In Want of a Story, by P. O. Dixon

In Want of a Story, by P. O. Dixon

When you see a book’s cover, does it make you wonder what the story is about? What attracts you most? Is it the colors that appeal to you or perhaps a catchy title or font choice?

I once read that a person’s face can help draw potential readers, and I often employ that design technique. What I prefer most are simple, clean cover designs or, in other words, those with not a lot going on. I also prefer being able to discern the book’s genre right away based on its cover.

I design all my book covers. I often build book covers even when I don’t have an idea for a story because it’s one of my favorite creative outlets. Here are a few book covers in want of stories I’ve created of late.

Speaking of covers, here’s the revised working cover for my current work-in-progress, Simply Beautiful.

The goal is to keep the word count at around 50,000. So far, I have more than 35k words written. Unfortunately, the scenes are in no particular order. Once I get through the developmental editing phase and kick off the fun part of the process, I look forward to sharing Simply Beautiful chapters on my Patreon page and an occasional excerpt here at Austen Authors. Stay tuned!


To know me is to know how much I enjoy using Jane Austen’s words in my variations and book titles. In that regard, I have a new story available for preorder.

Publisher’s Description: 

Miss Elizabeth Bennet sets out to make an excess of adverse situations better in this engaging tale. When she learns Mr. Darcy thinks his friend is too good for her elder sister, Elizabeth turns the tables on the proud man by making Darcy fall in love with her. But little did she know she had him from the start.


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Let’s do it again! At least five (maybe more) of my bestselling stories will be included in this outstanding collection of Pride and Prejudice variations to be available exclusively in Amazon’s kindle unlimited program.

Coming in September 2022

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10 Responses to In Want of a Story, by P. O. Dixon

  1. I love all these covers, especially the first one with that beautiful ivory dress and the ‘coming soon one which appears to be on a terrace, Pemberley perhaps? Covers are definitely major influences when looking for a book. I was once looking forward to reading a book but was put off by the depiction of Darcy on the cover, he just didn’t look anything like me idea of Darcy, he wasn’t tall or particularly dark and certainly not handsome. I finally persuaded myself to buy it and I do like the story but I still can’t bear the cover! It certainly wasn’t one of yours, I love that your Darcy always fits those criteria. 🙂

  2. All of the covers are beautiful! Love them! I want to read them all! I think a good cover does have eye appeal that is usually what draws me in to a book.

  3. I’m with Buturot, I love the covers. That first one looks so much like Elizabeth. She is about to explore or ramble somewhere. Is it Rosings or Pemberley? The next one reminds me of Darcy thinking, ‘Yes, you. I’m in love with you.’ LOL! Then we have the couple. Aren’t they cute? Oh, I love the blues in the middle one. Everything looks so fresh and springy. The model looking over her shoulder is so cute and it isn’t a full frontal shot. I actually like that. Your Coming soon cover has another cute couple. The last one was a good model choice for Mr. Darcy. He looks pensive and is either about to enter a drawing room or pausing before facing Lady Catherine. LOL! They are all really good choices. I wish you all the best on the launch of your new work. Blessings.

    • Thanks so much for describing how you feel about each of the covers. I agree, especially with the first. All your insights are delightful. I appreciate your kind words. 🙂

  4. I always feel that the cover is a window. Its view invites me to escape out of my everyday “room” and enter the dream of the story.

  5. Love the covers!! (and your stories).
    Appreciate having the pride and prejudice (or Elizabeth, Darcy or Pemberley) written somewhere in the cover. It makes it easier to find. I think sometimes without those words, they are not included in the line up when you do an Amazon search

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