Corrie Garrett

Corrie Garrett . . .   first fell in love with historical romances as a preteen during a long summer at her grandparents’ house, when she found a battered copy of a Georgette Heyer novel (Arabella!) and discovered … it was amazing. That led her to the original novels of manners from Jane Austen and Fanny Burney, and she spent many a skipped lunch (and class!) during high school reading through that particular section of the library. Unlike many, it didn’t occur to her to write a single story of her own until she was grown and married, and she is still making up for lost time.

Corrie lives with her husband and four kids in Los Angeles, California, where she splits her time between homeschooling, teaching, and writing. Her hobbies are mainly cooking (How do teenagers eat their weight in food every day?), reading romance and science fiction, and fawning over her neighbor’s cats when they come to visit.

From London With Loyalty (Highbury Variation Book 2)
Join Lizzy and Jane in a hazy, warm, and confusing summer in London. The Highbury Variation continues!

Lizzy and Jane Fairfax are on their way to London, both resigned to a future quite different than the dreams they’d indulged only a few months ago…

But London has a way of upsetting expectations, for better or worse!

Lizzy’s Aunt Gardiner is everything helpful, but even she can’t protect Lizzy from some of the gossip that follows from Highbury. Lizzy’s quickly ended engagement to Mr. Knightley is not so soon forgotten. Will Mr. Darcy be able to swallow his hurt and need for privacy to help Lizzy in her predicament?

And Jane Fairfax’s employers –a genteel but chaotic family– can’t always protect Jane from the insult of a gentleman’s advances. But is Mr. Bertram of Mansfield actually offering insult or… something more? How could she possibly trust this rakish friend of Mr. Churchill’s?
From Highbury with Love (Highbury Variation Book 1)
A retelling of Pride and Prejudice and Emma, bringing some of your favorite couples together in unexpected ways!

When Lizzy Bennet spends a winter visit in Highbury with her father’s cousins, Miss Jane Fairfax and Mrs. Bates, she becomes friends with the young lady of Hartfield, Emma Woodhouse. At least, everyone assumes they will be friends, but soon Lizzy is as invested in Harriet Smith’s sweet romance as Emma is opposed to it, and neither of these spirited heroines will back down easily!

And when Darcy visits his friend George Knightley, it’s a complete carousel of mistaken affections and awkward confrontations.

Some in the neighborhood are convinced Mr. Darcy remains in town for Emma. Some think Lizzy would be an excellent young bride for Mr. Knightley. Meanwhile Lizzy accidentally discovers love letters to Jane Fairfax, Lady Catherine hears rumors of Darcy’s courtship of Emma, and Mr. Knightley rescues the wrong girl at the ball.

Between Christmas parties, outdoor frescoes, and fireside chats, the Highbury community is in for all the drama their village can hold.
One Winter's Ball: A Pride and Prejudice Christmas Story
In this short variation on the classic story, Elizabeth becomes well-acquainted—far more than she likes!—with Caroline Bingley before Darcy arrives at Netherfield. Feeling already a begrudging sympathy for the unknown gentleman who is to be Miss Bingley’s prey, their meeting is quite different when he arrives in Hertfordshire one fine December day with his younger sister, Georgiana.

Their path to love sets off on a promising foot, but when Mr. Wickham comes to the Christmas ball, Mrs. Bennet misunderstands one of Darcy’s comments, and Caroline interferes with all, nothing is simple.

But considering how hard Darcy fell when Lizzy disdained him, how hard might he fall if she tried? Is all made easy? Certainly not! But this is a Christmas none of them will forget.
A Lively Companion (An Austen Ensemble Book 1)
Lizzy Bennet is more insulted than flattered when Lady Catherine asks her to be a temporary companion to Miss de Bourgh. Yes, a visit to Tunbridge Wells would be an interesting diversion, but at what cost?

When her father unexpectedly supports the plan, wanting Lizzy to gain a wider acquaintance and knowing it won’t get easier than this, Lizzy reluctantly submits. Thus begins a springtime trip of misunderstandings, revelations, and unexpected proposals.

When Mr. Darcy realizes Lizzy is not going home as planned, he feels foolish for nearly proposing due to an arbitrary deadline. Determined to make up his mind one way or another, he accompanies the party to the Wells.

While Miss de Bourgh takes the famed waters, Lizzy stumbles feet first into a friendship with Darcy’s sister and cousins. Indeed, she enjoys nearly all Darcy’s friends and family. She almost likes him, when he’s around them.

But that only makes it more painful when she must resolutely reject the proud head of the family…

A Lively Companion is a traditional variation on Pride and Prejudice, celebrating the humor, poignancy, and surprising inconsistency of life.
A True Likeness (An Austen Ensemble Book 2)
Mr. Darcy is between a rock and hard place after his unexpected engagement. He would not prefer that Georgiana spend weeks with Lizzy’s family while he’s in Hertfordshire, nor does Georgiana wish to spend the summer with peevish Caroline at Netherfield. In a last ditch attempt to solve the problem and appease Lady Catherine, Darcy asks Georgiana to stay at Rosings.

Georgiana hopes to avert a true break in the family and readily agrees. And to be fair, Anne was left without a companion very suddenly when Lizzy became engaged. But it is not an easy task, especially since Lady Catherine is soothing her wounded pride by arranging a match for Georgiana with an aristocratic neighbor. Worse, Georgiana finds herself far too attracted to Mr. John Turner, the painter staying at Rosings while he finishes a portrait of Anne.

Meanwhile, Wickham is securing his future with another underhanded stratagem, and Lydia is planning a surprise for her sister’s wedding day.

Join Lizzy, Darcy, and Georgiana as they navigate the dangerous waters of identity, family, and compromise.
A Gentle Touch (An Austen Ensemble Book 3)
Anne has learned friendship; but love is a much harder lesson.

Anne de Bourgh is now Anne Sutherland, wife and mistress of Middlefinch, a large estate in the south of England. She is satisfied with her choice, but finds living with her new husband, son, and family more alarming than she expected!

James’s daft old uncle leads his own strange life on the third floor, emerging only to ask disconcerting questions. James’s mother cares only for horses, and seems to disdain sickly, quiet Anne. And then there is her new husband himself, so informal and affectionate–not at all what Anne is accustomed to. Quite improper, is it not?

Join Lizzy, Darcy, Georgiana, and Anne as they enter their new lives, from christenings and Christmas parties to Anne’s first tempestuous season in London.

“Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance. … it is better to know as little as possible of the defects of the person with whom you are to pass your life.” ~Charlotte Collins, Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice and Passports: A Modern Retelling
For lovers of The Lizzy Bennet Diaries and other contemporary retellings of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

In the summer of 2016, Elisa Benitez heads home from college to help her family clean cabins. When her older sister falls hard for one of the elite guests, Elisa foresees heartbreak. Her sister is a Dreamer, an undocumented immigrant, and he’s a state representative.

Even worse is his infuriating friend Darcy! He’s arrogant and rude, and an overheard comment sounds racist, too. If her sister is right that he’s hitting on her, well, that makes it worse.

Darcy certainly didn’t intend to fall for a beautiful, opinionated Latina on his short vacation to the mountains. Elisa would sooner turn off his hot-water heater than agree with him about anything. Why is debating with her more fun than agreeing with anyone else?

But to Elisa these issues aren’t theoretical, and the debates aren’t fun. When her little sister runs away, and her parents are scared to go to the police, Darcy realizes just how serious she is.

And how serious his own feelings have become.

Pride and Prejudice and Passports is a modern retelling with heart and wit, a sweet romance that brings Darcy and Elizabeth to life all over again.

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