Extraordinary Devotion Excerpt #2

Extraordinary Devotion Excerpt #2

Last month, I shared an excerpt from Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam’s point of view for my upcoming release, Extraordinary Devotion. It’s Book Three in the When Love Blooms Series, which began with Sufficient Encouragement. The first book brings Darcy and Elizabeth to the altar with some help from friends and family. The second book is an optional read which sheds more light on the relationships of the minor couples from Sufficient EncouragementExtraordinary Devotion picks up where Book One ended and brings Richard and the woman he loves, Lady Belinda Crenshaw, to their own happily ever after.

At the close of Sufficient Encouragement, Richard and Belinda must delay their wedding as he as orders to suppress Luddites in Yorkshire. In the last excerpt, Richard’s father told him that he would never see Belinda again. A scandal struck while Richard was gone and sensing her parents would seek to separate them, Belinda waited for Richard’s return at his parents’ house. Now, Belinda is sent from London, against her will and in a shroud of scandal. These are her thoughts as every turn of the wheel takes her closer to the family estate in a remote coastal town.


As if by fate, Richard had arrived a few hours later and found her sleeping in the library. Then, they shared the most exquisite reunion. Belinda blushed in memory of their intimacies and love making, but she could not repent it. Not for one minute. Especially if it might be the last she ever saw of Richard Fitzwilliam.

Do not think like that, she told herself. He would come for her. Belinda had no doubts of Richard’s fidelity and devotion. Even now, he might be pursuing her carriage. He would meet them at the final coaching inn, just when it seemed most dismal. After a tender embrace, they would hire a new carriage and head for Gretna Green.

Belinda almost allowed herself to hope in the dream. However, her dreams had been shattered before. She had no faith in rescues from a handsome knight. She only had faith that Richard would not give her up so long as he believed her affections resided with him.

If only he knew how I loved him. She had never expressed the words, they never seemed to have the adequate amount of time alone together, but surely he would know. She gave him her virtue, had pledged to marry him. He would understand what she had been too afraid to voice before.

Even as she thought it, a concern pricked in the back of her mind. For much of what constituted their courtship, she had declared love for the now deceased Captain Rogers and that she would never love again.

Belinda squeezed her eyes against the thought and tried to focus on the swaying of the carriage. Instead, an even greater fear came to mind. Why had the paper reported Richard abandoned her? Who would have even known they had not married? And was it connected to whatever was troubling the Fitzwilliam and Darcy family?

What has separated them and how will it be resolved? Is it related to what was troubling the Fitzwilliam and Darcy families (hint: Wickham was behind those problems)? That, my dear readers, is what you’ll have to find out by reading the story!

Extraordinary Devotion will debut on October 12. Next month’s post will be a release and giveaway! I hope you’ll join me as we celebrate! If you have not read Sufficient Encouragement yet, you can pick it up in the cost saving bundle, Hopelessly in Love with Darcy, available in Kindle Unlimited for a few more weeks.

Until next time, happy reading!


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September 19, 2017 9:51 AM

Thanks for sharing the excerpts. I am interested in learning more about their relationship.

J. W. Garrett
J. W. Garrett
September 15, 2017 8:41 AM

I love a good Colonel Fitzwilliam story and the women that love him.

Cindie Snyder
Cindie Snyder
September 14, 2017 4:58 PM

I love reading P+P variations! I have Love Letters from the Heart, one of my favs!

September 14, 2017 7:25 AM

Always interested in reading about the Colonel unless it involves Jane or Elizabeth

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