and Edward Bennet. Each young gentleman takes his turn in narrating his part of the story and growing into his own role in their tight social circle. In an angst-free re-imagination, our beloved characters lead entirely different lives as they discover new friends, new hopes, new heartbreaks, and new redemption in their joint coming-of-age.

This book is a heart-warming story of four love stories in one. And if any of our silly boys happen to make some money off of an intelligent bet or two, who can really blame them for their manly pride?
Mothers Know Best: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
The daughter of a knight, Miss Elizabeth is resolved to dislike her silly mother’s newest suitor for her. Fitzwilliam Darcy, heir to Pemberley, is equally determined to reject any matchmaking endeavors targeting him. But who knew the other person would be this attractive?

Delve into an alternate universe where both young Mr. Darcy and headstrong Miss Elizabeth struggle to choose between the inclinations of their minds and that of their hearts. Just when they’re about to get their feelings sorted out, how many more misunderstandings and dangers can possibly get in the way?

Mothers Know Best is an ambitious novella of family, romance, forgiveness, and recovery. The road to a happily ever after is always present for those who take the pains to find it.

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