GIVEAWAY and Excerpt from “Chemistry Lessons”

GIVEAWAY and Excerpt from “Chemistry Lessons”

A few years ago,I decided it might be fun to retell Pride and Prejudice as an American Western. My Darcy became an Eastern businessman who moves to a small town in the SouthWest, but instead of calling him Darcy, I named him Destry after the hero in the old Western movie Destry Rides Again. I grew up in Virginia, but spent many summer weeks on my grandparents’ ranch in Arizona, so it wasn’t hard for me to imagine some fun scenarios for an Easterner to have on a cattle ranch. Lizzy became Rosie, a lovable rancher who collects animals no one else wants. Somewhere, along the way to creating this retelling, though, my imagination took over, and many of the subplots changed. I can’t really call it a Pride and Prejudice retelling any more, but you’ll see many similarities, as well as a few surprises.

Here’s the book description:

Her mother named her Hurricane, but she prefers Rosie, the name her grandparents gave her when she came to live with them on their ranch.

Now an adult, Rosie’s found the ordinary life she craves, teaching science at Lone Spur High School, rescuing animals on her grandfather’s ranch, and dating the safest guy in town. When millionaire-entrepreneur Destry Steadman moves next door with plans to build a resort, she takes it in stride. He may be handsome and athletic, but he can’t even ride a horse. How much harm can he do?

She soon finds, however, that Destry’s plans affect her more than she realized. In fact, they may threaten the safety of the whole community. What’s more, he has a knack for weaving himself into her life, and she enjoys his flirtatious banter more than she wants to admit.

Now she has to decide whether her heart is with her steady boyfriend and her beloved ranch or with her swoon-worthy neighbor.

Chemistry Lessons brings to life two opposites—a crazy Western cat lady and an Eastern businessman—and tells the joy-filled story of what it means to be in love.

I’m doing a giveaway for my proof copy, and it’s easy to enter. Just fill out the rafflecopter form below. (You get extra points for leaving a comment here, telling me one of your favorite books or for signing up for my newsletter here.)


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  1. My all time favorite book is Pride and Prejudice and other Jane Austen fanfictions i.e. Joana Starnes’ ?
    But I do read other books, too.

  2. I’m currently listening to Eligible, which is a current P&P telling too. Will your book be out on audio? I’d love to listen!

    • I would love to do an audio book, but so far, I haven’t done it. Maybe in the future.

  3. My favorite books are Austen related. I have shelves full to prove it. Sounds like a great variation. Thank you for the giveaway.

  4. I love the way that the characters of Darcy and Elizabeth can fit in any time period and I do love to read about them even if their names have been changed.

  5. I love it when some author brings our beloved characters into the here and now. One of my favorite modern day Jane Austen’s characters is a novel written by Regina Jeffers entitled, “Honor and Hope! I think your novel will open up hearts to read some modern novels of Lizzy and Darcy That you for the great review of your novel!
    Thank you for the chance at a great giveaway. Best wishes in your new novel.

  6. Having lived in Texas for two years I can somewhat relate to the setting…dry and flat in many places. Every one seems to drive a pickup with a gun rack in the back window! Would be pleased to win a copy.

      • We lived in Killeen (Ft. Hood) but toured many parts of the state as we knew we would probably never return. I saw in the papers where five solders were swept away in floods, sadly. I drove across the fort grounds more than once north/south and remember warning signs at some gullies about the danger of flash floods if it was raining.

  7. It sounds very interesting. Being a teacher myself makes me more eager to read it 🙂 Looking forward to Elizabeth Hurricane Bennet 😀

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