A Second Time Around, by P. O. Dixon

A Second Time Around, by P. O. Dixon

As in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, so many of its retellings cast George Wickham as the villain. Understandably so. He’s just so wicked!

My first book, To Have His Cake, dealt with poor Wickham in the opening pages.

While on his annual trip to Kent, with his cousin Richard, to visit their aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Darcy heard of the untimely demise of his nemesis, George Wickham. His aunt spoke of the scandalous connection with the Bennets. Darcy abruptly returned to London and hired an investigator to find out the Bennet family’s fate.

He learnt that Wickham, who had briefly served as a lieutenant in the army, ran off with the youngest Bennet, Miss Lydia and deserted his commission. Mr. Bennet tracked them down in a seedy part of London. Wickham killed the elderly man under the guise of self-defence, but only after Lydia threw herself between her father and her dear Wickham. The poor girl: accidentally shot and killed by her own father. Weeks later, an enraged father killed George Wickham. The tragic death of Mr. Bennet, a perfect stranger, gave him courage to avenge his own daughter, whom the unscrupulous Lt. Wickham compromised and jilted just months earlier.


That was in the beginning when I could barely tolerate the gentleman. I have since learned to appreciate him. Not so much as Lydia, mind you, but I must admit he can be a lot of fun to write about.

When reading Pride and Prejudice, I like that Elizabeth was always so fascinated by him—until she wasn’t. I find her account of his defection rather convenient.

His apparent partiality had subsided, his attentions were over, he was the admirer of someone else. Elizabeth was watchful enough to see it all, but she could see it and write of it without material pain. Her heart had been but slightly touched, and her vanity was satisfied with believing that SHE would have been his only choice, had fortune permitted it.


Here’s a snippet from one of my favorite book babies, Impertinent Strangers, with an interesting take on Elizabeth’s initial opinion of George Wickham:

For one, she had been gently advised by her aunt, Mrs. Gardiner, for whom she held a particular regard, not to fall in love with that young man. Elizabeth assured her aunt that she had not and that she would not, so convinced was she that she had been and would always be the ruler of her own heart, even though Mr. Wickham was beyond comparison the most agreeable man she had ever met.

Secondly, in courting Miss Mary King, whose grandfather’s death had made her the mistress of a fortune of ten thousand pounds, Mr. Wickham had effectively abandoned his affections for Elizabeth with scarcely a second thought. She concluded, however, that the speed with which she recovered from his defection was the surest testament to the fact that her heart had remained untouched. That did not stop her from consoling her vanity as needed every now and again in the ensuing weeks and months.

I suppose had I been the recipient of a fortune of ten thousand pounds, I might have been his only choice, Elizabeth always liked to tell herself.

Nonetheless, the memories of him were the closest symptom of love she had ever suffered, and she cherished them as keenly as would any young woman who had ever been in the throes of her first infatuation. And when remembering all the times she had spent in Mr. Wickham’s amiable company, and recounting in her mind all the honeyed words that flowed from his lips in unabashed adoration of her, she did so with a fond heart and a warm smile.

If I could but meet a gentleman who possesses half of Wickham’s charms and amiability on this trip, then I should have no cause to repine.


Why am I writing about Wickham, you may be asking? I just posted Chapter 3 of my current work-in-progress, Expecting His Wife, in which Wickham is introduced on my Patreon page. It looks like he’s up to no good once again.

Mr. Wickham did not know quite what to make of this news, for he knew his former friend to be arrogant and haughty – far too proud to marry someone whom the gentleman’s aristocrat family and society, in general, might consider unworthy. On the other hand, he could not be too surprised after seeing how much the charming young lady had affected Darcy when they were all together in Hertfordshire last autumn.

I tried in every way I knew to poison the young lady’s mind against that miserly Darcy, but she would not be deterred. Surely she does not love him. How could she? Regardless of how wealthy he is, he did not tolerate her family.  Other than herself, no one in the neighborhood thought much of him.

I always supposed Miss Elizabeth was a staunch protector of her family and her loyalty to them unshakable.

He scoffed. “Family loyalty is a secondhand emotion when a large fortune is at stake,” he spoke aloud, albeit to no one in particular.

George Wickham grinned. I always did suppose Miss Elizabeth was clever. She knew her power over Darcy, and she used it to her particular advantage. It will not surprise me one bit if a Darcy heir is being welcomed to the world in under nine months. What a clever young woman, indeed.

Now, I understand her lovely sisters have all gone to London and are staying at Darcy House while wedding preparations, no doubt, the likes of which are meant for royalty are underway.

The youngest Bennet daughter- what was her name? Ah! Lydia. That little minx always did show a preference for me and one which I had no reason to think twice about: that is until now.

I have meant to travel to London for a while. I think the time has finally come to make that trip to London that I have been putting off for so long.


That blasted George Wickham is always causing trouble for our dear couple, Darcy and Elizabeth. It will be a few weeks before you can read about these three in Expecting His Wife, but I have happy news for those of you who have yet to read Impertinent Strangers.

In addition to the story’s enchanting take on Elizabeth and Darcy’s path to happily ever after, there’s a laugh out loud account of Lydia’s antics with her dear Wickham.

Today marks the second time the story has been selected for a BookBub International Featured Deal. For a limited time, Impertinent Strangers is on sale worldwide for only 99 cents.

Don’t miss out this second time around. Grab your copy and save today!

Giveaway Time!

Expecting His Wife will be available in October 2019. Comment on this post for a chance to win your ebook edition. One winner will be selected.  The giveaway contest ends on Thursday, September 26th. Hurry!


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58 Responses to A Second Time Around, by P. O. Dixon

  1. Expecting His Wife sounds like a rather enjoyable story, Pam. Wickham is so devious that I hope Lydia doesn’t fall for his charms. If not there’ll be trouble for the Bennet family. But it’ll make a good read.

  2. Wickham coming to ruin their days. (That was a tragedy on “to have his cake too, bor the Bennets not for Wickham) Waiting for his appearance on this next book. Thank you for the excerpts

  3. Whenever I need to visit my old friends I select one of your novels and reread the variation. I enjoy spending time with these stories you have written. Its my Calgon take me away time…oops dating myself ! Thanks

    • Thanks so much for making my day with such thoughtful words, Cis. Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoy my stories. There’s lots in store for the rest of the year as well as 2020. I hope you’ll love the new stories just as much as the old. 🙂

  4. Ha ha!!! It seems that we are all anxious for another of your books! I just bought “Impertinent Strangers” and can’t wait to read it this weekend! Thanks for always giving us a steady supply of great books to read!!!

    • It’s my pleasure, Danielle. Thanks for buying Impertinent Strangers. I hope you’ll love the story. With two new stories underway and set to release in October, I am delighted to know JAFF lovers are anxious for more. 🙂

  5. Mr George Wickham is always trying to thrawt Mr. Darcy at best. Mr Wickham believes that Mr Darcy has cheated him on his entitlement. Mr Darcy and Elizabeth has stayed away from him and Lydia after their marriage. With Lydia, clueless of Mr Wickham and Mr Darcy’s nonexistent relationship, seemed to believe that Mr Wickham and her are welcome to visit them.

    Mr Wickham does need his story told of how he came to be the opposite side of the coin to Mr Darcy.

  6. Hi Pam,

    I bought Impertinent Strangers ago! I hope many take this opportunity to get this great book at a great price!

    I look forward to reading Expecting His Wife. Whether I win a copy or buy one, your books are always a pleasure to read and never disappoint!! Keep up the great work! Jane would be proud!


  7. Can’t wait for another P. O. Dixon book! I own most of what you’ve written, but there’s always room for more:)

    • Thanks, Donna. Wickham only makes a brief appearance in Expecting His Wife. There’s a bigger obstacle to ODC’s path to happily ever after. I hope you’ll love what’s in store. 🙂

  8. Wickham underestimates Elizabeth and Darcy as always! Elizabeth usually comes to adore Darcy and vice versa. Perhaps Lydia will have enough sense to spurn Wickham for a change.

  9. I have had my copy of Impertinent Strangers for a while and, like a dear friend, it’s often been re-visited. Can’t wait to see what dastardly Wickham has up his sleeve for ODC and that “…silliest young lady in the country,” Lydia. Thanks!

  10. Oh, that wicked Wickham! What will he do to attempt to foil Darcy and Elizabeth’s wedding plans?
    Congratulations on your newest baby, Pam! And thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  11. Thank you for the deep discount on Impertinent Strangers; I just purchased a copy!! 😀

    Wickham really wicks me out. Ugh!! So slippery and slimy–like a frog…or even a toad. One hopes for a prince, but underneath the spell, he’s still a frog despite all of the kisses (and more, unfortunately!) he’s scored along the way. He’s excellent at appearing to be the dream-prince; in fact, he fools the usually-perceptive Elizabeth as well as Darcy’s own father. Only those who have cleaned up after him know what he really is. Grrrr.

    Thanks again, and congratulations on your new release!!! I’m really hoping to win a copy!! 😀

    Susanne 🙂

  12. Congratulations on your new book. I am anxiously awaiting the release as I do of all your books. Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

  13. Pam, fantastic news that you have another book coming! October isn’t that far away, so I’ll be able to get my mitts on it soon. Has ‘Gravity’ come out yet? Looking forward to that one too.

    • Thanks, Ginna. I have one more pivotal scene to wrap up for Gravity, Act II. I hope the story will be ready for final edits in early October. As for Expecting His Wife, it’s getting close. I hope you’ll love the stories. 🙂

  14. Thank you for this generous giveaway as well as sharing these excerpts from several of your books. Your newest book “Expecting His Wife” sounds really interesting and I appreciate the chance to win it. I was going to add it to my Goodreads TBR List but saw it wasn’t listed yet so I will have to remember to add it later.

    Congratulations on “Impertinent Strangers” being selected for a BookBub International Featured Deal for the second time!

  15. Thank you for the book offer and giveaway chance! Have a book to read now and look forward to another either to win or purchase when it comes out!
    Please keep in writing – been slowly adding your books to my library.

    • You’re welcome, Patricia! I’m delighted to know you’re adding my stories to your library. I have lots of story ideas, and I hope to be a more prolific writer in the months ahead. Thanks for your encouraging words. 🙂

  16. Thank you for this little blurb. You peaked my interest greatly. Are you going to have pre orders for amazon? If not I will keep looking in October for it. Thank you for the mark down on Impertinent Strangers. I never read this and now I own another of your books.
    Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone who enters

    • You’re very welcome. Thanks for purchasing Impertinent Strangers. I hope you’ll love it. No decision has been made on whether either story will be on pre-order, but thanks for asking. 🙂

  17. Thank you for the generous discount on Impertinent Strangers. I already have it but this gives my friends who don’t a chance to buy it.

    I enjoyed your excerpts on Wickham. It is so strange… I remember my first time reading P&P and my eternal shock as Elizabeth read Darcy’s letter. OMG! I could not believe it. Wickham was so bad and Darcy was innocent of his nefarious claims. It was as Elizabeth said… I did not know myself. The whole time I was reading your post… my skin crawled at the slimy oily persuasion of Wickham’s smooth manners and ability to beguile and deceive innocent women. We really see Elizabeth’s innocence in her dealings with a cad of the first order. She never stood a chance against his charms. Thank goodness for Aunt Gardiner’s advice… otherwise, Elizabeth would have been a willing victim and walked right into his trap and perhaps been used and abandoned. Wickham could not afford her and needed an heiress to support and keep him in the manner in which he had become accustomed. Dang that senior Darcy. Look what he set in motion by polishing that rogue and raising his expectations. LA!!! I need coffee and get off my soapbox. Blessings on the launch and success of your new work.

    • It’s my pleasure! I’m so glad you enjoyed the excerpts. I love reading your insights on Wickham and the effect of him ‘charms’ on Elizabeth in P&P. Heartfelt gratitude for Jane Austen being such a genius. Thanks for all your kind wishes. 🙂

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