E.M. Storm-Smith

E.M. Storm-Smith . . .   is a mother, wife, attorney, former engineer, and started writing purely for herself. A lifelong love of books drove her passion to create something that was all her own. Several years into the journey of writing stories about characters she loved, E.M. decided to take her passions to the world and see what happened.

E.M. lives near Indianapolis, IN and works with nonprofit organizations to increase their reach and meet their financial goals.  When she’s not writing, E.M. is spending her time reading others’ books – preferably on a boat with lots of sunshine, traveling (2020 notwithstanding), wandering around Disney World with her son, and cooking things with chocolate as a primary ingredient.




Reputation: An Easy Thing To Lose (A Pride and Prejudice Variation)

What if Mr. Bennet died in a duel with Wickham after Lydia eloped, just as Mrs. Bennet feared? Will Elizabeth and Darcy still find their happily-ever-after when the Bennet women lose their reputation and their home?

Elizabeth Bennet hotly rejected Fitzwilliam Darcy’s marriage proposal nearly four months ago, but now she wonders if that was the biggest mistake of her life. Orphaned and living with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner in London, Elizabeth is determined to take a position as a governess or companion. There is no need to wait, she believes Darcy could not renew his attentions to her after her family’s disgrace. Which is a shame because she now knows that she might just love him.

Fitzwilliam Darcy would do anything for Elizabeth. He rushed to London as soon as hearing about Lydia Bennet’s elopement to try to find Wickham and put everything to rights. But his journey was fruitless. Then all Darcy’s effort was wasted when Mr. Bennet died of his wounds before Darcy could bring a doctor to tend to him. Now, he must convince Elizabeth to forgive and marry him before all hope is lost.

Elizabeth and Darcy are left to try to salvage what is left of their reputations after Mr. Bennet dies and Lydia’s shame becomes complete. Follow our favourite Austen lovers through sacrifice, frustration, a secret marriage, and a whole lot of shenanigans from the marriage minded ladies of London.