The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Austen in August!)

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Austen in August!)

Every August over at The Book Rat blog, moderator Misty dedicates an entire month to the love of Jane Austen. She invites writers and readers to share in the academic and the fun of Austentatious pop culture.

One of my favorite features is the Austen conversation, in which she several authors of Austen fan fiction share and compare their feelings on anything from Austen’s villains to favorite lines.

I’m looking forward to this year, but thought I would share my favorite posts of the past:

JANE AUSTEN MASHĀ : Misty takes that favorite childhood game of figuring out which pimply boy you would marry, how many children you would have, and where you would live and puts an Austen twist on it. I had to play the game a dozen times before ending up with my desired outcome: I’m going to marry Captain Wentworth, we shall live in Bath (for I surely do love it), with no children, next to the Woodhouse-Knightleys, and shall be together forever as true love never dies.

KISS MARRY KILL: At the risk of being perceived juvenile, Kiss Marry Kill is another fun teen game that works very well with Austen. Cuz let’s be honest, there are plenty of Austen heroes you don’t want to marry but a kiss might be nice.

TOP FUNNY MOMENTS IN AUSTEN ADAPTATIONS: Sometimes I’m so busy being smitten I forget how funny Austen can be. This post reminds me.

FAKE BEING A JANE AUSTEN FAN: I’ll confess, this one is mine. Gratuitous self-promotion!

DEFENDING JANE AUSTEN’S BITCHES: Maybe I’m a softie, but I think everyone is worth redeeming. Every. One.


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  1. I’m not sure I agree about redeeming “not-nice people,” but I’ve made sure to read another link, about funny scenes.

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