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Why Jane Austen?

Adaptations, variations, and retellings of Jane Austen’s six novels exist as an homage to one of the world’s greatest writers of fiction. For the novelists of Austen Authors, Austen’s stories possess relatable characters and believable situations written with a timelessness that easily translates into a variety of mediums. Jane Austen is said to be the “Tory daughter of a quiet Tory parson.” [Patrick Parrinder, Nation & Novel] and Austen speaks “to patriotism, paternalism, pastoralism, and moral accountability of the individual.” Lofty aspirations upon which to model our writings.

Austen perfected the English courtship novel, stories which appeal to women because they balance the traditional view of a woman’s role in a marriage with the woman’s need for independence and self-respect. It is a “formula” piece which has lasted for over 200 years.

At Austen Authors we wish to share our love of Austen with others. We welcome comments and questions and a natural curiosity from readers about Jane Austen and the Regency Period, but keep in mind that many of our authors have translated Austen’s “appeal” to modern settings. That is Austen’s true gift to the world: Stories so fresh they may be reinvented multiple times, in multiple places and eras, and we readers never tire of the tale.

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Austen Authors Mission Statement

Austen Authors is a collective of published novelists in the Jane Austen sub-genre of literary fiction.

Our purpose is to share our multiple visions of Austen’s world
through our posts, excerpts, and fun events, thus utilizing our blog platform
to promote awareness of our genre to the broader reading audience.