A Happy Compromise and a Giveaway

A Happy Compromise and a Giveaway

After four months of writing, I have finally finished my work-in-progress and given it a title! I’m pretty excited to finally be done. <3

This story was written in fits and starts and shared exclusively with my Patreon patrons. By the time this post goes live, all of those folks will have received their reward copies. As usual, I’m giving copies away to people who comment on this post; more details will be down at the bottom.

So … the story … this one is a forced marriage scenario. I tend to do a lot of those. LOL I love them! <3 There is no real interpersonal angst between Darcy and Elizabeth, which is normal for me. There is, however, danger and drama, meaning one of Our Dear Couple is in danger from someone else. This is another thing I love writing, which is odd when you understand that I hate suspense. Like, I can’t watch the last ten laps of a NASCAR race, I hate suspense so much. I’m a conundrum. LOL Also, there are some bad Bennets in here. <insert evil laugh>

Anyway, if you like a bit of suspense with your Darcy and Lizzy, you’ll like this book. <3 It’s currently on pre-order at all the places … Kobo, Amazon, Nook, Apple, etc. It will go live on September 21st.

Below is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Darcy’s Happy Compromise to whet your appetite. If you would rather pre-order the book than wait to see if you are a winner in the giveaway, click here to order from your favorite retailer.


Friday, October 25, 1811

Lucas Lodge

Fitzwilliam Darcy stepped through the double doors in Sir William Lucas’ drawing room and onto the brick veranda between the house and the garden. He had seen Elizabeth Bennet pass through the same doorway a few minutes before, and he was eager to speak to her. With swift but quiet steps, he crossed the paved expanse, entering the gravel path that meandered around the edge of the area. His ears caught the sound of voices, and he stilled, cocking his head to listen, wondering if Elizabeth had come out here to meet someone.

“… strongbox in the study …”

“What are his …”

“… tomorrow night.”

Darcy’s brow creased. The voices were male. He could not make out everything that was said, but what he did hear caused him concern. He hesitated, wondering where Elizabeth had gone and hoping she was not involved in it. Suddenly, a female shriek caught his ear and there she was, charging toward him. A glint of moonlight on steel flashed behind her, and his heart leaped into his throat.

As Elizabeth reached him, Darcy could see a shape behind her, wielding the sword with one hand as it reached for her with the other. He could not make out the man’s features or get a clear view of his clothing – the moon was too dim for that – but he could clearly see that he meant her harm. Darcy called out to her.


She must have recognized his voice, because she ran straight toward him, just as the man chasing her grabbed hold of the back of her gown. Darcy wrapped her up in his arms and spun her around, covering her with his body. He heard the sound of cloth tearing as he lifted her off her feet. He braced himself, expecting a blow, but it never came. He straightened and looked over his shoulder, keeping Elizabeth in his embrace, but the sword and its owner had disappeared. Darcy’s brow creased again as his eyes searched the darkness for them.

Elizabeth gasped and sobbed. “Thank you, Mr. Darcy.” She shivered. “I-”

The screech of a female voice startled them both and they jumped apart. “Elizabeth Bennet! And Mr. Darcy!” They looked toward the house to find Elizabeth’s aunt, Mrs. Philips, standing at the edge of the veranda just three feet away, her hand over her mouth and her eyes wide. “Your gown … oh, my! I never thought I would see the day. I must go tell your mother.” With that, the lady spun around and ran back to the door and into the house.

“Oh, no.” The words escaped Elizabeth on an exhale. “She will make more out of this than it is.” She shivered again and stepped back from Darcy’s arms, looking over her shoulder. “My gown … it is ripped. No wonder Aunt Philips thought I was behaving inappropriately.” Her eyes closed and she groaned.

It took Darcy no more than half a minute to realize that Elizabeth’s aunt believed he and she had been behaving lasciviously. He felt a strange sort of relief at the thought, because he had followed Elizabeth out here to ask her for permission for a courtship. Elizabeth did not know that, however, and he could see signs of distress in her downturned lips and drawn-together eyebrows. He took her small hand in his much larger one.

“I assure you that I will not allow your reputation to suffer for this incident. I will face the results of this willingly and marry you.” He let go of her hand and began to remove his coat. “We do not have time to speak of it now, but I am not at all dismayed at the prospect.” He paused as he shook the garment out. “Here; put this on. It will cover your gown.”


So … what do you think?  

Now for the giveaway details: I am giving away five (5) e-book copies of Darcy’s Happy Compromise. The giveaway is open internationally as well as within the US of A. To enter, you must leave a comment below before 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 20, 2022. Winners will be announced on Sunday, September 25th, 2022.



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56 Responses to A Happy Compromise and a Giveaway

  1. My poor nerves! Why is Lizzy being chased by a swordsman?! And of course, our dashing hero to the rescue. Whatever was Mrs. Phillips doing outside? What a vexing cliffhanger!
    Your story is off to an exciting start. Best of luck and I can’t wait to have my questions answered.
    P.S. Is that wastrel Wickham involved in the mischief?

  2. This is exciting!! It’s wonderful that this and so many other release dates are getting near. As the days are getting shorter again there is nothing better than to come home after a long day at the office, grab a cup of tea and get lost in another ODC story ?

  3. Congratulations on your latest release! I am excited and intrigued to read it. Thank you for the mysterious excerpt.

  4. Hmm, Actually – confused. Lawyer in me is coming out.
    If the attacker was ‘close enough to grab Elizabeth’s dress as she fell into Darcy’s arms,’ wasn’t the attacker close enough for Darcy to see the assailant? Wasn’t she well within the reach of the sword blade? How did the assailant disappear so quickly?

    • It was dark in the garden. Darcy was focused on Elizabeth and then turned them around, so didn’t see the guy’s features. Just the sword tip flashing.

  5. An exciting start! Who is the man that chased Elizabeth? Who are the potential criminals? Will Elizabeth be surrounded by miscreants? Will Darcy protect her and constantly rescue her from foes? Can’t wait to read more. ;o)

  6. This story has me hooked! Anxious to see where this goes. I too do not like angst and I adore a Lizzy and Darcy who work together without all the misunderstandings. Thanks for another great story.

  7. This sounds like it will be fun to see who it was in the dark plus that Darcy was interested so early. Can’t wait to read it

  8. Sounds great, I love FMS scenarios with ODC supporting each other and with only outside enemies. And some evil Bennets too.
    Looking forward to to reading it. Congratulations. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Oh-My-Gosh! That was amazing. I love it when D & E have a tender scene like that. WOW! Now, who was after Elizabeth? Did she overhear something? Why was she running? Oh, questions, questions, I have questions. You left us on such a cliffhanger. I can just hear your nefarious laugh. This was so much fun. An evil Bennet, you say? I love those. Now, which one? Oh, I can’t wait to find out. Thanks for the generous giveaway and good luck to all in the drawing. Blessings.

  10. What a great start!! I am very intrigued by who was talking and who was after Elizabeth? I’m a huge fan of your and would love a free copy and usually always leave reviews!

  11. Wow! Great start! I already pre-ordered so you can leave me out of the drawing. Just wanted to say I love your books and can’t wait to read your latest!

  12. I love forced marriage between Darcy and Elizabeth, especially when neither hates the idea! I do wonder who her attacker was and what they were plotting? I hope Elizabeth knows who they were as that will help to keep her safe from whoever it is. Although it looks like her family may not protect her so thank goodness for Darcy! I hope they have a quick wedding!

    • It’s my first time writing the entire family this way. LOL Though, one of them (besides just Elizabeth) ends up not being so bad. Best wishes in the drawing! 🙂

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