Amanda Kai

Amanda Kai . . .    has a background in the performing arts that drives her creative spirit. Prior to becoming an author, Amanda enjoyed a successful career as a professional harpist, and danced ballet for twenty years. Her love of storytelling, nurtured by a fondness for period dramas and classic literature, led her to begin writing Jane Austen variations and other romances. She is the author of Marriage and Ministry and Elizabeth’s Secret Admirer, two stories based on Pride and Prejudice. She also wrote a fictional short story about Marie Antoinette, titled Keys.

When she’s not diving into the realm of her imagination, Amanda lives out her own happily ever after in Leander, Texas, with her husband and three children.

Unconventional: An Austentatious Comedy the Defies Expectations
Mr. Darcy is in love with Elizabeth Bennet, but she teases and berates him. Then, Darcy finds himself unwittingly trapped into a marriage with Caroline Bingley.

Will Darcy ever be free to pursue the woman he truly loves? Or will he be shackled forever in an unconventional marriage to a woman he detests?
Elizabeth's Secret Admirer: A Pride and Prejudice Novel
On Valentine’s Day, Elizabeth Bennet is surprised to receive a card from a mysterious sender. This marks the start of an ongoing correspondence between her and her secret admirer.

But what will she do when she learns that the man she has been writing to is none other than the man she despises most? And what will happen when she realizes that she no longer hates him, but has fallen in love with him?

A sweet variation on Pride and Prejudice sure to make your heart melt.
Marriage and Ministry: A Pride and Prejudice Novel
When William Collins marries Charlotte Lucas, he thinks he’s found the perfect minsters’ wife: domestic, pious, and submissive. Little does he know, his new bride has a mind of her own and a desire to serve those cast off from the community, the “women of the night”.

Charlotte’s efforts to redeem them invokes the anger of their patroness, who threatens William’s clergy position if he cannot convince Charlotte to end her scandalous connection. Their marriage is pushed to the limit as Charlotte continues to pursue her cause, refusing to give up the fight. Worse still are the schemes of the wicked brothel owner, who will stop at nothing to keep the source of his profits- the harlots- under his control.

In a small town beset by prejudice, hypocrisy, and vice, it will take compassion, love, and the power of faith to rescue Charlotte’s friends from the clutches of evil and restore Charlotte and William’s marriage.

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