Colin Rowland

Colin Rowland . . . has always loved to read and enjoys almost every genre there is, although his favorites delve into historical periods, from Ancient Rome to World War Two and everything in between. His interest in the work of Jane Austen began with advice from his brother, author Jann Rowland, to read Pride and Prejudice. Inspired by Austen’s work, Colin now spends his free time penning manuscripts centered around the Regency England period.


Miss Elizabeth Faces Wickham (Elizabeth Said, Darcy Said Book 3)
Elizabeth’s relationship with Mr. Darcy is progressing nicely. He calls almost daily, usually in the company of Mr. Bingley, but Elizabeth knows he is coming to see her and not because his friend needs support or instruction in the rules of courting. A trip to Meryton with Jane and Lydia, however, threatens to destroy their budding romance when the newest member of the regiment assigned to the area captures Lydia’s attention.

Elizabeth is not impressed with Mr. Wickham. He is too forward and, though he seems the very picture of a polite gentleman, something about him is off-putting. The appearance of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley changes the mood of everyone. Mr. Darcy knows Mr. Wickham and his unfriendly greeting dismays Elizabeth. What is there about the man that offends him? And why did he try to run Mr. Wickham over with his horse?

Lydia’s disobedience of her father’s command to remain at Longbourn sends Elizabeth and Jane to Meryton so they can retrieve their wayward sister and bring her home to be punished. What they find horrifies Elizabeth and threatens the feelings she has for Mr. Darcy. Did he attack Mr. Wickham without cause as Lydia insists hysterically? And why is Mr. Darcy threatening to kill him the next time they meet? Is Mr. Darcy the monster Lydia claims, or was he justified in beating Mr. Wickham mercilessly?

For the first time since meeting Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth fears for her safety.

Mr. Darcy struggles to explain himself, knowing he faces a future without Elizabeth if he can’t convince her and Mr. Bennet his actions were commendable.Furthermore, who is Emily and why is she imprisoned in Longbourn’s dungeon?
Mr. Darcy's Unforgettable Assembly (Elizabeth Said, Darcy Said Book 2)
Darcy’s evening at the Meryton assembly started poorly, and it doesn’t appear as though it will improve.

What should have been a private conversation with his closest friend, Mr. Bingley, was interrupted by an eavesdropper who did not have the common sense or decency to keep her opinions to herself. He tried to soothe her injured feelings, but his efforts were scorned and belittled, and he is not sure what he should do next. Because of the argument she started, he is being unfairly judged by everyone in the building.

Adding to his woes, the woman is the sister of Bingley’s new love interest and someone Darcy noticed almost as soon as they entered the assembly hall.

Darcy would prefer to spend his time getting to know this woman, but she has rebuffed all his attempts. She will not listen to anything he says and even had the audacity to fault his good-natured attempts to confess his own flaws! If she was any other woman, he would walk away with no regrets, but Miss Elizabeth’s mere proximity fills his senses and clouds his thoughts.

How can he declare his intentions if she won’t stop insulting him long enough to make his acquaintance? Will a single unfortunate mistake keep him from the woman he was meant to marry, or can he convince her to set her enmity aside?
Miss Elizabeth's Unforgettable Assembly (Elizabeth Said, Darcy Said Book 1)
What if Elizabeth Bennet’s first meeting with Fitzwilliam Darcy had gone from bad to worse?

If not for her best friend, Charlotte Lucas, Elizabeth would have chosen to stay home rather than attend the assembly in Meryton, where she would have to compete with too many women for so few eligible men.

When she overhears Mr. Darcy insulting not only her, but every woman in the entire county, she takes it upon herself to let him know what she thinks of him and his reprehensible opinion.

Her remarks are the beginning of a series of arguments and misunderstandings between her and Mr. Darcy which culminate in him storming out of the hall in a rage.

Will Mr. Bingley’s attempts to play the role of peacemaker bring the two combatants together?
Lady Catherine's Awakening: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
What if Lady Catherine isn’t the greedy harridan we know and love?

What if her problem revolves around trying to protect her only child’s future when Lady Catherine is no longer around? What better way to provide for Anne than by having her marry Fitzwilliam Darcy, the best man that Lady Catherine knows, and loves? She is well aware that Darcy is a gentleman who always tries to do what is best for all those he knows, whether tenant, business associate, or family.

But Darcy is unwilling to marry his cousin. His dream is to find the love of his life and raise a family with her rather than marry Anne, whose health has been a matter of question for a number of years. In this Regency romance, he has become enamored with Elizabeth Bennet, a country miss who is stealing his heart and making him more determined than ever to refrain from being forced to marry his cousin.

Will the disparity of desires between family members split the family apart?
Duplicity and Deceit: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
An enjoyable holiday becomes a terrifying ordeal when Elizabeth Bennet, her sister Jane, and their Aunt Gardiner are stopped by highwaymen, who help themselves to a valuable Bennet family heirloom before leaving the devastated women to continue their journey to Lambton.

News of the incident is brought to the attention of the county’s wealthiest resident, Mr. Darcy, who promises he will do everything in his power to bring the criminal to justice and restore Derbyshire’s reputation.

Elizabeth’s return to Longbourn seems to coincide with a similar spate of robberies in Hertfordshire. When Mr. Darcy and his friend, Mr. Bingley, arrive in the county at almost the same time as the thieves, rumors arise regarding the criminals’ identity.

With events spiraling out of control suspicion falls on Mr. Darcy as the culprit, while gossip and accusations abound. His arrest as the highwayman and subsequent admission of guilt shocks Elizabeth, who is convinced a tragic mistake is being made, and Mr. Darcy is confessing to crimes he could not have committed.

Her determination to prove his innocence becomes the source of rare conflict with Mr. Bennet, who will not listen when she insists that someone other than Mr. Darcy must be the criminal terrorizing Hertfordshire’s citizens. It is with a broken heart that she learns he has been transported to London, and a date with the gallows at the Old Bailey, London’s notorious prison and potentially Mr. Darcy’s final stop on this earth.
Disgraceful Conduct: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
A suitor’s betrayal convinces Elizabeth Bennet to accept an invitation from relatives in Derbyshire, who she met only once as a toddler. Mrs. Bannerman, her father’s sister, has invited Elizabeth to spend a few months at their estate of Kingsdown, assisting her in preparing Elizabeth’s cousin, Louisa, for her introduction to society.

Louisa’s father, initially resistant to the idea, sees his daughter blossom under Elizabeth’s tutelage into a beautiful young girl, confident in herself and her place in the stratified society that is Regency England. When Elizabeth meets Mr. Darcy, the Bannerman’s neighbor and Derbyshire’s wealthiest resident, she is impressed with his considerate nature. He seems ready to help whenever needed, without reservation. His sister Georgiana, however, is not as accepting, although she hides it well.

Despite best intentions and hesitation on the part of both Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, their friendship evolves into emotions more intense for both, leading him to hope that she might be the partner he has been seeking all his life.

A vicious attack on Georgiana upends his plans and forces Elizabeth to leave Derbyshire under a cloud of suspicion, her reputation in tatters.

The truth, when revealed, causes a massive shift in Mr. Darcy’s world, forcing him to re-evaluate his views and unfounded misconceptions. The fight to reclaim his lost love sends him to Longbourn, determined to prove himself again and overcome his love’s reticence to put her trust in him anew.
Prisoner of Longbourn: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
On a lonely path on the estate of Longbourn, Fitzwilliam Darcy suffers an accident, being thrown to the ground when a woman runs in front of his horse. When Darcy wakes, he finds himself at Longbourn, injured and confined until his body can heal.

The Bennets, he thinks, are an eclectic mix of characters, and at times he finds them difficult to endure. The unresolved question of who caused his accident festers in the back of his mind, leading him to suspect his hosts of deceit.

As his time at Longbourn lengthens, however, Darcy finds himself becoming more accustomed to them. Esteem begins to overtake him as he considers their unstinting hospitality and care for him, a man no more than a stranger to them. In particular, Darcy is intrigued by the second daughter, Miss Elizabeth, a woman unlike any other, and one for whom he quickly develops a liking.

Eventually his forced confinement wears on Darcy, and the coming of a relation he finds difficult to endure, along with the reappearance an old enemy, wreak havoc on his equilibrium. When events happen which demand his action, he cannot allow the family who succored him to suffer from the ignominious behavior of one of their number.
Hidden Desires: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
When Mr. Charles Bingley is injured on a hunting excursion, Mr. Bennet feels responsible for the mishap. To assuage his guilt, he volunteers his assistance to Mr. Bingley in managing and improving Netherfield.

The recovering Mr. Bingley, uncomfortable in accepting such aid from his neighbor, instead writes to his closest friend for help. Mr. Darcy soon arrives in answer to the summons, bringing his sister, Georgiana, with him. As she has recently suffered mistreatment at the hands of a former acquaintance of Mr. Darcy’s, Georgiana is eager to stay at her brother’s side. A burgeoning friendship with the clever and kind Elizabeth Bennet can only assist Georgiana’s confidence.

Unfortunately, a trip to Meryton becomes a return to terror when Georgiana sees Mary Bennet, one of Elizabeth’s sisters, talking to the man who had treated her poorly.

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy come together in a desire for retribution and the urgent need to rescue a Bennet daughter from the hands of an unrepentant Lothario. The events of the night will either feed their growing attraction or drive them apart forever.
The Parson's Rescue: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
The arrival of Mr. Bennet’s estranged cousin, Mr. Collins, causes turmoil in the Bennet household. While the announced reason for his visit is the settlement of a long-standing feud, there is another, unwelcome motive behind his stay, that of choosing a wife from among the Bennet daughters.

Elizabeth Bennet, initially the focus of Mr. Collins’s attention, does all she can to persuade him to look elsewhere for his future bride. To further complicate matters, Elizabeth has also attracted the attentions of Mr. Darcy, a man she considers prideful and conceited. His irascible nature results in friction and cross words between them whenever they are in close proximity to each other.

An incident in Meryton, concluded by an intervention wholly unexpected, forces Elizabeth to reconsider her thoughts regarding both men. Elizabeth must decide between allowing herself to succumb to feelings she has kept repressed, or spurning the possibility of lasting love.
Mistletoe and Mischief: A Pride and Prejudice Christmas Anthology
For those who want to curl up by the fire at Christmastime with short stories inspired by Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice, authors Jann Rowland, Lelia Eye, and Colin Rowland bring you this anthology of eleven stories. Dive right in and enjoy, among several others, the following:

When Fitzwilliam Darcy joins Mr. Bingley before Christmas with his sister in tow, he discovers they have been invited to a Christmas party at Longbourn. Though it is an amusement Darcy dreads, he discovers love through the interference of a beloved sister and a parasitic plant.

Elizabeth agrees to marry Mr. Collins out of the desire to save her family. However, visits to Mr. Collins from well-meaning spirits on Christmas Eve could very well transform her feelings of despair on Christmas morning into joy.

Elizabeth receives Mr. Darcy’s reluctant permission to decorate Pemberley manor for the Christmas holiday. It is her observance of a most cherished holiday tradition that threatens their love.