Announcing winners of the Austen Authors 2021 Spring Quarter Giveaway!

Announcing winners of the Austen Authors 2021 Spring Quarter Giveaway!

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The Austen Authors are pleased to announce the winners for the 2021 Spring Quarter Giveaway. Congratulations!!!!


If your name appears below:

(1) contact Regina Jeffers (Giveaway Coordinator) at to claim your prize.

(2) If your prize is an eBook, make certain the email address for the prize delivery is correct.

(3) If your prize is a print book or merchandise, include your home mailing address in the email to Regina.



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First up, is the always fabulous Jann Rowland.
Mr. Rowland has SIX prizes available for our lucky winners. 


TWO paperback copies of Bonds of Friendship – Those winners are DarcyBennett and Cindie Snyder.

TWO paperback copies of Her Indomitable Resolve – Those winners are Buturot and Chelsea Knestrick.

TWO paperback copies of Love and Libertine – Those winners are Caryl Kane and Lynn Bischoff

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Next, we have the lovely Eliza Shearer.
Ms. Shearer has a variety of prizes available. 

TWO ebook copies of Miss Price’s Decision – Those winners are Mary Campbell and Susan M. Heim

TWO ebook copies of Miss Darcy’s Beaux – Those winners are Lúthien84 and Erika Messer


A Jane Austen paper doll book winner is Ciera Garcia

…and last but not least…

A pocket mirror with a quote from Pride and Prejudice – That winner is Lisa Alden.

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Bronwen Chisholm is being most generous to our followers. Check out these prizes!

For ONE winner: An Obstinate HeadstrongGirl Tote, Bookmark,
and 1 paperback of the winner’s choice of Bronwen’s novels. That winner is Vanessa McBride.


For a SECOND winner: a Mug Gift set
(includes pen, die-cut sticky note, notepad & list pad)
and 1 paperback of the winner’s choice of Bronwen’s novels. That winner is Talia Sommer.



For a THIRD winner: a Journal,
Socks & Foot Cream Set, and
1 Paperback of the winner’s choice of Bronwen’s novels. That winner is Jean Stillman

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Not done yet, Bronwen is giving THREE winners an e-book – winners’ choice from her many titles.
This includes her newest release, which came out in March. Those winners are J.W. Garrett, Linda Leonard, and Robin Gantt.

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Elaine Jeremiah also sports of variety of choices for prizes. They include … 


For ONE winner: a print copy of By Time Divided – That winner is Janis Barau.


A SECOND winner will receive
a print copy of Love Without Time – That winner is Sharon Berger.

To a THIRD winner: a pair of Jane Austen socks

That winner is Linny B

…and finally to a FOURTH winner:
a Jane Austen-themed face mask 

That winner is Laura Capio.


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Rounding out the fun for this giveaway, Sharon Lathan has FOUR prizes!

ONE winner will receive ebook copies of The Darcy Saga Prequel Duo novels:
Darcy and Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship  and
Darcy and Elizabeth: Hope for the Future.

That winner is Shaina M Greer-Short. 


On top of that, THREE winners will have a choice of ONE ebook from any of her nine full-length novels.

Those winners are Marsha Bagosy, Jeanna Schirm Massman, and Pam Hunter.

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18 Responses to Announcing winners of the Austen Authors 2021 Spring Quarter Giveaway!

  1. I just received the lovely prizes! Mine were those from Bronwen Chisholm, which included a signed copy of “Missing Jane” (thank you for signing the copy. I love it!), a beautiful journal, and a rose scented foot cream and socks to wear while reading. I love the gifts! So thanks so much, Ms. Chisholm, and to all the other authors who make these contest giveaways so much fun for you devoted fans! Congrats to all the other winners!

  2. Many many thanks to Austen Authors for hosting these generous contests and giveaways, and particular thanks to lovely Elaine Jeremiah for the brand-new read! As I always say, there’s nothing like a new (JAFF) book == except a new (JAFF) book won as a prize! Congrats to all the other winners — enjoy!

  3. Congratulations to all the winners and Thank You to Austen Authors for wonderful prizes!! So thrilled for everyone!

  4. Congratulations everyone! As you probably realized, I did not release my latest book in March but, fingers crossed, it will be coming out in June so it is still available as a prize but with a slight delay. 😉

  5. I won. I am so excited. Congratulations to all the other winners. Have fun, everyone, stay safe, and healthy.

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