Elaine Owen

Elaine Owen . . .   first fell in love with Jane Austen as a young teenager. She read Pride & Prejudice for the first time in the summer between eighth and ninth grades, and while other kids were giving book reports on things like The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of The Ticking Clock, she was describing the ways that character faults are explored in Jane Austen’s classic. Although her English teacher was vastly entertained, it is possible that her classmates viewed her as a cross between Mary Bennet and Lady Catherine.

In college she did not pursue writing, electing instead to study education and music, neither of which she uses at all today. Irony is everywhere.

Elaine married, left the field of education, and had two children. She briefly wrote political opinion pieces in a local newspaper and online, but then life changed. In another stroke of irony, Elaine discovered that her oldest child had autism, and so Elaine, who refused to take classes in special education in college, had to become an advocate for her daughter. Writing and other luxuries, such as watching TV, folding laundry, and washing her hair, had to take a back seat for a long time.

Life turned again. Elaine eventually discovered Jane Austen fan fiction books in her local bookstore and spent lots of money she did not have in order to devour them all. When her credit cards were maxed out and store clerks said she really had to leave, she became desperate and discovered fan fiction sites online. Around this time her therapist suggested that she find some kind of creative outlet for herself. Elaine took a deep breath, swallowed nervously, and wrote down the first chapter of what eventually became her first book.



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Duty Demands: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
When Elizabeth’s father dies unexpectedly, she is surprised to find that the proud, arrogant Mr. Darcy wants to marry her- and even more surprised when her uncle tells her why. But after they are married she begins to see a different side of her husband.

Darcy thinks that Elizabeth has married him for love, but slowly begins to realize that all is not as it appears in their marriage. Will he still love her when the truth is revealed?

Will our two favorite characters overcome their misunderstandings and achieve a marriage based on more than duty and obligation?
An Unexpected Turn Of Events (Longbourn Unexpected Book 3)
Thomas Bennet unexpectedly outlives his wife and must make his way in a new life. Can he use the opportunity to become a better man, or will he let this chance pass him by?

This is the sequel and finale to Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit and Love’s Fool: The Taming of Lydia Bennet.
Love's Fool: The Taming of Lydia Bennet: What Happened After Mr. Darcy's Persistent Pursuit (Longbourn Unexpected Book 2)
What happens when England’s most thoughtless girl, Lydia Bennet, marries the man most determined to reform her? Follow our headstrong anti-heroine to her marriage and her new life in Newcastle.

This is a Pride and Prejudice alternate story, based on the events in Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit.
Mr. Darcy's Persistent Pursuit: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Longbourn Unexpected Book 1)
When Darcy proposes to Elizabeth at Hunsford, she declines his proposal with courtesy instead of anger, and he is left to discover on his own why she will not marry him. How can our beloved couple find their way to each other when Darcy doesn’t know what she holds against him?
The Longbourn Unexpected Trilogy
Three beloved stories in one volume!

This is the collection of three of Elaine Owen’s most beloved books in one convenient volume:
Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit
Love’s Fool: The Taming of Lydia Bennet
An Unexpected Turn of Events

Each is a stand alone novel but combined they tell the complete story of the Bennet family of Longbourn.
One False Step: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
How can our beloved couple, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, have a happy ever after when they are pushed together against their will? A walk in the park and an accidental fall have unexpected consequences.

This is a Pride and Prejudice variation by the author of Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit and Love’s Fool: The Taming of Lydia Bennet.

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