A New Book from Zoe Burton!

A New Book from Zoe Burton!

I’m sure most of you know already that Darcy’s Uneasy Betrothal went live last Monday. It was a fun one to write, this book, though I had to consciously turn off the voices in my head that wanted me to rush to finish it. 😀

I shared an excerpt last month, and the month before I discussed headache remedies I had researched for a single line in the story. LOL

This month, I thought I’d do something similar to what I do on Wednesdays on my blog. I read through the new book to find something that interested me, then looked for it in purple. The feature on my blog is called “Purple Things I Love” and for you today, I was inspired by the story excerpt below. Under that will be details about the giveaway mentioned in the post title.


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Elizabeth opened her eyes and blinked. She began to turn her head, but a crushing pain made her moan. She stilled. A soft voice called her name.


Elizabeth felt a cool hand brush over her forehead. She struggled to open her eyes again.

“Open your eyes for me, Lizzy. Come on. You can do it!”

With another groan, Elizabeth did as she was bid, seeing her younger sister leaning over her.

“Mary.” Elizabeth groaned her sibling’s name. “My head hurts,” she continued on a whisper.

“I am sorry. Would a cold cloth help?”

Elizabeth whispered her assent. She lay as still as she could while Mary wrung out the cloth. The sound of the water coming out of the cloth and hitting that in the bowl brought her to an awareness of another need.

“I am thirsty.”

Mary leaned over to lay the cool, damp cloth on Elizabeth’s forehead. She leaned down, ear turned toward her sister’s mouth. “Say it again, Lizzy. I could not hear.”

Elizabeth swallowed. “Water.”

“Oh! Of course.” Mary sat beside Elizabeth on the bed and helped her sit up, then handed her sister a glass. When Elizabeth had taken a few sips and pushed the glass back toward her, Mary accepted it and placed it on the table beside the bed. Then, she eased Elizabeth back onto the pillows and laid the cloth over her forehead again.

“Do you need anything else? I must go tell Jane and Papa so they can inform Mr. Jones.”

Elizabeth had already begun drifting off to sleep. She forced her eyes open again. “No, nothing else.” She squeezed the hand that held hers. “Thank you, Mary.” She never heard her sister’s response; she was asleep before Mary got to the door.


Poor Elizabeth is in bed a lot at the beginning of this book, because she hit her head and had a concussion. Back then, sheets and blankets, comforters and quilts were all handmade, so I thought, “Why not give her a purple quilt?”

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As always, I first searched Google. I tried using the term “purple quilt” but it came back with a lot of things that are not technically quilts, so I added “handmade” to my search term. This time, I got some really good hits. You can view them here.

The very first link was this one, which leads to Etsy. Most of the items here are not solid purple. In fact, some of them have very little purple in them at all. But, some of them do. Some of what they have is quilt tops and not finished quilts, and some is material and thread.

I was clicking all over the place on this page, because so many things were so gorgeous. LOL In the end, I chose this quilt as my favorite. I like it because of the darkness of the purple and the contrast with the white. If I’d had the $150, I’d have bought it right then. 😀

*click for Ebay

The next site I found offering handmade purple quilts was EBay. There are some gorgeous quilts there, including one made from Crown Royal bags. Not sure I really want to know how that quilter got their hands on so many bags. 😉

My favorite of the EBay ones? I had a super-hard time deciding. In the end, I went with this lap/baby quilt. What I liked about it was the pretty shade of purple that was used, as well as the “butterfly” pattern.

I can easily imagine Elizabeth Bennet having one of these quilts on her bed or in her window seat. They’re pretty and classy, just like she is. <3


And now, for the giveaway information you have all been waiting for. 🙂 I’m giving away two e-book copies of Darcy’s Uneasy Betrothal. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. The giveaway ends at 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 6, 2020, and the winner will be announced on Sunday, May 10, 2020. Best wishes to everyone! <3




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47 Responses to A New Book from Zoe Burton!

  1. I just spent some time laying down with a migraine, so I can relate very much to Lizzie’s pain – and I named my cat Lizzie/Lizzy in honor of Miss Elizabeth Bennett.
    The story sounds intriguing for sure.

  2. When I was a teenager, I chose purple for the paint of my bedroom walls. : ) These quilts are both exquisite, but I think I prefer the old-fashioned style of the etsy one.

    • I’m giving serious consideration to painting my bedroom walls purple! <3 I think I prefer that one, too, though both are beautiful. <3 Best wishes in the drawing! <3

  3. Those quilts are beautiful! I like that idea of something purple that stands out. Congratulations on your unrushed book. It sounds wonderful!

  4. Hi Zoe. I ‘m not writing to enter the give away, just to say I bought it and read it already. I thoroughly enjoyed Darcy ‘s Uneasy Betrothal! You know I enjoy the stories that are not Canon and with interesting story lines. This one has both. Thank you Zoe for another great read. Wishing you much success. (Oh yeah, the editing was well done. ?????) ?????

  5. Congratulations on your newest release, it is on my TBR List. Thank you for this generous giveaway and for sharing this excerpt with us here today as well.

    Stay safe and happy reading everyone!

  6. I love your passion for all things purple; it remains one of my favorite colors, along with blue, green, and yellow. I know–I can’t make up my mind. I suppose a dark blue–not quite as dark as navy or midnight, but darker than a regular blue, is my ultimate favorite. I love pairing purple or blue flowers with contrasting yellow ones in my garden–they makes me so happy!! Some bright yellow snaps with a background of delphinium–perfection!! 😀

    Thank you for sharing this excerpt today–the book looks amazing!! Thank you for sharing it with us and for the generous giveaway!!

    And congratulations on your new release!!! Yay!!! 😀

    Susanne 🙂

  7. This was such a fun post. Like Michelle H, I love purple, I love quilts, and the stories behind them. My great-grandmother participated in the WPA [Works Progress Administration or later the Work Projects Administration, part of the American New Deal agency] and taught women how to sew and how to make quilts during the depression years. You used what you had. Grandmothers of that era, and after, were taught a frugal mantra similar to what Calvin Coolidge said but with a twist… ‘Use it up, wear it out, make it last, or do without.’ Her quilts were a history of what they wore. Nothing was thrown away if it could be used… even scraps could be made into braided rugs.

    I often read in JAFF stories of the ladies sewing/mending or making clothing for the tenant children or for the poor box at church. I’ve never read where they were piecing a quilt. Someone had to make them. Were they affluent enough that they purchased any and all linens that they required? I know they made handkerchiefs and embroidered them.

    I have quilted but didn’t hand piece the sections. I used my sewing machine. It was time consuming as it was. However, when we lived in Kansas, I joined the local Homemakers and let me tell you… there is nothing more fun than a group of women gathered around a quilting frame. Oh, that was so amazing. Sometimes we simply tied the sections of the quilt together until it could be quilted at a later time. The tying process kept the quilt sections from shifting during quilting. My grandmother was so proud that I learned to quilt. None of her daughters [including my mother] had any interest in learning to quilt. I was the only granddaughter that attempted it.

    I already had this on my wish-list and look forward to reading it. Congratulations on the launch of this new work. Blessings on it success… stay safe and healty. Good luck to everyone in the drawing.

    • One of the things I love about really old quilts is how often the pieces were part of the quilter’s family’s life. Dad’s work shirt, Mom’s worn out skirt, the baby’s first dress, etc. They really do tell stories, and often, I look at one and wonder what the story is. <3

      I don’t know about the Regency era and quilts. Maybe I’ll make that a post, if I can find information. 🙂

      I tried to make a braided rug once. That was a disaster. LOL I’d love to try again, though. Maybe someday.

      That quilting circle sounds like fun!

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  8. I am so intrigued with the little excerpt above and want to read it very soon, so thank you for the generous opportunity for the giveaway.

    Those quilts are very lovely, and I’m such a sucker for quilts; have been all my life. Even though I sewed I never made myself do the work of piecing. I could’ve gladly done the actual quilting, but the piecing drove me nuts. I have one my Grandmother made, but hers were strictly scrap quilts made for necessity and utility. Still, the one I have is made from pieces of fabric I remembered quite well. I also have an antique i bought from a yard sale about 35 years ago, when I absolutely should not have been spending the money!! But so very glad I did. It was a centerpiece of two different houses and one apartment for more than 30 of those years (third house, in storage right now.)

    My love of purple is primarily in flowers, my brain always goes to purple when I’m shopping for flowers and what looks the best next to purple. And two years ago my niece was moving into her first apartment and wanted purple and turquoise kitchen-y things. It was such fun looking for those two colors (quite often in combo with each other,) she got quite a large package of stuff for her birthday that year. I wish for your sake you could’ve splurged on that purple quilt. 🙁 But I have over the years satisfied a yearning for a certain category of things with something small and doable budget wise. Like a tiny bud vase in an old old collectible pottery I remember Grandma having, that I can’t afford. Besides, when we moved here the downsizing ahead of time was really painful. Boo. 🙂

    • Downsizing! Ugh!! 🙁

      My love of purple is for everything. If it’s purple, be it a book cover, or a flower, or a shirt, it catches my eye. <3

      Even quilts made for practicality are beautiful, in my opinion. They take so much painstaking work to complete! Like you, I would have a problem with the piecing part. LOL I crochet, and I struggle with afghans made of squares and such, because I get bored with making the squares. LOL

      Best wishes in the drawing! <3

  9. So I am intrigued with this and how Lizzy came about to be in bed. I also love purple but am surprised how many people do not.

    • I’m always amazed when people don’t like purple, too. LOL Then, they tell me I can’t always wear purple clothes, and I’m like, “Watch me!” 😉 Best wishes in the drawing! <3

  10. It is nice to see Mary being to helpful and caring. How did Elizabeth get the concussion? Where does Darcy fit into this? Thank you for the excerpt, giveaway, and lovely pictures of the purple quilts.

  11. thanks for the chance to win! the books sounds to be a good read! I enjoyed the purple quilts! thanks for sharing!

  12. I have several homemade quilts made by my mother in law. There is something wonderful about them! Congratulations on your release! Thank you for the giveaway!

    • I have a homemade quilt created by and given to me not long after my 6th book was released by a very good friend. The image she quilted (a bunch of small pieces … must have taken her months!) was a bookshelf and books. She added the titles of those 6 books to 6 of the book spine pieces, plus a few extra, like the Bible and some others. I adore it! It’s on a quilt rack in my living room and I have never used it. LOL I just love to look at it. Thank you for bringing that quilt to my mind! <3 Best wishes in the drawing! <3

  13. Read the excerpt and can’t wait to read the book.Congratulations on its release. Thank you for the chance to win a copy. My first car was a candy apple red mustang. My brother owned a body shop, so I had him paint it purple. LOVED IT!!! I also like purple. Can you tell(LOL).

  14. Wow, love those purple quilts. That shade of purple reminds me of lavender (isn’t that the common scent EB wears?) thank you for the excerpt and the chance to win a copy of your new book.

  15. Congratulations on the new book with an intriguing excerpt!

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy. 🙂

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