Cinnamon Worth

Cinnamon Worth . . .  is a San Diego native who is also the youngest of ten children. Growing up, she would listen to her siblings’ tales of shenanigans and escapades. Although she did not share her older siblings’ daring quest for adventure, she did discover that through imagination she could find all the excitement she craved from the safety of her room.

She discovered a love of reading at a young age and firmly believed that a good book should strive to make the reader feel uplifted. She was later shocked to find that nearly every English teacher she would study under disagreed with this philosophy. After countless hours reading assigned novels that included tragedies, melodramas, and modernism, Mrs. Worth was eventually convinced to admit that a good book does not require a happy ending. She does, however, strongly advocate for one.

In college, Cinnamon met her Prince Charming and then promptly left him to pursue an opportunity to study abroad in the beautiful English countryside. Fortunately, her Prince was a patient man who waited for her return, and he has since spent over 25 years teaching her the meaning of love, showing her the World, helping her to raise two wonderful children, and encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

Ms. Worth enjoyed a long career in public sector finance, but she was delighted to leave the corporate world behind in 2014 to focus her efforts on being a homemaker. This shift gave her more time to explore new interests and hobbies which include traveling, cake decorating, crafting, and home renovations. Much to her surprise, she discovered, almost by chance, that she also loved to write.

Hoping to encourage her own children to embrace reading, she started writing stories that she thought would cater to their preferences. She focused on plots that centered around popular manga and anime characters. Although she was informed by her children that her stories were, “good but contained too many words,” Ms. Worth found an audience for her work after posting the stories on the internet. Soon, she decided to shift her focus to writing stories based on some of her own favorite characters. Her stories written under Cinnamon Worth center on some of Jane Austin’s most beloved characters, while those written under C.T. Worth are based primarily on original characters. All of her stories are wholesome romance that show emotional rather than physical connections.

Assumptions & Absurdities (Pride and Prejudice Reimagined Book 1)
Fitzwilliam Darcy, a rich, powerful landowner, knows he should run from the charming Elizabeth Bennet. She’s clearly not a suitable match. Unfortunately, he has already lost his battle with Cupid. What’s worse, she may have found someone else. . .

Duty prevents Mr. Darcy from marrying for love. In a futile attempt to forget his heart’s folly, he runs away to London only to receive word that one of the Bennet sisters is engaged. Fearing it is Elizabeth, he rushes back to the countryside and is relieved to discover it is her younger sister who is betrothed. But his path to happiness is far from assured. Though he may have resolved his internal struggle and learned to accept Elizabeth’s as she is, he still faces a rival and his own inability to interpret events around him.
Betrothals & Betrayals (Pride and Prejudice Reimagined Book 2)
Fitzwilliam Darcy, a respected man of the ton, had an ideal life. At least he did before his sister made friends with an impertinent, troublemaker named Elizabeth Bennet. . .

When a mysterious accident leads to their father’s death, the future for the Bennet girls seems bleak. Elizabeth finds work in Ramsgate, and one blustery morning, chance brings her together with a young, wealthy, orphaned girl. When Elizabeth saves her new friend from ruin, she sets off a course of events that alters not only her own life but also the lives of those she cherishes.

Fitzwilliam was looking for a wife, not love. He had everything he needed to be happy. A wife would provide him with an heir, and if he was lucky, she wouldn’t interfere too greatly in his life. His plans are upended when he meets his sister’s new friend. Now, besides finding a bride, he must deal with a difficult, stubborn firebrand who doesn’t understand her place. Will she destroy his chance at happiness or be making of it?
Courtships & Corruption (Pride and Prejudice Reimagined Book 3)
Charles Dickens meets Jane Austen in this retelling of the historical classic, Pride and Prejudice.

Jane and Elizabeth Bennet are daughters of a country squire hoping to find love. Charles Bingley and Fitzwilliam Darcy are best friends and two of the most eligible bachelors to have visited the small town of Meryton in years. While this quartet struggles to find happiness and romance within the confines of Regency Era England, those who serve them struggle to survive.

All the while, an evil sociopath lurks in the shadows impacting all those with whom he comes in contact. How those spared from this destructive force react to those who are less fortunate will reveal the virtuous from the apathetic.

A portrait of the dichotomy between the wealthy and the poor, Courtship and Corruption, paints life using every available shade of emotional color.
Deception & Debauchery (Pride and Prejudice Reimagined Book 4)
George Wickham, a widower with a penchant for gambling, women, and alcohol, has recently gained his freedom and fortune. Now, there are only two things he still desires: respectability and revenge on Fitzwilliam Darcy. As luck would have it, he might be able to achieve both ends by marrying a country beauty named Elizabeth Bennet.

Elizabeth can’t believe her luck. A wealthy, charming, and handsome widower has moved to town and appears to enjoy her company as much as she enjoys his. Of course, they must observe a proper mourning period, but she is certain there are wedding bells in her future.

It has never been easy for Fitzwilliam to make friends, and it was even harder for him to find love. When he finally developed feelings for a woman who is entirely unsuitable, he ran away. Now, Fitzwilliam’s discovered that this very woman is in danger of falling in love with a scoundrel from his past. Rushing back to Hertfordshire, he learns rescuing Elizabeth from a dangerous and cunning rake is not nearly as easy as he’d hoped.
Enmity & Esteem (Pride and Prejudice Reimagined Book 5)
Shy and socially awkward Fitzwilliam Darcy may finally have a chance to impress Elizabeth Bennet, the woman who he has spent years pining over. If only she didn’t hate him…

Mr. Darcy never expected to fall in love. Especially after being blackmailed into a marriage. Unfortunately, he falls in love with Miss Bennet instead of his wife. In an effort to protect his heart, he has spent several years avoiding Miss Bennet and pushing her away, which hasn’t been easy considering they share a brother-in-law. But when he loses his wife in a tragic accident, Miss Bennet moves into his home to help him care for their nephew, Charlie. A chance for true happiness is within his grasp. If only she can overcome her prejudice and recognize his true nature.

For two months, Miss Bennet has been forced to live with her nemesis, Mr. Darcy. She is at her wit’s end but refuses to leave Charlie’s side. Her luck appears to change when a new will is discovered that offers her a chance to gain custody. Mr. Darcy, however, declares war by telling her he is not willing to part with the boy without a fight. With her focus on battle and her hatred reinvigorated, will she be able to see that Mr. Darcy isn’t the man she thinks he is?
The Taming of Elizabeth (Pride and Prejudice Reimagined Book 6)
Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice meets Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.

The Bennets’ first born child, Elizabeth Bennet, was overindulged and had no role model to guide her in controlling her temper. Now she has gained quite the reputation. Mr. Bennet must to go to extreme means to force his eldest to consider love. But with Elizabeth’s history, who would consider approaching her?
Franchise & Follies (Pride and Prejudice Reimagined Book 7)
A reputation, once disgraced, will seldom recover. Perhaps, it would be better to avoid questions entirely—even if it means engaging in deceit.

Though forced to quietly sell Pemberley, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy has successfully concealed his late father’s debts and recovered much of the family fortune by discretely building a shipping empire. When Mr. Darcy returns to London, he conducts business under a pseudonym and meets a lovely young lady named Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

Mr. Darcy cannot remember being so partial to any other woman of his acquaintance. Of course, since he cannot court Miss Elizabeth under such a pretense, Mr. Darcy retreats to his friend’s country estate, Netherfield. His heart, however, remains in London, with a pair of fine brown eyes…

Eager to delay an impending proposal of marriage, Miss Elizabeth Bennet is staying with relatives in the city. After a chance meeting with a handsome and cultured merchant named William McCain, the idea of matrimony is decidedly less unpleasant.

Unfortunately, the object of Elizabeth’s growing affection vanishes, and she soon travels home without an alternative to her local suitor. But when she visits her sister and her brother-in-law, Elizabeth is in for the shock of her life. Not only is the man she admires alive and well, but he is staying at Netherfield… under an entirely different name.

Elizabeth intends to sort out who is the real Mr. Darcy: the polite but private businessman, or the cold, aloof creature at Netherfield. Mr. Darcy faces an unenviable choice: lie and protect the life he’s fought hard to save, or tell her the truth—and risk ruination.

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