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From across the pond . . .


I came from “across from the pond” over two weeks ago but I still feel like my heart is there! I was able to take my three girls to England the last two weeks in June and I have so much to say! But the truth is, I want you to hear most of it from them. So I have asked each of them to say a few lines about the things they liked the most and what they would love to do again.


Paige, age 18

“Traveling to England was the greatest experience I’ve had in my rather short and uneventful life. As my family crossed the bridge from making to a few stateside vacations to this foreign place filled with fish and chips and lots of fascinating history, I knew I would treasure this experience. Every time someone asks me how my trip was, hundreds of unforgettable memories of jaw-dropping gardens and old streets moaning with stories run through my mind. I try to tell them everything as fast as I can until a look of fear creeps into their eyes. It’s true… there are double decker busses, telephone booths, and a sick accent. And I’m so going back!”















Madison, age 15

“Going to England was a trip of a lifetime. It was beautiful going to all the many estates and gardens. My favorite place was Chatsworth. Chatsworth was absolutely stunning and I was awed by the art and décor of every room that we saw. The gardens were also very well trimmed and beautifully put together. Each estate that we saw had its own beauty and personality that I enjoyed very much. I hope that I will be able to go back some day and see the estates and museums once again.”




Avery, age 9

“My favorite part about England was Hyde Park because there was a great big willow tree. I loved to climb it and go way up to the top and then I could see the whole entire park from the sky. It was fun because it looked like it was plastic because it was so old. My best estimate of how old it is at least 300 years old. The trunk was thicker than me and Madison and Paige combined. My next favorite thing was when we went to an estate (she is talking about Stourhead) because we found little baby ducklings with their mom and they came up to me and I could hold them. It was super fun and now I want some baby ducklings.”






Jeanna Ellsworth, age “still under 40 years”

“I will be blogging about out trip for several months to come but my single most awe inspiring moment was when I toured Jane Austen’s house. It was such a special moment. Suddenly, as I walked through her kitchen, then her sitting room, I realized how real she really was. She had once walked where I was walking! I felt a kinship to her like never before. She really is my hero and suddenly I realized just how much of an influence she has had in my life. My heart was full but it wasn’t until I came across her actual writing desk that I started weeping. The tears just ran freely from that moment on. My kids left me to have my “moment” but when I came out, my dear friends, Sophie Andrews, Joana Starnes, and Mira Madgo all “got it”. They told me they all cried when they went through too, some of them said they still cry when they have been there 5 or 6 times! I think my kids may never truly understand how special that moment was for me but it made all my 60 hour work weeks worth it as I tried hard to save my money to be able to go. But as you can tell from what they have to say about it, they “got it” in their own way.



But really, Madison said it best,

It was a trip of a lifetime!

Jeanna Ellsworth

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  1. I got tears just reading about your experience. So great reading comments from your young lady daughters – so beautiful. I have been to Great Britain but not on a Jane Austen tour. But I did see where she is buried and the JA Center in Bath. So much history. Love the willow tree but would not climb it.

  2. I’m still dreaming of making it across the pond. LOVED the images and memories, here and on Facebook, Jeanna. Living vicariously through other must suffice for now 🙂

  3. Thanks for the wonderful heart-warming post, Jeanna! It was such a sweet touch to ‘interview’ the girls and I loved what they had to say.

    As for your own thoughts – HUGS! I so get it. I had my ‘moment’ on my own 1st visit when I was climbing down the stairs, hand on the banister, and I thought ‘She did this too. Her hand was right here, on the same piece of wood”. Goose-pimples.

    So happy for you and your daughters that you could have that trip, and hope you’ll come back soon x

  4. I love that you included your daughter’s expressions of the trip. A wonderful 2 weeks for your family to spend together. I am hoping to get to see many of those places, especially those related to Jane Austen such as Chawton and Bath.

  5. Jenna, This was lovely. Thank you! Given the opportunity I would live in England in a heartbeat. I would spend my summers there, imagining I was British and wandering the lanes in the Cotswolds. I particularly LOVE Upper and Lower Slaughter and did battle with some fairly aggressive sheep in the meadows. It was great fun.

  6. Jeanna, thanks for the interesting and exciting memories. Your girls described their thoughts and feelings so vividly. I almost felt like I was there with all of you. Many of my past ancestors came from England. My mother was basically English and French,with a little Scotch and Irish. I do feel akin to the English in some ways. Jeanna,did I mention that your girls are beautiful young ladies. Thanks for this great feature.

  7. What an awesome experience for all of you! Your girls will always have that first trip to England with their mother. That’s a treasure! Love their words.

  8. Jeanna, thanks for sharing and I’m so happy that you and the girls were able to go. Looking forward to more pictures. Jen Red

  9. I am so glad you and your three lovely daughters enjoyed the trip. There are so many wonderful places to see in England – I live here but still have many places I would like to visit. I loved Bath and have been to Chatsworth a number of times – so beautiful. I am lucky enough to live very close to Lyme Park (BBC series Pemberley) and have been there many many times from being a child. I look forward to taking my grandsons there when they visit from Australia. Thanks again for your thoughts.

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