GRAND Re-Opening Day!

GRAND Re-Opening Day!

Were Back

One year ago today Austen Authors disbanded, a hiatus necessary for many reasons. Today we are officially back online, renewed and revitalized! We gaze into the future with hope and enthusiasm greater than we had before. Our original mission to share our unique visions of Austen’s world to a broader reading audience shall be fulfilled with new Austenesque novelists. Clearly we have much to CELEBRATE!

Tune in tomorrow when the winners of our Pre-Launch Giveaway will be announced,
and a massive Grand Re-Opening Giveaway will be revealed.

For today, we shall begin celebrating by introducing our authors.
Are you ready to meet them? Sure you are!



Each of the 18 Austen Authors send their personal greetings, along with whimsical revelations about themselves and their writing. They were asked to share their author tagline, and list 5 words describing their author brand and/or post a picture that encapsulates their style. Lastly, they were asked to answer 2 of the 3 following interview questions: 1) Do you have any phobias?  2) What superpower would you want to have?  3) Who was your first celebrity crush?


SHARON LATHAN ~ Happily ever after comes true...

Hey y’all! Southern greetings from the rolling green hills of Kentucky! Bardstown, Kentucky to be precise, the Bourbon Capitol of the World and Rand McNally’s “Most Beautiful Small Town in America” in 2013.

My 5 words: Romantic. Family. History. Characters. Love.

No contest that my biggest phobia is spiders, or any crawly bug for that matter, although spiders are the worst. Devil’s spawn! I vaguely recall some glossy Tiger Beat heart-throbs on my wall, but my first serious I-want-to-marry-and-have-your-babies crush was Steve Perry, lead singer of Journey. The voice! The hair! The tight jeans!

Sharon’s Author Page

First blog on Monday, January 26


Hey! I’m Katherine Reay and I’m delighted to be an Austen Author — and to introduce myself today. I’m a writer, wife, mom, runner, tae kwon do black belt and an avid chocolate consumer. I write characters who could be your sister, daughter, mother, friend… with an allusion to Austen’s and other classics thrown in the mix. I handed in my latest manuscript last week and am using this moment to settle into my new office — we just moved to Chicago this past summer. And after many many moves, including two international, we’ve promised our kids not to move again…

That actually might be my biggest phobia: Moving again. And for a superpower? Flying. Definitely flying.

We’re so excited you’re here and share our love for Jane Austen. You’ll find a wide variety of writers, genres and stories on our site and we hope you enjoy it! Welcome.

Katherine’s Author Page

Debut blog on Wednesday, January 28


Greetings from Delaware!

“I see how it is Mrs. Bennet – a rich man has danced with Lizzy. When he arrives to ask for her hand do show him in.” – First Impressions: A Tale of Less Pride & Prejudice

I hate heights, suspect technology, and feel distinctly uneasy around llamas. This is not your run of the mill superpower, but I wish I could conjure clothes out of thin air, a la Elsa in Frozen.

Alexa’s Author Page

Debut blog on Friday, January 30


“What ho!” from the Mile High City (in addition to being a Janeite, I’m also a Wodehousean).

Imagining Jane Austen in space since 2009. Jane Austen, Lara Croft and Kathryn Janeway are my heroes.

Phobias — being stuck with a bunch of people in a small space. Once on the Underground, the packed train had stopped between stations and I was smashed up against a glass panel, my breath fogging the glass. My husband could see I was freaking out. All I could think of was that all these people were using up my oxygen. I was seconds from a major hissy fit and an excuse to practice my martial arts skills. Luckily the train started moving before then.  Superpower — the power to write long Regency novels where nothing much really happens but readers never get bored.  Crush — Illya Kuryakin. That dates myself.

Jennifer’s Author Page

Debut blog on Tuesday, February 3

CECILIA GRAY ~ Smart girls. Fun books.
Hi guys!

I’m a total girl’s girl at heart and can be found most days with my girlfriends, either hanging out or eating in San Francisco. I also nap a lot… not with my girlfriends. 😉

I’m terrified of airplanes and because of that, if I could have a superpower, it would be to fly….fast. I have a new celebrity crush every other week, but a girl never forgets her first: Keanu Reeves from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. He’s since been replaced by Rupert Penry-Jones as Captain Wentworth in Persuasion. Siiiiiiiiigh….

Cecilia’s Author Page

Debut blog on Friday, February 6


Silkstone intro picCatch! I’m tossing you a ball of warm love from Florida. I enjoy writing romantic comedies with a touch of mystery. My lovable heroines always have the best of intentions, and often the worst physical coordination. I enjoy doing playful things with language, blending two distinct words to create a new word. If I’m laughing out loud when I’m writing, then I know I’ve hit the mark. So, with love & laughter I look forward to enjoying our friendship on Austen Authors.

Phobias? I have a beauty. I cannot tolerate holes in fabric. The very idea absolutely creeps me out. I will cross the street to avoid passing someone who has holes in their jeans. My first celebrity crush was John Cleese. I am still madly in love with him. All my writings carry the unwritten hope that he might read one, seek me out, and fall adoringly at my feet.

For my first post I will return as The Love Investigator to interview the illusive billionaire, Mr. Darcy.

Barbara’s Author Page

Debut blog on Tuesday, February 10

REBECCA H JAMISON ~ Clean Romance with a Literary Twist
GarnerHi from the Rocky Mountains.

My 5 words: Fresh. Vivid. Funny. Honest. Swoon-worthy.

For my superpower, I’d like Mary Poppins’s ability to clean just by singing a song. (That includes being able to sing the song.) My first celebrity crush was Oscar the Grouch. I’m still kind of hoping he has a Darcy moment and turns out to be something more.

Rebecca’s Author Page

Debut blog on Friday, February 13


Howdy guys! I’m a Phoenix girl at heart. Where the food is hot, the weather is hotter, and the girls are on fire! I’ve lived 9 years overseas 5 of them were spent in England… and wow. One of my houses was an old manor home with it’s own Ballroom and Library! A dream come true! I’m a mom of 7 who just married my own Mr. Darcy/Captain Wentworth/Colonel Brandon/Mr. Knightly/Henry Tilney/with a tinsy bit of Willoughby thrown in too… just to keep things fun.  He brought to the marriage 3 very fun kids and it’s been such a blessing to have a home bursting with excitement and family. I currently live in Utah, where I found this incredible hunk of a man. *sigh*  No, really, I’ll tell you our story one day.

My 5 words: Sweet. Clean. Romantical. Heartwarming. Thud-worthy.

My first celebrity crush was Jordan Knight from the New Kids on the Block. Holy cow, I knew I would be married to him one day and I totally used to kiss his poster at night and dream of all the romantic adventures I would have as Jennifer Knight.  *LeSigh* I’m terrified of drowning in life. My divorce destroyed me… and for a bit I never thought I’d get out alive. Now… now… holy wow… now! I am so happy, so grateful I kept believing in the impossible, such a believer in strength and prayers and miracles.. because now I feel like I’m walking in my very own fairy tale.  Finally. True Love exists and it’s amazing.  🙂

Jenni’s Author Page

Debut blog on Tuesday, February 17


I’m Elizabeth Ann West, jane-of-all-trades, mistress to none! I’m happily addicted to Darcy. 🙂 Being a Navy wife, I’m currently in CT, but on my way to upstate NY later this year. Yes, my life fits neatly into boxes, but it’s made me come to appreciate that stuff is just stuff; my family is most important.

Phobias? I fear nothing! I know that sounds trite, but in my household I am the spider, snake, and critter catcher or killer. I’ve lived in a place where men regularly broke into my house, had 911 on speed dial, and testified against one burglar in court. If you threaten me or my own, I WILL not go down without a fight. Don’t be fooled by the pretty petals, this rose has thorns. 🙂

Sadly, the world lost him to suicide about ten years ago, but my first legitimate celebrity crush was Jonathan Brandis. In junior high, my friends and I wrote Seaquest DSV fan fiction on notebook paper in three-prong folders we would pass around, working on three stories at once. We had weekend custody arrangements for the stories, lol. Funnily enough, three out of the four have published as adults. Who knew the lunch table at Brandon Middle School in Virginia Beach, VA would be so prophetic?

Elizabeth Ann’s Author Page

Debut blog on Friday, February 20



Hey ladies and (hopefully a few) gentlemen! I grew up in Colorado but currently call Utah my home and probably will forever. I’m so glad to be a part of Austen Authors and to get to know all of you. Can’t wait! Let’s do this!

My 5 words: Deep. Inspiring. Fun. Romantic. Clean.

I don’t have too many phobias unless fear of losing control over my life is considered a phobia. Two nights ago I woke up in a dead sweat because I got married in my dream and had to share financial decisions with someone. It was a nightmare. I am not one to follow Hollywood stars, however, nothing gets me to swoon faster than a picture of Colin Firth! I might give up control over my finances if I had to wake up to him every morning!

Jeanna’s Author Page

Debut blog on Tuesday January 27


Hey guys! Elizabeth Adams here – call me E. I’m live from Music City.

My 5 Words: Funny! Snarky. Real. Sensitive. Honest.

Super power – Flying, of course!  First celebrity crush – Devon Sawa, from Casper. It was pathetic, I know, but I was very sincere.

Elizabeth’s Author Page

Debut blog on Thursday, January 29

REGINA JEFFERS ~ Every woman dreams...

Hi There! I am a born-and-raised “Mountain Mama” from West Virginia (not to be confused with the western part of Virginia), who has lived in several northern states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, etc. At this time, North Carolina is my home, where you will often find me saying “Bless Her Heart” or “He’s a constipated-looking gentleman” or “Just because the cat crawled into the oven doesn’t make her a biscuit.” Do not ask what all those mean, but they make sense in the South.

Jeffers intro picMy Words: Historical Romance with a Bit of Angst

My first celebrity crush was on Tim Considine, who portrayed Spin Evans in the 1955 Disney series, “Spin and Marty” (I was 8 at the time), along with Howard Keel in “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” (I have a propensity to like older men.)  If I could have a superpower, it would be to fly like Superman. This is exceptionally weird because flying in a plane is one of my phobias.

Regina’s Author Page

First blog on Monday, February 2


Hey there! I’m from Virginia born at the beach and moved to the mountains as a child. In my perfect world, I could have both all the time.

My 5 words: Love. Emotion. Partnership. Flaws. Happiness.

Fairbanks trueloveI have a deep fear of being trapped. Beyond the physical I’ve noticed I like having options. Lots of them. Therefore if I could have a superpower I’d like to blow things up that annoy me or stand in my way. I’m a bit impatient and determined. Unfortunately, I’d probably have blown my computer up too many times to count.

Rose’s Author Page

Debut blog on Thursday, February 5


Elliott intro picHi everyone!  I live in the Washington DC area, but when I’m not homeschooling my older kids or chasing after my baby I love imagining myself living inside of Jane Austen’s world. For several of my books my friend Laura — an incredibly talented artist — drew original pictures to illustrate my stories. This picture is one of my absolute favorites.

My 5 Words: Romance. Strength. Hope. Love. Laughter.

I would love the superpower ability to reach into books and bring items from the stories out into the real world. The wardrobe leading to Narnia I want it in my bedroom! I’d also take Claire’s wedding dress from Outlander, and Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. My first celebrity crush was Pierce Brosnan. My mom and I watched Remington Steele reruns when I was in high school, and would fangirl out over Pierce. We can still quote lines from memory.

Anna’s Author Page

Debut blog on Monday, February 9


Greetings! Physically, I live in North Carolina, although my heart and mind reside in Historic Charleston, South Carolina.

My 5 Words: Diverting. Romantic. Enticing. Succinct. Different.

Coveted superpower: Time travel. First Crush: Archie … move over Betty and Veronica!  Phobia: I can think of only one phobia that I have, but I’m too frightened to talk about it. Have a lovely weekend!

P.O.’s Author Page

Debut blog on Thursday, February 12


Greetings! My name is Diana, and I come to you from the beautiful state of Utah. My Austen-inspired writing style is — My 5 Words — Layered, Romantic, Clean, Nuanced, and Witty. At least that is what I aspire to. 😉

If I could choose a supernatural ability, it would be healing. It would cover the range of human injury, pain and disability. I wouldn’t be stingy with it, but I would be stealthy—like a ninja—only without all the kicking and nunchucks. My first full-blown celebrity crush was Donny Osmond. I had our life together all planned out. I even figured out how I was going to meet him, but I was too young to drive, and couldn’t figure out how to get myself the 45 miles to the mall he was rumored to frequent, so I lost him for lack of transportation at the ripe age of fourteen.

Diana’s Author Page

Debut blog on Monday, February 16

JOANA STARNES ~ Keep dreaming and carry on!

Hi from the Thames Valley.

My 5 Words: Love. Tangles. Heartbreak. History. Happiness.

I’m good with most things but I hate the cold – does that count as a phobia? Superpower I wish I had: Mind-reading. I don’t think I had a real crush until Colin Firth and Richard Armitage. Years down the line, they still rule!

Joana’s Author Page

Debut blog on Wednesday, February 18


Greetings from the sunny frozen South! Would someone north of the Mason-Dixon Line please close the door! Brrrr! I’ve lived in central Alabama all of my life and I dearly love my home. The people are warm and friendly, and the weather is not too extreme, if you disregard the last two winters! Retired, I presently live with my husband on a three acre mini-farm close to Gatlinburg and the Gulf Shores.

My 5 words: Romantic. Intense. Interesting. Jaw-dropping. Entertaining.

You already know that I am retired, so revealing my first celebrity crush won’t give my age away. It’s Elvis! I have several phobias, but most of all I do not like confined spaces, heights or snakes! That means I cannot go on an airplane unless a window or door is left open, it stays on the ground, and there are no snakes onboard!

I’ll leave you with the immortal words of my childhood hero, Roy Rogers: “Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a liking to you.”

Brenda’s Author Page

Debut blog on Thursday, February 19

newsflash As of late yesterday, we confirmed with novelist Melanie Schertz that she wished to join Austen Authors! Whoo Hoo! Stay tuned for more information on Melanie in the weeks ahead. In the mean time, visit Melanie’s  Amazon Author Page. Welcome aboard, Melanie!





We answered the mini-interview questions…. How about YOU answer them too?  1) Do you have any phobias?  2) What superpower would you want to have?  3) Who was your first celebrity crush? 

150 Responses to GRAND Re-Opening Day!

  1. phobia: being alone…..not doing things I want to do………
    superpowers: reading minds……being invisible…..
    first celebrity crush: Donny Osmond

  2. It was great reading each of your greetings and revelations! Regina, I am too familiar with your sayings. I have and do say the first two and many others. (not familiar with the last) I have a shirt that has ‘GRITS’ on the front. (Girls Raised in the South) and on the back it has all these wonderful sayings. Yes, I have probably said all of them although when I started working for Southwest Airlines many years ago, I quit saying a few. I got too many crazy looks and stares! lol

    Your phobias and superpower wishes were fun too. Can’t think of a phobia that I have but I do ‘hate’ scorpions. They are very prominent where I live and even get in the house, the bed, on the sofa… I despise them and their sting hurts for several days! As for a superpower, I wish I could banish all abuse…mental, physical, sexual, emotional…you name it…all of it and the memory of it. I know that is not the best to mention at a celebration and is heavy, but that is the first thing that came to my mind. The actors that I have liked over the years have not actually been crushes. (I’m dating myself, but my first ‘like’ was Glenn Ford) Now that I’m in my retirement years…I have a definite ‘crush’ or two. Who above mentioned Colin Firth and Richard Armitage? Those are mine too!

    Thanks for the fun celebration and best wishes for your re-opening. This is a fantastic group of authors.

  3. Exciting news: At just over 12 hours since “officially” opening our doors as it were, we have had 1000 visitors! That is amazing! And we owe it all to you who are sharing our blog. A million, zillion thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I’m coming in late….of course. LOL SO glad AA is back up and going! Woo hoo!! 1) Do you have any phobias? Yes. I’m terribly afraid of fire. That’s about the only one. 2) What superpower would you want to have? Teleportation. To be able to get from here to work and back or from here to Houston without all the time spent driving. 3) Who was your first celebrity crush? Michael J. Fox. =D I had he and Kirk Cameron papering my walls. And I’m not even kidding!! I think one of the most exciting things for me with the reopening of AuAu is the new authors! I’ve already started on discovering new books by you all and I’ve got a long way to go! *raising a glass (mug of tea)* here’s to a marvelous time! Thanks for all you do!!

    • Never too late! See, this is going to be like one of those Ancient Roman parties that keep going and going and going for days and weeks on end…… 😉

      Someone else mentioned teleportation, and I have to say that is a really good one!

      We love ya, Stephanie, and are very happy to have you join us! Hugs!!

      • Well Sharon, you know I’m always thrilled to be a part of anything you’re involved in, so this is definitely worth a weeks long party!! As long as we don’t break out the togas…no one wants to see that…ROFL *hugs* back!

  5. Congratulations on the relaunch of Austen Authors. This was the first site I found when I discovered the world of JAFF. I am glad to see it back. My phobias include spiders, snakes and really dark places. I don’t really want any superpowers because they come with too much responsibility. My first crush was David Cassidy. That really shows my age, haha. I hope my taste in music has improved over the years! I have read many of your stories and am looking forward to reading the works of those authors I am not familiar with.

  6. Great interviews, ladies! I am scared of spiders, clowns, and not having control, which sometimes I just have to deal with! If I had a superpower I’d be able to manipulate time and weight, so I would be the perfect weight with no effort as well as having the satisfaction of punching people in the face if I felt like it and then rewinding time so there are no consequences. My first celebrity crush was Andrew Ridgeley from Wham! I loved him and when the band broke up I was heartbroken! Congratulations on your launch, ladies 🙂

  7. I answered on the FB page, but I will answer here as well! I am claustrophobic, I have no super powers (other than being Super-Mom!), and my first celebrity crush was Shawn Cassidy! (Yep, I am that old!) Welcome back!!!

  8. Congrats! So excited about the re-launch. My phobias: spiders, snakes, and clowns. (I know that last one is irrational, but still.) And my first celebrity crush was Davy Jones. I remember coming home from morning kindergarten and watching re-runs of The Monkees. 🙂

  9. My phobias woudl be spiders and snakes. LOL I am not afraid of wild animals in the woods but put a spider in my house and watch the dance begin.

    For a super power it woudl be to be able to write so that the reader would be transported to a place and become the character seeing and feeling everything from that characters view and soul.

    My first celebrity crush I cannot remember as it has always been charcters from books or movies.

    Thanks for the thought provoking questions. I am glad I have found this grand re-opening. What a wondrful group of authors.

      • Oh yes I do remember that song! LOL and I might add that it was one from my younger years …MMMM very young I think I am just a bit older than some here. I am saying that based on celebrity crush responses (giggling a bit)

          • I am 67 also Regina. Books have always been a part of my everday life. Hence characters from books are more a part of my “crushes” than any movie or tv celebrity. I remember going to visit a sister and my nieces told me about this super new rock band. They were so excited to have the latest cd. I almost split my sides open. The following weekend I went back and brought and old record player and albums that were 25 years old from that very band. When I hear names like those from a few of the gals. ( Donny Osmond and David Cassidy etc) I feel old as I was out of school and working whenthese things were happening. I graduated high school in 1964 and went to work. When not working I was caring for ailling family and my siblings. I never really got into that bit of young life. Books were my haven and enjoyment

      • I had never heard of anyone being freaked out by bridges until recently. My best friends daughter absolutely can’t handle crossing bridges. The thing is, I get it. They can be horrifying, especially some of the rural ones!

        • Oh, I know what you mean! I love visiting the beach but you have to cross the Chesapeake Bay and also go in a tunnel. Some of the pillars look crooked and therefore not well grounded…and well, I just can’t think about it too much. And the tunnel! I’m IN the water. What if there’s a car accident and I’m TRAPPED. IN THE WATER! Ok…you can see my issues. I did put on my big girl panties when I drove to Alaska and back and had to be on all kinds of bridges and driving on the sides of mountains without guardrails (memo to Canada…get on that, please).

        • I had a relative killed in the Silver Bridge collapse (the one shown in the movie “The Mothman Prophecy”). I despise the Ravenel Bridge over the Cooper River in Charleston, SC. It freaks me out. LOL!

  10. Ok. As for phobias they are spiders and height, although flying doesn’t bother me. Bridges freak me out. A superpower would be to heal. My first crush was Clayton Moore who played the Lone Ranger. Happy AA is up and running again.

  11. Snakes! Just ick! I have gotten better though. I have a green garter snake in my backyard. I know he’s there, & see him occasionally. I know he’s beneficial to my garden; therefore, I leave him alone, he leaves me alone. Don’t ask me how I know Mr Snake is in on this pact, I just know. My superpower would be unlimited knowledge. Just gotta have it. My 1st celebrity crush, Michael Landon, when he played Little Joe on Ponderosa; circa 1960’s.

  12. Oh my! I am overwhelmed! What a wonderful bunch of authors all in one place. I am thrilled to see AuAu return! Congratulations! Party time!

  13. So happy to be a part of this group! Looking forward to getting to know all my fellow authors as well as all you lovely readers! Thanks Sharon and Regina for getting reviving AUSTEN AUTHORS!

  14. Congratulations on the launch. It was very interesting to learn about the authors, their writing and background. I look forward to this lovely and new site.

  15. I am so thrilled to be a part of Austen Authors. As the Love Investigator I am sitting with Darcy interviewing him… right now! He is sharing his thoughts on love and relationships. (I am finding it hard to concentrate on my notes as I look into his chocolate-colored eyes.)

  16. Wicked sweet *Blog Birthday!* 🙂

    Cheers to a new beginning and a re-birth of the Austen Author’s blog! I hadn’t realised you’ve been blogging a bit in-between the first day I was here & now, as I’ve clearly missed a few posts! lol I thought the blog wasn’t active til today, so that is why I waited to return! lol I sent out a few tweets to help get the word out to Austen lovers, but I’m definitely going to be back to give a proper comment on the lovely post that gives us a strong ‘first impression’ of whom each of the lovely authors are here at Austen Authors! I’m awaiting my chat (#ChocLitSaturday) to begin @ 11a therefore, I’m here/there til then! I wanted to pop by and tell you how wicked happy I am for all of you!

    Enjoy today!

    *bursts of joy*

    • Hi Jorie!!! The “in between” posts were just to keep the enthusiasm going, and to practice! Now is when the real fun begins!

      Thanks for sharing. Every little bit helps. And we are Wicked Happy too! <3

      • Hallo, Hallo Ms Jeffers & Lathan!

        I just gave a s/o for this wicked sweet launch on my Rom Chat’s acc! 🙂 I’m about to switch-back to my main bookish tweeting presence, but I wanted to say, that I am especially grateful for the mix of Austen Authors on this blog! It was what had originally whet my palette of interest to follow the blog and for which has given me the most joy in returning! Celebrating with you today, and as I make my switch-back, I’ll drop new notes as I read the lovely biographies & antidotes you guys are sharing with us today! Too wicked for words! All booklovers of Romance and those who appreciate the original canon of Austen & her sequels/re-tellings are surely caught up in the joy as well!

        The tricky part is whom I’m going to focus on this Austen in August, 2015! I already slated myself to read Lathan’s stories (as it’s a carry-over from AinA 2014; plus re-tellings/imaginings of “Pride & Prejudice” (my absolute favourite!). I am settling into “Mansfield Park”, “Northanger Abbey”, and “Emma” for the first time as well! 🙂 Going to rock! I think I’ll tackle “Sense & Sensibility” in 2016 as I happily read Ms. Jamison’s re-telling AinA 2014! I want to read the rest of hers as I read the canons!

        Til soon!

        PS: I only regret I had missed the ‘practice’ posts but am here for the long-term joy of where the blog takes you & us!

        • Hallo to you too! What a delight to welcome you. Naturally we LOOOOVVEEE bloggers! You must check back with us on your Austen in August event, if there is any way we can contribute. Those extravaganzas are always so much fun! Between all the novels we have to offer amongst our authors, you will have plenty to read! 🙂

  17. Hi guys, so glad to know a little about each of you. I’ve read a lot of your books so I’m looking forward to learning more about all of you and reading the books I haven’t read and the books you’ve yet to write! Sharon I’m still waiting for your next novel in the saga! I want more Dr George Darcy!!!

  18. To Sharon,Regina and all the authors involved in this spectacular website congratulations. There are so many remarkable
    authors involved that its simply amazing. Good things await Im sure. I can think of so many things to say but in the end , I
    think just the name ” Austen Authors ” says it all.

  19. This is exciting! I enjoyed reading all about yourselves, your phobias & crushes (mine was Donnie Wahlberg from NKOTB 🙂 Such a variety of ladies from all over the place – I like it!

    Congrats on the big re-launch!

    I’m still laughing at Regina’s southern-isms. So true, we do have some doozies.

    • I knew you would appreciate the “Southern Speak,” Monica. Have you learned new ones since moving to SC? I love the one about the cat in the oven, which is what we say about Northerners who move south.

      • No, I really haven’t, unfortunately. I guess I don’t notice it as much now as I did when I was younger. When we first moved to SC from MI I was 10, and I was like “What are these people talking about?!” Lol I do still giggle when I hear someone say “It’s comin’ up a cloud”.

  20. Yeah! Looks wonderful. I loved reading everyone’s intros. Wish I had written more, but it was that kind of a week. It’s an honor to be amongst so many great authors! Very excited and ready to roll!

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