How Much Fun Could It Be to Participate in ‘Pride and Prejudice 2005’?

How Much Fun Could It Be to Participate in ‘Pride and Prejudice 2005’?

Recently I saw interviews of the cast of Pride and Prejudice 2005 and enjoyed once again the camaraderie of the individuals involved. I think that’s why I enjoy the 2005 version as much as I do as the happiness and pleasure the cast had while filming brought them together as a family.

Sometimes you might read of the cast of a film that enjoyed working together or even had the opposite experience of hating each other. Other times, they work together, produce a movie, then move on to something else.

The cast of 2005 loved working with each other even to the point that one of them said she wished they were a real family together. And that connection is what impresses me every time I watch that movie.

Yes, 2005 has taken a lot of flack: not accurate, not Jane Austen, not this, not that and more. And, yet, it does get the points across: Elizabeth’s humor and impertinence; Darcy’s pride and even his shyness; Lydia’s flightiness, etc.

Time being a factor, events were compressed, and an abbreviated version was produced. It’s a very romantic version with lovely filming. It has a bit of symbolism that also gets the story told as well. After all, it took the BBC 1995 version six hours to even give a large portion of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and still, some of it wasn’t even in Austen’s book.

The cast of the 2005 version loved working together and had a blast doing it. This is what makes that movie work. 🙂

Click on the link to listen to the interviews and enjoy the comments about the other cast members, and let me know what you think in your comments below.

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  1. This video is almost as delightful as the film itself. Not my favourite adaptation (that would be the 1980 version) but lots to love about it. After reading this post, there’s even more!

  2. Thank you for sharing the video of 2005 cast. I enjoyed the movie and the music and cinematography top notch. 2005 did a nice job introducing a new generation to P&P and many new authors to delight readers with fan fiction.

    • You’re welcome, Caryl. I loved the interaction among the cast. Would have loved to have been a part of it.

  3. What a delightful post. Although my favorite will always be Colin Firth… I do have to agree there were so many pluses with this version. The costumes were wonderful and that family feeling was palpable. I LOVE special features on films and always watch them. I remember those clips and enjoyed them immensely. Thanks for giving me a feel good feeling this dreary Monday. It is overcast, cool, and drizzling rain here so this added a bit of sunshine to my day. Blessings.

    • Thank you, Jeanne. I think there are pluses for both the 1995 and the 2005. And I too like the special features concerning my favorite films as well. I’m delighted I could make your day. It is also your exact weather here in Illinois, and your comment made my day brighter too. Blessings and good health to you also. <3

  4. The video was great! The comments were so sweet and endearing. The girls are such gigglers!lol I love that movie so much, my fav!

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